Old Tomb as a Yamashita Treasure Sign

We have here some interesting photos taken by our fellow treasure hunter in this community about an old tomb that he discovered on his site.

So in this post, we are going to study and analyze this object if it is a legit treasure sign used by the Japanese Imperial soldiers as clues to their hidden treasure loot.


The Old Buried Tomb

Cross Markers are Pointers

Engraved Head of a Bird

The Old Buried Tomb

In this photo, we can see a rectangular shaped object with a cross symbol on its surface. This gives us the perception that this particular object is an old forgotten tomb.

But as a treasure hunter, you have to know that there are some cases where the Japanese soldiers intentionally made tomb-like containers where they stored their treasure loot. They knew that ordinary individuals commonly respect tombs making it a perfect cover-up for their hidden treasure.

Thus, they made a lot of tomb-like objects in various remote places containing valuable items.

Cross Markers are Pointers

When it comes to crosses as treasure sign, they are commonly interpreted as “pointers”. The longest leg of the cross acts as the pointer that is pointing to the specific direction that we need to follow.

Following this direction will either lead us to the next treasure sign or to the exact location of the digging spot.

Aside from being a pointer, a cross marker also commonly indicates that the item hidden on the site is one large volume of treasure deposit.

Engraved Head of a Bird Creature

In this next photo is another interesting engraved marker.

Based on my analysis, the way this symbol has been engraved is man-made. Thus, it is a legit treasure sign.

This part of the symbol can be interpreted as “target item”. So in other words, it is referring to the hidden treasure deposit.

If we are going to closely object to the entire figure of the engraved symbol we can notice that it is like the head of a bird, particularly a head of a duck. Thus, the pointy tip of its beak is going to be our pointer that is pointing into the direction that we need to follow.

In this part of the symbol, we can notice three lines here. These lines actually represent distance. Each line has an equivalent of 3ft. Since we have a total of 3 lines, this gives us a total of 9ft.

So starting from the location of this marker and following its indicated direction is a distance of 9ft. The destination where we arrive is going to be our digging spot.

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