Old Coins with High Value in the Philippines

If you are an old Philippine coin collector or simply an individual who just happen to be keeping some old coins then you may want to check them. It’s because you might have one or few of those Philippine old coins with high value.

There is actually a long of list of Philippine old coins that are now worth a lot of money today which is mainly due to their “rarity”. So if you happen to have even just one of them, old coin collectors will surely be interested to buy it at an unbelievable amount of price.

On this post, we will be covering only the top ten Philippine old coins with high value and demand from many collectors:

1. 1903 50 Centavos Coin

This 1903 50 centavos coin were issued by the USPI, a time when the Philippine coinage were under the United States Administration.

On one side of the coin is an image of a woman with the inscription at the edge, “Fifty Centavos Filipinas”. On the other side, there is an eagle with its wings spread apart. The inscription on the edge states, “United States of America 1903”.

There are more details to the design of this coin but they are best described on the images provided above. However, this version of the coin shown on the images above is the 1921 which is an exact copy of the 1903 coin.

Aside from being an old coin, what really makes this 1903 fifty centavo coin reach a very high price for many collectors is that, there are actually only two of these coins that remains in existence today.

Since there are only two that exists, the recent price value of this 1903 fifty centavo coin reaches more than $1000 and it’s even climbing up through time.

2. 1905 One Peso Coin

The 1905 one peso coin is another coin series issued by the USPI in the past. It was the most common type of coin in circulation during this particular past period of time.

When it comes to the design, this 1905 one peso have exact similar design as the 1903 50 centavo coin. The only main difference is that, this 1905 1 peso coin is slightly larger in size.

You may encounter many 1905 one peso coins around that are being sold here on the internet where they are commonly priced for around $500 and below. However, the quality on how they got preserved aren’t really quite good where they got many dent markings and scratches.

Anyway, a well preserved 1905 one peso can be priced for more than $1000 and above.

These images above is the 1907 version of the Philippine one peso old coin which is exactly the same as the 1905 in all physical aspect of their design.

3. 1906 One Peso Coin

For some unexplained reason, the 1906 one peso coin is one among the Philippine old coins with the highest value. At the time of this post, an excellent quality coin of this kind reaches a staggering price of more than $7000.

There were actually a total of 201,000 pieces of 1906 one peso coins that were minted. But now, there are only 250 pieces that remains in existence. The reason was that, most of these coins got retrieved and they were taken back to the US during the war and got melted again.

The physical features of the 1906 one peso coin is similar to the 1907 one peso coin shown on the images above.

4. 1880 Alfonso XII 10 Centavos

The obverse side of the 1880 Alfonso XII ten centavo coin consist of a human head male figure on its right side view. On the reverse side, it bears the mark of the crowned arms.

There were only 15,000 of these coins that were minted which makes them very rare. Now, the last time I did a check on the price of this coin, they are worth around $1000 to $2000.

5. 1786 Carolus III

Many coin collectors are quite interested with the 1786 Carolus coin which is a Spanish-Philippine coin-series. Some are saying that this is because of its beautiful and well design images. The obverse side consist of the image of King Charles while the reverse is the Crown Arms.

Comparing the design with the other Spanish-Philippine old coins, the Carolus coins offers the one with the most magnificent design. This is the main reason why many collectors are after them even at a cost of a very high price. A good quality of this coin have now reached a price of more than $5000 today.

Majority of these 1786 Carolus coins are now in the possessions of collectors who would rather keep them rather than to sell it for money.

6. 1758 Dos Mundos

Among the dos mundos old coins (more commonly known as “Pillar Dollars”), the 1758 are the ones with the highest interest among all collectors. This is probably due to the reason of its beautiful, unique, and exotic style design.

Just like the Carolus coin, these 1758 Spanish old coins are completely rare that collectors who are in possession of them would rather choose to keep them than to sell. Although, you may be able to find a few of these coins for a price of around $1000 but they are of terrible quality.

7. 1869 Una Peseta

The 1869 una peseta was a Provisional Government coins of Spain and there are two kinds of these coins with slight variance. One has the inscription of “ESPANA” while the other one has the “Gobierno Provisional”.

The coin with the ESPANA marking are a lot more common than the other one where they are priced at the time of this post at around $100 to $500. While, the other coin with a marking of Gobierno Provisional is a lot more valuable due to rarity. Aside from this inscription, there is also a star with a number inside it. This indicate that the coin carries premium.

8. 1868 Isabel II

One of the gold coins that became commonly used in the Philippines were the 1868 Isabel II coins. Interestingly, they come in three denominations which are 1 peso, 2 peso, and 4 peso.

When it comes to their prices, they are currently ranging from $500 to $1000.

9. 1883 CC Morgan Dollar

The 1883 Morgan Dollar or Carson City (CC) mints were issued coins meant as collectibles. It is also known that these US old coins carries more premium as compared to the other mints. Due to this reason, a lot of fake versions were produced to trick many coin collectors.

Since there are a number of counterfeited 1883 Morgan Dollar coins, this caused a huge impact to their price where they drastically fell down.

10. Philippines 1912 S San Francisco Mint Peso

Last on the list is the 1912 Philippines S San Francisco mint peso where it is the highest valued coin at the time of this post. It is actually worth $14,535.

The reason why these old coins can reach such a staggering price is that, there are only very few 1912 S peso coins that remains. This was due to the reason that most of them got destroyed, melted, and then dumped in Manila Bay.


If you happen to be in possession of one or more of the Philippine old coins listed above then you can really make a lot of money if you intend to sell them to an interested collector (not a buy and seller). Take note, old coins that are well preserved offers the highest value.

Some of you who are familiar about the rare and old 1972 one peso coin might be asking why it is not included on the list. It’s because it has already been covered on a separate post. Another reason is that, there is a huge question mark with regards to its authenticity.

And lastly, I would like to apologize for not being able to provide images for each of the coins on the list above. There are actually very few images of these coins and I don’t want to get in trouble by copying them without permission. Thus, if you happen to have any of the coins listed above and you want me to use it on this post then I would greatly appreciate. You can send the photos to my FaceBook Page account.

Thank you very much!

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