Someone had suggested to me that I should elaborate more about my story regarding our excavations in uncovering the hidden Yamashita Treasures. By telling you the entire story, it is believed that you will be able to learn more from it rather than directly discussing the meaning of the particular sign or marker.

In this post, we are going to cover how me and my crew managed to recover a hidden treasure deposit through the old bottles used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markers. I have already covered the meaning of an old bottle used as a sign or marker in one of my previous posts. So if you have not read it yet then I suggest that you should read it first before continuing to this topic.

The Owner of the Land

The location where we operated this project was on farmland. It is a privately owned land by an old man who was at the age of 65 when we excavated his land.

In the middle of his land, he has this old Spanish house. It is where he lives up until today. According to him the JIA used his old house during the Second World War for some unknown reason. They stayed on it for several months before they continued to move to another location.

Examining the Old House

Old House

I won’t bore you with the history of the old house so let’s skip to the present. So when I inspected this old house, there were indeed many engrave signs or markers around. They were engraved on the walls, ceiling, floor, and even underneath the flooring. By closely studying them, I can say that they were legit treasure signs left behind by the JIA soldiers.

Unfortunately, we were not the first one who got interested in working on the old man’s land. There were already several previous treasure hunters who made a lot of diggings particularly around the old house. They had even tampered and damaged some of the crucial signs or markers. And the worst part, none of them were successful in finding the hidden treasure deposit.

The Buried Bottles Found by the Old Man

Rather than trying to hardly decode the signs around, I first tried to have a conversation with the old man where he might be able to give me some details about the lost clues. Until, he mentioned piled of old bottles at the spot where his carabao loves to rest. This had caught my interest so right away, I asked him to show the exact location to me.

The old man brought me into the exact spot where his carabao was resting and also the spot where it spends its whole night sleeping peacefully. Sadly, we had forced the carabao to move to another place.

According to the old man, the old piled bottles were accidentally uncovered by his carabao at a depth of only 6 to 12 inches. When the old man noticed it, he immediately removed them due to the fear that his carabao might get hurt in case one of those bottles got broken.

Starting Our Excavation

I immediately called my team and instructed them to dig on the portion where the old man claimed where he removed the old bottles. And when we reached only a 3 feet depth, we were surprised to uncover an additional pile of old bottles.  

By taking a close observation with the bottles, we noticed that they were properly organized or well arranged. This had made us realize that they were not garbage but legit markers. Their heads were actually pointing in a downward direction. Thus, we continued digging down further until we reached a depth of 7 to 8 feet.

At the depth of 7 to 8 feet, our diggers made contact with a type of soil that made their skin very itchy. This confirmed that the JIA soldiers did contaminate the soil at this layer with their chemical, a type of chemical that we have already covered in the past previous post. Due to this reason, we temporarily stopped our digging operation so that we can “Flash” the chemicals out.

Flashing is actually a simple method on how you can get rid of the chemical contaminants on the ground. This is done by simply filling the hole with a lot of water. Then, simply wait for the water to submerge before continuing to dig again. But if the itchiness effect of the soil still persists, then repeat the process again until it’s safe or no more.

Old Bottles 10ft

In the next succeeding day, we continued with our excavation where we were able to reach a depth of 10 feet. At this depth, we had again uncovered another pile of old bottles. They were organized similar to the previous old bottles we found on 3 feet but this time, there were only fewer bottles.

The Hardest Challenge Before the Reaching the Item

Large Rock 15ft

When we managed to reach the depth of 15 feet, we had encountered this one large huge rock that was directly blocking our path. The first possible solution that came into our mind was to dig on its side and then go back underneath it. However, when we studied the type of soil on that layer, it was very loose which might not be able to support the weight of the huge rock.

We really can’t take the risk, so we ended up choosing the longer route but at least it was safe. This was to break the huge rock.

The breaking process of the huge rock took us 3 weeks.

After the huge rock, we finally hit the depth of 20 feet where we had uncovered one heavy concrete box. It’s not really a good idea to break it under the ground so we end up lifting out on the surface.

This concrete box was different from all other concrete that I had seen. It wasn’t made of pure or fine cement but there were mixtures of other elements such as small pieces of sea shells, gravels, and broken glasses. Anyway, we managed to break it simply with our manual tools. However, the problem was the alkitran at its inner portion and served as the final coating of the item. Cleaning it really took us a lot of hours before we were done.

Moreover, the items that we had recovered were just a mere small treasure deposit and not the main one. I really do have a strong feeling that the main deposit is hidden somewhere near the old house. Thus, we are not yet done on this location and we will soon be back to figure it out.   

4 Comments to “Old Bottles that Revealed the Location of a Hidden Yamashita Treasure”

  • Sir? In 20 feet, we found a hole full of loose golden brown sand, its smells rusty. The sign is an arrow pointing to that hole. We inserted and deformed bar it sinks up to 6 feet and we hear a bang. Is it the item Sir? But unluckily the water trap is set off.

    • Yes, it is possible that you hit the item with that deformed bar. So you have to find a way on how you can deal with the water trap to reach that spot.

  • Hello Sir,
    What is the meaning of the giant clam shell? We have uncovered 3 giant clam shell at deep of 10 feet.

    • It is important that you should description their positions as well because it has connections to their meanings.

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