Are you looking for “old coins buyer of the Philippine 1972 one peso coin” or are you a seller? Discussed and covered on this post are some important information that you may need to know about.

Old coin collectors of the Philippines can offer the best buying price of your 1972 one peso coin. They are even willing to pay more if they still don’t have it on their set of collections. But if you are on a rush, then perhaps you can sell it to your local jewelry makers to turn them into various forms of marvelous jewelries.

The coin consist of Dr. Jose Rizal’s head with his left side-view which is similar to the previous 1971 version. On the opposite side, it bears the marker of “Republika ng Pilipinas” and “Banko Sentral” along with the year when it was minted which is 1972. In comparison to the 1971, the marker is an opened book which symbolizes the “Noli Me Tangere” that was written by Rizal.

Take note: Collectors will prefer to buy or pay more for items that are well preserved which doesn’t have much damages such as scratches or dents.

Aside from the collectors, there are other people who are also interested in buying your 1972 one peso Philippine old coin. Unlike collectors, they don’t give value to the physical appearance or feature of your item. They are actually after its material compositions where they believe that it is made out of precious materials. While for some, they are just buyers and sellers who are just after it for the sole purpose of just making money. And, the worst among them are just plain scammers.

Do we have some proof that the 1972 one peso old coin is really valuable?

The person as to whom the belief that the 1972 one peso coins do contain valuable metals is unknown which means that there is no one to be blamed when it turns out that the rumor is just a hoax. But according to some speculations, it was true that the coins in the past got mixtures of precious materials but not until the year 1958. At this period, the government started using just plain or ordinary metals.

Despite the major changes of the materials used for creating coins in 1958, the people were probably either not aware of it or they were simply not concerned about it at all. This must probably be the reason why the notion remains in the mind of all the people. So up until today, there are still many coin hoarders who thinks of their huge coin collection as an investment. They believe that by hoarding a lot of coins, they could sell it later in the future several times than their original face worth value.

In 2015, the “Central Bank of the Philippines” and the “Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas” finally released a formal statement clarifying that all coins that they produced do not contain any precious materials such as gold or silver. Coin hoarders were also warned and prohibited from collecting massive amount of coins because their hobby has a negative impact on the circulation of coins throughout the country. In short, there will be a shortage of coins.

I may sound like saying that the 1972 old one peso coins are worthless, there is still the possibility that the rumor is likely true. Let me just ask you this question instead, if you are already aware that the government is full of corruptions, do you still believe in every word they say? Most likely not.

According to some individuals, one of the best proofs why the 1972 one peso old coins are perceive by many as valuable is that they “do not tarnish” which is one of the best quality of gold. Perhaps this is the main reason why mixing precious metals to the coins cannot be avoided. Although, some are saying that copper, nickel, and zinc are what has been used which can also prevent the coin from being tarnished.

In my own personal opinion, the best way to prove if a 1972 one peso old coin really contain some gold or silver is to bring it to a trusted metallurgist. Through their advance machine, they can accurately determine the metal composition of your coin without damaging it. Of course, there are also some basic testing methods that you can easily perform at home but this could potentially harm the image of your coin which I really don’t recommend.

1972 Philippine Peso Coin Price

The last time that I checked the price of the 1972 Philippine peso coin was on 2015 which was worth only 35 pesos each as the cheapest price. Today, exactly at the time of this post, these old coins are now worth between 100 to 600 pesos each. Due to this, I believe that the price of the 1972 one peso coin will still increase as they even get much older.

Coin hoarders of the 1972 one peso coins are surely happy right now because of the continuous increase of their price. Let’s say for example that Mr. Kulas hoarded a total of 1 million 1972 one peso coins. Today, the average price of this coin is currently at 450 pesos. So if Mr. Kulas manages to sell all of his collection at this price, he will be getting a return of (1 million multiplied by 450 pesos is) 450 million pesos!

To All Old Coin Buyers and Sellers of the 1972 One Peso Coin

I would like to open this discussion to all buyers or sellers of the 1972 old Philippine one peso coins. You can post your contacts on the Comment Form provided down below.

For sellers, I can directly add your item on this post but you need to send me some photos of your 1972 coin along with your contact details to my FaceBook Page via PM. You have to know that it looks more genuine as a seller if you can present the image of your item to an interested buyer.

