When it comes to old water well, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers actually used them as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures.

In the previous post, we have already covered how to interpret old water wells as treasure markers. And we tackled the part about the possible locations where the item is hidden. 

So if you have not read this post yet then I suggest that you go and read it as well maybe after you are done reading this post.

Now, what we are going to discuss in this post is about these photos taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

According to him, this site is an old water well.

Below is the first photo sent to us by our fellow treasure hunter. As we can see, his site is very wet and muddy which means that there is a presence of a water source nearby. This is going to be a huge problem if they are going to excavate a certain portion on his site.

Noticeable in this photo are these two circular concrete with a hole at their center portion. As a treasure marker, this indicates “good sign” which means that the deposit is just somewhere nearby.

Aside from these two circular concrete with holes, we have here a heart shaped rock. We have already covered the meaning of heart markers where they refer to the presence of certain hidden Yamashita treasure on the site. It is actually a marker used to confirm that the site is positive.

This is the second actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter on his site. We can see here a concrete box shaped water container which I think is the old well itself and I do not have any idea how deep it is.

My overall opinion about the hidden location of the treasure deposit is right under the bottom of this old well. However, the main problem here is obviously the water. They have to figure out a way to completely drain the water out from this old well in order for them to reach its most bottom portion.

Moreover, there are other treasure markers discovered by our fellow treasure hunter but he was unable to take photos of them.

One was a timber which according to him has four embedded old nails. These are large old nails with square shapes. Unfortunately, he forgot the directions where the heads of these old nails are pointing at.

For those who do not know it yet, old nails are very helpful markers. It’s because they provide clues to the direction and location of the treasure deposit spot.

So if you found an old nail embedded on a large old tree, what you have to do is to simply follow the direction of the old nail’s head. This direction will most likely lead you into the next marker or the digging spot.

Thus, if you ever encounter an old nail marker, it is best that you should immediately take a photo of it in order for you to have your own preserved reference to its original state.

The second interesting marker discovered by our fellow treasure hunter is a beautifully made chair near this old well. According to him, this chair marker is comparable to those chairs used in the living room. I would really love to see how this marker looks but unfortunately, he was unable to take a photo of it.

When it comes to chairs as treasure markers, it provides a confirmation that the item is buried near it. Thus, it could be directly underneath it or on one of its sides.

But again, digging a site where water is a main issue can be very problematic. Even if you are going to dig just a shallow depth, the water will be an annoying obstacle. If you managed to dig deeper, this could also put you in danger where the hole could easily collapse.

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