Old Water Well Yamashita Treasure Deposit Under the Rock

In this post, we are going to cover an old water well that has been discovered by our fellow treasure in this community. He sent us here some actual photos that have been taken by him for us to analyze and discuss.

So the questions that we are going to answer in relation to the old well on his site are,

“Is it possible that there is a hidden Yamashita treasure buried in this old water well?”


“If it is positive that there is a hidden Yamashita treasure then which portion are we going to dig?”

Below is the photo of the old water well taken by our fellow treasure hunter on his site. We can clearly see here a square shaped edge of the old water well and it is probably very deep.

In this next photo, this is the outcome when the group of our fellow treasure hunter cleaned the bushes around it so that we can have a much better look. And this time, it is filled with water.

As we can see, the concrete is not too thick but based on my own opinion, it seems to be a sturdy type of concrete. My estimated size for this old well is probably around 3 feet by 3 feet.

According to our fellow treasure hunter, they originally discovered a rock at this portion of the old water well. This rock bears the shape of an arrowhead which is pointing in a direction here to the right side of this old water well.

Here at the right side portion of this old water well, we can see a rock here. According to our fellow treasure hunter, there is an engraved marker on its surface. Although, it is not visible in this photo that we have here.

He claims that this engraved marker is an engraved arrowhead pointing to a downward direction.

Based on the arrowhead shaped rock marker and the engraved marker, their directions indicate that we should check or continue in a downward direction. But there is actually a third marker that fully confirms the location of the treasure deposit.

On this portion of the old water well which is again not visible in this photo, there is another marker that is similar to this symbol. This sign is more commonly interpreted with a meaning of “treasure under”.

Thus all meanings of the three markers combined, we get to conclude that the treasure deposit is right underneath this rock or on the right side of the old water well.

In short, this is the portion that we are going to dig.

The problem that I can see when working on this project is the water. Due to its current situation, the water will keep on flooding the hole that is being dug. This makes it a hassle to dig down at a deeper portion unless we have multiple water pumps.

When it comes to traps, I can say with my own experience as a treasure hunter that it is rare to encounter traps on treasure deposits buried on or near old water well. This is again due to the presence of the water.

As for the volume of the treasure deposit, none of the markers discovered by our fellow treasure hunter can provide us this kind of information. But based again on my own personal experiences, the volume of treasure deposit on old water wells ranges from small to medium. 

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