Moreover, since there is a buying and selling involve, I would like to protect myself with a disclaimer. Please be guided that I do not have control to anyone posting their contact details below. Of course, I can delete them but the main objective of this post is to let buyers and sellers interact. Thus, I would like to clarify that I take no responsibility if it happens that you got scammed by any of them.

112 Comments to “Old Coins Buyer Philippines 1972 One Peso”

  • I have an old 1972 1 peso coin. Can you help me to find buyers for this Sir?

    • As I already mentioned on the post, you can post your contact details on the Comment Form so that any interested buyers may directly contact you.

      • For those Interested to buy old 1 peso 1972 coin. Just email me on this address [email protected]

        I have a lots of it. PM me now. I’m waiting.

    • Hi, I have 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910 Philippine one peso coin, how much can I sell them? – 0917-3999373, thanks.

  • I have also 1972 peso coin.

  • I have 20 pieces of one peso coin 1972. How about the 1974 one peso coin, how much is the price?

    Just text me on this mobile number: 09469854228

  • I have 3 jar of 1972 coin.

  • I also have 1972. My contact: 09367033890

  • I also have 100pcs. 1972. 1peso coins.

  • I have also 1972. 1 peso coin. My # is 09196978328

  • I have 1 but it’s different to other coin and it’s special to me. Contact my Gmail [email protected]. You can tell to others. I’m selling it to you by contacting my account. Thanks.

  • It’s 1972 peso coin.

  • I have 1 peso coin from 1972, 5 peso coin (from 1974, 1983 and 1983), 10 peso coin (from 1979, 1982 and 1983), 5 peso paper and 2 pieces of 10 peso paper.

  • I also have old peso coins. This is my contact no. 09307102103

  • I have One Peso coins on the following:
    1972 – 2560 pieces
    1974 – 1950 pieces

    50 centavos on the following:
    1967 – 486 pieces
    1971 – 233 pieces
    1972 – 1292 pieces
    1974 – 504 pieces


  • I have 35 pcs of 1972 and 30 pcs of 1974.

    – 09328867641

  • Sir we have many 1972 old coin. My CP 09092827484

  • Sir we have a lot of 1972 Rizal coin about more or less 1k. Its true Sir. I’m in San Francisco Agusan del Sur. My no. is 09092827484.

  • Sir, I also have 1972-1974 coins. Please contact me at my # 09553464326. Thanks.

  • I have more than 100 pcs of 1972. 1 peso coins. For sale for the right price. My no. is 09202986233.

  • I have 4 pcs. of 1972 Philippines 1 peso coin and 1 Pcs. of 1975 5 peso coin. Here is my number 09957938087

  • I have 1972 old coin please contact my no. 09361480253

  • Sir I have 1972 Philippine 1 peso coin. And my # 09957938087

  • I have 4 1972 peso coin 2 1971. And, some flower shape cents, square shape cent a decagon shape of 2 peso coin of Andres Bonifacio 4pcs. 1984 up to 1989 I think and some more.


  • I have plenty of 1972, 1974, 1978 I also have 1967 and many more of the 1980s. Interested buyers, I sell it cheap. Contact me 09959333640

  • I have 3 pcs 1 piso 1972, 4 pcs 1 piso 1974 and 12 pcs 5 piso 1975 old phillippine coins.

    My cp # 09233840413

  • I have 1972-1974 and other old coins please text or call me. Thank you.


  • Sir, I have 2 pcs 1972 philippine peso coin.


  • I’m from Malate and I have 1 1972 old coin to sell for 400 php rush. Call or text me at 09468688811

  • I”m from Laguna and I have 100 pcs. 1972 & 1974 old coins. Please call or text me @ 09366231283 Thank You!

  • Hi, Sir I have lots of old ph coins 1960 until 1994. They are coins hoarded by my grandmother who died just last June 2007, by the age of 95 and I think I also keep with me an old coin of 1940’s. Can you sell this old coins to those who are collecting old coins on present price. I’m near Sta. Cruz but some are just buying it on a lower price then afterwards they will gonna sell those at a higher price. Thanks for the latest tech where we can connect with people who can give info.

    I will be glad if you could help me dispose the old coins it would be much help to my family for spending for some of our daily expenses. You could connect with my cell#09374251737. But please don’t mention my name on this page for protection. I do also have FB acct. Just search xxx for pm and sometimes notification would appear on my FB acct. Thanks. God Bless!

    • Patience is really required when selling your old coins. Anyway, since you already posted your mobile number here, just patiently wait for a response either from your phone or your comment here.

