Old Bottles with Numbers and Letters as Markers

In the previous posts, we have already discussed the meanings of old bottles about how the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers utilized them as markers for their hidden treasure deposits. We have learned that their colors do have relation to the amount of the treasure’s volume. While, old broken pieces of bottles can act as a guide towards the location of the item.

So in this post, we are going to cover the numbers and letters found in these old bottles. Do they actually have meanings related to the hidden Yamashita treasure? Let’s find out.

The answer to the question is “Yes”. You have to know that there are many Yamashita treasure signs that are plainly composed of numbers and letters. This is the reason why they also used them. And, you have to know that signs on bottles are much better preserved than those that are found on surfaces of old rocks.

What the JIA soldiers did was that they had broken the bottles and they took the numbers or lettering they needed for their marker. Let’s say for example that the old bottle has a year of “1940” and they need the number 1 and 0. They will carefully break the bottle and take the portion of the bottle consisting of the number 1 and 0 only.

Now, let’s have a few examples.

Number 10 Sign

As you can see in this illustration, we have a Yamashita treasure sign that is composed of the number ten. This is a warning sign where it warns you about the presence of danger which is lying ahead. Thus, you need to be careful as you proceed on your diggings when you encounter this number 10 sign.

775 Here

Shown in this illustration is a Yamashita treasure sign which is composed of three numbers, “775”. Unlike the previous sign above, this one has good and interesting meaning where it means that the treasure deposit is “here” or “right underneath it”.

733 Number of Boxes with Chemical Poison

The Yamashita treasure sign above is again another good marker where it refers to the hidden treasure deposit which is composed of tightly sealed boxes. However, the sign is giving a very important warning. It warns you that the tightly sealed boxes do contain dangerous chemicals. Thus, you need to be careful when you attempt to open them.

7C Door

In this sign, you will notice that the marker is composed of two symbols which are 7 and C or 7C. When it comes to its meaning, it gives you a clue that there is a hidden “doorway” or “passage” somewhere nearby. But in most cases, there is an additional marker where it provides the direction for the location about where you can find this hidden entrance.

7KD Treasure Under Deposit

If you have been hunting for the hidden Yamashita treasures for sometime then this sign might already be familiar to you. This 7KD sign is commonly interpreted as “treasure under deposit”. And in most cases, the deposit is buried right under a huge boulder of rock.

17Z Treasure Under the Water

Let’s have one more example. As you can see in the illustration above, we have here a sign that is composed of “17Z”. This actually means that the treasure deposit is currently hidden under the water or a certain place surrounded by water.

Moreover, we can’t really cover everything about the meanings of the numbers and letters found on old bottles in this one single post alone. We need to cover each of them individually to better explain them about what they specifically mean.  

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  • I found a bottle brown bottle. The bottle was only a piece of bottle with word "This B" at "This S". What is that mean Sir Elmo?

    • It refers to a huge deposit hidden inside a tunnel.

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