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Are you looking for “old coins buyer of the Philippine 1972 one peso coin” or are you a seller? Discussed and covered on this post are some important information that you may need to know about.

Old coin collectors of the Philippines can offer the best buying price of your 1972 one peso coin. They are even willing to pay more if they still don’t have it on their set of collections. But if you are on a rush, then perhaps you can sell it to your local jewelry makers to turn them into various forms of marvelous jewelries.

The coin consist of Dr. Jose Rizal’s head with his left side-view which is similar to the previous 1971 version. On the opposite side, it bears the marker of “Republika ng Pilipinas” and “Banko Sentral” along with the year when it was minted which is 1972. In comparison to the 1971, the marker is an opened book which symbolizes the “Noli Me Tangere” that was written by Rizal.

Take note: Collectors will prefer to buy or pay more for items that are well preserved which doesn’t have much damages such as scratches or dents.

Aside from the collectors, there are other people who are also interested in buying your 1972 one peso Philippine old coin. Unlike collectors, they don’t give value to the physical appearance or feature of your item. They are actually after its material compositions where they believe that it is made out of precious materials. While for some, they are just buyers and sellers who are just after it for the sole purpose of just making money. And, the worst among them are just plain scammers.

Do we have some proof that the 1972 one peso old coin is really valuable?

The person as to whom the belief that the 1972 one peso coins do contain valuable metals is unknown which means that there is no one to be blamed when it turns out that the rumor is just a hoax. But according to some speculations, it was true that the coins in the past got mixtures of precious materials but not until the year 1958. At this period, the government started using just plain or ordinary metals.

Despite the major changes of the materials used for creating coins in 1958, the people were probably either not aware of it or they were simply not concerned about it at all. This must probably be the reason why the notion remains in the mind of all the people. So up until today, there are still many coin hoarders who thinks of their huge coin collection as an investment. They believe that by hoarding a lot of coins, they could sell it later in the future several times than their original face worth value.

In 2015, the “Central Bank of the Philippines” and the “Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas” finally released a formal statement clarifying that all coins that they produced do not contain any precious materials such as gold or silver. Coin hoarders were also warned and prohibited from collecting massive amount of coins because their hobby has a negative impact on the circulation of coins throughout the country. In short, there will be a shortage of coins.

I may sound like saying that the 1972 old one peso coins are worthless, there is still the possibility that the rumor is likely true. Let me just ask you this question instead, if you are already aware that the government is full of corruptions, do you still believe in every word they say? Most likely not.

According to some individuals, one of the best proofs why the 1972 one peso old coins are perceive by many as valuable is that they “do not tarnish” which is one of the best quality of gold. Perhaps this is the main reason why mixing precious metals to the coins cannot be avoided. Although, some are saying that copper, nickel, and zinc are what has been used which can also prevent the coin from being tarnished.

In my own personal opinion, the best way to prove if a 1972 one peso old coin really contain some gold or silver is to bring it to a trusted metallurgist. Through their advance machine, they can accurately determine the metal composition of your coin without damaging it. Of course, there are also some basic testing methods that you can easily perform at home but this could potentially harm the image of your coin which I really don’t recommend.

1972 Philippine Peso Coin Price

The last time that I checked the price of the 1972 Philippine peso coin was on 2015 which was worth only 35 pesos each as the cheapest price. Today, exactly at the time of this post, these old coins are now worth between 100 to 600 pesos each. Due to this, I believe that the price of the 1972 one peso coin will still increase as they even get much older.

Coin hoarders of the 1972 one peso coins are surely happy right now because of the continuous increase of their price. Let’s say for example that Mr. Kulas hoarded a total of 1 million 1972 one peso coins. Today, the average price of this coin is currently at 450 pesos. So if Mr. Kulas manages to sell all of his collection at this price, he will be getting a return of (1 million multiplied by 450 pesos is) 450 million pesos!

To All Old Coin Buyers and Sellers of the 1972 One Peso Coin

I would like to open this discussion to all buyers or sellers of the 1972 old Philippine one peso coins. You can post your contacts on the Comment Form provided down below.

For sellers, I can directly add your item on this post but you need to send me some photos of your 1972 coin along with your contact details to my FaceBook Page via PM. You have to know that it looks more genuine as a seller if you can present the image of your item to an interested buyer.

Moreover, since there is a buying and selling involve, I would like to protect myself with a disclaimer. Please be guided that I do not have control to anyone posting their contact details below. Of course, I can delete them but the main objective of this post is to let buyers and sellers interact. Thus, I would like to clarify that I take no responsibility if it happens that you got scammed by any of them.

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  • I have an old 1972 1 peso coin. Can you help me to find buyers for this Sir?

    • As I already mentioned on the post, you can post your contact details on the Comment Form so that any interested buyers may directly contact you.

      • For those Interested to buy old 1 peso 1972 coin. Just email me on this address micvalz011@gmail.com

        I have a lots of it. PM me now. I'm waiting.

    • Hi, I have 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910 Philippine one peso coin, how much can I sell them? - 0917-3999373, thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have also 1972 peso coin.

  • ramolito m. colmo says:

    I have 20 pieces of one peso coin 1972. How about the 1974 one peso coin, how much is the price?

    Just text me on this mobile number: 09469854228

  • Anonymous says:

    I have 3 jar of 1972 coin.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also have 1972. My contact: 09367033890

  • Anonymous says:

    I also have 100pcs. 1972. 1peso coins.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have also 1972. 1 peso coin. My # is 09196978328

  • brandon jeff ramos says:

    I have 1 but it's different to other coin and it's special to me. Contact my Gmail raijinbj17@gmail.com. You can tell to others. I'm selling it to you by contacting my account. Thanks.

  • brandon jeff ramos says:

    It's 1972 peso coin.

  • Mary Joyce Olazo says:

    I have 1 peso coin from 1972, 5 peso coin (from 1974, 1983 and 1983), 10 peso coin (from 1979, 1982 and 1983), 5 peso paper and 2 pieces of 10 peso paper.

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