    • I have a buyer of one peso old coin 1971, if you have this is my e-mail [email protected] old. Mail me as soon as possible before my buyer find others.

  • Good day Sir! I have plenty of coins like five centavos 1944-1945. Also 25 centavos and 50 centavos 1958-1966. I have also 5 peso coin 1975 “ang bagong lipunan:, and 1 PC. 20 centavo 1945.

    Where I can sell this items Sir?

  • I have plenty of old philippine coins hoarded by my late father like the Rizal Piso coin 1972 (170 pcs at least) & 1974 (almost 150) as well as 10, 25 & 50 centavos from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s in large quantities. I’m seriously thinking of selling all. My email address : [email protected] . My mobile for texting or viber is 09189045816. Text first as I avoid answering calls not in my phonebook.

  • I have 20 pcs 1972 1 peso coin, 10 pcs 1974 and other old coin. Please contact me 09486787116 or PM thru facebook [email protected]

  • Hi Sir,

    I have 1868 reina de las españas coin and 1972 and 1974. I have also 10 centavos 1962 dated a 1916 coin of australia

  • I am selling 553 pcs 1972 piso coins and 234 pcs 1974 piso coins. I also have English series, octagon 2 pesos coins.

    Please contact me at 09153504270

  • I have a old coin 1972:3pcs from Cagayan Valley and 5pcs of 1974, these coins that I have has been for so long years. If you’re interested to see a sample image. Just simply email at [email protected].

  • I’m in the Philippines and I have plenty of 1972 peso coin, just text me on my Facebook account (jan ashley roa ardina).


  • I have 30 pcs. 1972 coins and1974 30 pcs. 500 pcs 10 20 50 centavos coins from 1968 to 1978. Contact this number if interested 09169311677

  • I have around 10000 1970s one peso coins and that includes 1972.

  • Hello, Sir I have plenty of old coins like 10 cents year 1962, 1964 and one peso year 1972, 1974 and 5 centavos 1944. For those who are interested you can email me at [email protected] and contact me at 09159951508/09479978238/09182922486.

  • Sir, I have two pcs. 1 piso coin yr 1972, 2 pcs. 1 piso coin yr 1974, 1pc. 5 piso coin and 1 pc. 1 piso coin yr 1907 similar to the coin that was shown in Jessica Soho with the price of 700k. I just want to ask where I can sell all this coins.

    Hope you can help me. Thanks. 09172059294

  • I have peso coin one peso filipina 1908 united state of america who want to buy? Contact me 09387972434

  • I have 1 one peso, 1 fifty centavos, and 2 ten centavos 1958 coins. mobile: 09425774060

  • Hi Elmo, I have the following coins, not sure though if there are interested buyers.

    100 pcs of 1 Peso 1972
    1pc of U.S. Half Dollar 1964
    1pc of U.S. One Cent 1963
    1pc of U.S. Quarter Dollar 1965
    Anyone can contact me at 09499109401. Thanks!

  • I have 6pcs 1972 old coin and 1pc 1908 fifty centavos.

  • Can you pm me please. I have 5 sentamo 1972 coin and I don’t know the price. PM me and I will give you pictures.

    Thanks – alraffy dugasan in mesenger

  • I have 1 peso coin date 1907 1908 and 1909. Also 50 cents 1903. How much do you buy it?

    • Devine, I’m a coin buyer, how much is your asking price for your coins? Please let me know, and show the picture please.

      • You can send the clear picture to my WHATSAPP,+966 535887589

  • Good day Sir/Madam,

    I have plenty of old Philippine coin in 1972 my coin is like the Rizal piso coin [13 pcs] at least 1974 is almost 12 pcs and many old coin like 1983’1975. And many so in my calculate is 200 old coin in BSP bank republica ng pilipinas. Please help me to buy my coin thank you Sir/Madam.

    If you have interested my coin please visit my FB account [herojaybuban] and please call me my number is [09097276141]

  • I have plenty of 1972 peso coin. I have 5 peso coin. I have 1907 genuine coin. And a lot more. Text me at 09109717413

  • I have a plenty of coins by my late grand mother 1972,1974 and 1966 too. I am interested to sell them. Contact me on my number ‭‭+63 995 537 9357‬‬. I am willing to negotiate it.

