Old Deep Well as Hidden Locations of the Yamashita Treasures

This is a requested topic by several followers of Treasure Hunt Club community. It is all about determining the specific locations of the hidden Yamashita treasures at an old deep well. But first, what is an old deep well?

Deep well is more commonly known as “Water Well” which offers a good source of natural and clean water deep under the ground. Since it can be accessed deep under the ground, it needs to be excavated at several feet depth. Here in the Philippines, deep wells are very common around especially on lowland places.

In relation to the hidden Yamashita treasures, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) seems to find old deep wells as good hiding places for their treasures. And interestingly, hidden treasure deposit on old deep wells can be easily retrieved.

To better explain the particular common hiding spots of treasure deposits on old deep water wells, let’s have an illustration.

At the Opening of the Old Deep Well

Perhaps, the easiest portion where the JIA had hidden their treasure deposit is right at the opening of the old deep well. Of course, the old deep well is often filled or covered with ground soil. When you dig it starting from the opening, you will most likely uncover the treasure deposit at a depth of 5 to 10 ft deep.

At the End or Bottom of the Old Deep Well

If it happens that you dug from the opening down to 10 ft and yet, you haven’t uncovered the item then it is probably at the bottom end. Thus, you simply have to continue digging down further. You might ask me about when to stop. You have to know that most old deep wells commonly reach a depth of 15 to 25 deep. So you can use this as a basis for determining the bottom end.

At the Side of the Old Deep Well

There isn’t really any clever tricks involve when the item is hidden either at the opening or bottom of the old deep well. It’s because all you have to do is keep digging and at any given depth, you will uncover the hidden treasure. But, there are cases where the JIA soldiers did placed the deposit somewhere on the side or corner. Thus, digging straight downward would make you miss the deposit spot.

In order to deal with the treasure deposit hidden on the side or corner of the old deep well, it is important that you need to pay attention to signs or markers. It’s because through these signs or markers, interpreting them correctly will give you the information about the exact location of the hidden item.

Moreover, old deep well are an interesting location to search for hidden Yamashita treasures especially when there is a history about it where the JIA had stayed or temporarily setup their camp.

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  • Good eve sir do you know what is the meaning of this sign •|• it is engraved in the big rock.

    • It means that you should dig on both opposite side of the rock.

  • Sir Elmo, good day.

    In our place, there is an old deep well. Last year 2015, there is a lucky one who recovered a box of jewelries just beside the well and covered only with cement. Under the well, there are 3 post cement in triangle formation but it was already gone and took out by unknown person, our team decided to inspect the well likewise conduct a detection using our AKS locator, but my team surprised the result because there are 2 positive detection. First at the middle of the well, the second one is 1 meter to East. But my team is not so relying of our AKS, my question sir Elmo that it is possible for multiple deposit of an old well? Also what does it mean by aforementioned 3 post cement? Thank you sir Elmo. 100% followers. #newbhTh

    • Yes, every site has the possibility that there are multiple treasure deposits which depends on the signs or markers around. As for the 3 post concretes, you may want to give a try digging at the center portion.

  • That is considered a very good sign because the treasure deposit is hidden right on that spot of those signs that you found. However, you need to be careful of poison trap because of the presence of that snake head sign.

  • We have found it right now, what is the meaning of this kind of jar with 3 candles on the cover. Color silver gold jar? At the back of it, three signs looks like squares? Please help.

    • You have to continue digging because those markers indicates that there are three container deposits. However, you have to be careful because of the candle symbols on the cover of those jars because they indicate danger.

  • Joey R Roque says:

    Hello sir i found 3 dots sign in big stone with curve arrow pointing to another big stone.
    Please help as to decode that sign Sir. Thank you.

    • Perhaps, you can try start digging under that big stone being pointed by the arrow sign.

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