  • Old coins for sale ranging from 1903 to 1945 and the latest from 1950’s to 1970’s including the Marcos coin of 5 pesos. Interested could text me to my no. 09213210693

  • I got 50 cents of marcelo h. Del pilar, 1967, 1971 and 1972.

  • Good day Maam/Sir!

    I have one piece of coin which is 50 centavos year 1964 and i am willing to sell it.Message me at my email address: [email protected]

  • I have a 1907s filipinas usa coin 3pcs 1908s 2pcs but I think it has a mercury on it because it was used for wedding to make it shiny by my great grandfather.

  • I have a lot of 1 piso marked of 1972 all are clean and the other is coins of other country. I’m from Bicol.

  • Hi Sir,

    I just found my 38pcs of 1972 peso coins inside my mom’s drawer and she is willing to sell all of them but I don’t know how to send you the pictures. Just call send me a message through mail [email protected]

  • I have one 20 dollar coin 1878.

    • Hello , can you send to me the picture of all your coins?


      • You can send it to my e mail to check it, it’s hard to buy without knowing your coin.


  • Hi Sir/Maam

    I have a collection of 1972 Jose Rizal peso coin, if you are willing to buy I can send you a photo of it through Facebook Messenger just search my FB account “Alguen abduhalim” or pm me 09484255878. Thank you.

  • I have 1972 50 cents and 1 piso. I would like to sell it. Please contact me. Here is my contact number 09156480512. Thank you.

  • Good day sir/ma’am,

    I have plenty 1972 old piso coins etc… Who’s interested to buy pls. Contact me 09475886227…or email: [email protected]

  • Hi Sir,

    I have 14 pcs 1972 coins and 1958 Mexican peso. Is there anyone here interested to buy my coins. My number is 09661826363. Thank you.

  • I have 30pcs of 1972 Philippine peso coin and I am interested to accept who would like to buy these coins and I have the evidence to show you. Just contact me in this number 09260982457

  • Hi Sir, I want to sell my 1972 and 1974 one peso coins maybe 300 pcs.


  • I have 1972 Philippines coins I want to sell my old coins, this coins in came from my great grand Father. For further information please contact me to this number 09753444195.

  • Hi Sir,

    I got a few old US-PHIL coins. Some are 100 yrs old. How will I know the value if the coin?

  • I have 5k an old 1972 1 peso coins. Can you help me to find buyers for this Sir? 09179455462

  • I have also 1972 Philippines coins I want to sell my old coins in three Jars, the coins is kept from my piggy bank. For further information please contact me to this number 09281709168.

  • Hi, how much is 1974 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin? Thanks.

  • Good day Ma’am/Sir,

    I have a lot of coin most like 1972 old coin.

    Can you help me how to sell this coins?

    The rest of coin are 1944, 1790, 1985, 1983, 1979, 1974, 1986, 1985, 1962, and 1981 are hundred pieces.

  • I have 3 thousand pieces of 1972 Philippines coins. Any buyer could contact me to this number.


  • I have 1972 peso coins and 10 cents with USA liberty statue. I’m looking for a buyer.

    09304900627 Thank you.

  • Sir I have many old coins 1972 piso and five centavos 50 PCs quarter dollar 1983 text me 0965685070

  • I have 1945 old coin i want sell how much is the price?

    Text 09561893640

  • Good day. I’m looking for a buyer. I have one piece of 1964 fifty centavo Philippine coin and fifty pieces of 1972 old coins. If anyone is interested just leave a message. Thank you.

  • I have 22 pcs. of 1 peso coin. quarter dollar 1985…50 cents 1961 and 1972..25 cents 1969..5 peso coin 1982 (with Ferdinand Marcos pics)…
    cel. no. 09265995900

  • Good day buyers I have many 1972 and 1974 1peso coins and also have 1975 5 peso coin Ferdinand Marcos I want to sell it pls help me

  • Looking for buyers of old coins of different denominations

  • I have one Peso 1974 Rizal, at the back the lion have flame going to the eagle. Anyone can check for it.

  • Posting the quantity of your coins just made the value less because you just made it sound not rare at all 🙁

  • I have 200 pcs of 1972, 1 peso Rizal head, 150 pcs 1974 and other old coins. Where can I sell?

  • I have 1972 Rizal head at the back flag sign and Elizabeth 1971 2 new pence UK coin, dimes also.

  • I have a lot of one peso coin 1972 and 1974. How can I sell it and how much is the value price?

  • I have 2211 pieces of 1972 philippine piso coin looking for a buyer.

  • I have 1964 1966 25 centavo Bank of the Philippines Central for bid

  • I have 7 pieces of 1972 Philippine coin and 1 piece of 1974 coin. How much is it? I also have 4pcs of 1964 ,1 pc 1967, 1 pc 1971, 5 pcs 1972/1974 ten cents. Here’s my # 09306569567

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have 93 pcs. of 1972 1peso Philippine Coin. Im looking for a buyer preferably from U.S.A.

    Please Contact me at +63 9473802145 or +63 9950255243
    Email: [email protected]

    Thank You Very Much

  • Good day,

    I have many old coins philippines and foreign coins that I want to sell: 1972 1 piso 70 pcs., fifty centavos 1958 1960 1962 1964 1966 and twenty five centavos, ten centavos all genuine and good condition.

    If you are interested to by my coins call me or text my cp# at 09466225019.

  • Hi, we have 25 pesos coin around year 1949-1974; also 50 cents year 1907 and 50 cents (Aguila) year 1945. If you’re interested you may call 0995-850-3609

  • Hi, Good day!

    We have many old coins philippines and foreign coins that we want to sell. If you are interested you may contact this #09555224170 / 09208761500 or email add:[email protected]

    Thanks and God bless.

  • i have Hong Kong 2 dollars Philippine 1 peso 1972, 1 peso 1974, 2 peso 1988, Canada 25 cents 2012, Bharain 100 2007, euro 1 2003.
    contact# 09666735984/09977580334, Bacolod city Negros Occidental.

  • I have Half U.S Dollar 1969 and One U.S Dollar 1972 coin.

    I have 5 peso coin 1982 Ferdinand Marcos face and Php. Fifty centavos 1964 if you interested to buy just call me 09067731405

  • Hi! I am Justin and I have 50 pcs. of 1972 one peso Philippine coins that I am selling at P500 per piece. Likewise I’m selling 30 pcs. of 1974 Philippine coins at P400 each. I’m selling also 30 pcs. of 1990 two peso Philippine coins at P50 each. You may contact me at 0916-6181638. I can send your pictures of the coins if you are interested.

  • I have a 1 peso coin of 1908. 1 pc. of twenty cent 1913. 4 pcs of ten cent.2 of 1963, 1 of 1962, and 1 of 1960. I hope that you will reply on my message. Thank you.

  • Hello I have 1 peso coin 1972 but my 1 peso coin look is very old look it change color is brown already.

  • Hi Sir/Maam good day,

    We have some old coins more of 1972 and 1974 one peso, we are willing to sell it at good price, if you need photo or breakdown just tell me where can I send. Thanks.

  • I have 19 pcs. 1972 1 peso coin
    1 pc. 1974 1 peso coin
    1 5 pesos bagong lipunan marcos coin how much each cost if i will sell these coins?

  • Sir I have a 1972 peso coin good condition and still has a gold color add me if you want to know more.

  • I have a 1944 One Centavo Coin, United States era. If anyone is interested, call 09334854832.

  • Hi, I have lots of these 1972 one peso Jose Rizal coins… As in lots that I cannot carry them in a sack. You need to separate them on 3’s so that you could carry one. If you are interested please call or text me: +63995-4651516

    Btw: For the one who posted this… How can I send you pictures? ^_^

  • I have 1 Piso coins 1972&1974, i have also New Zealand Elizabeth ii 2002 two dollars

  • I have 100 pcs of 10 centavos coins 1959 to 1966 Lady & mayon volcano on front.

  • Good Day Sir,
    I have a lots of philippine old coin, 1cent(1987), 5cents(1972, 1978-79, 1998-99),10 cents(1960, 1963,1972, 1976, 1978-83, 1990, 1993, 1996-97), 25 cents(1972.1979, 1981-83, 1985, 1990, 1994), 50 cents(1967, 1971-72, 1994), 1 PISO(1591-1991,1972, 1974, 1985, 1988, 1990), 2 PISO(1983-85, 1990), 5 PISO (1975), 10 PISO (1988).
    Price are negotiable just email or contact me: 09561960966

    Thank you very much.

  • I have plenty of old coins on hand to sell, please find me to sheedah’s room messenger so we can discuss the matter or txt/call 09158465466

  • I have a lot of old Philippines coin not only 1972. If your willing to buy some of my coins you can!
    Just Text my on My mobile # (09094723172) and let’s talk about it.

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