Pendant for Protection Against the Spirits Guarding the Yamashita Treasure

Many of us treasure hunters have already experienced unseen entities in the environment where we attempt to dig a certain buried Yamashita treasure. Their intention is to spook us in order to prevent us from recovering the buried item that they are trying to protect.

Based on my own personal experience as a treasure hunter, we commonly encountered spirits of the dead that were harmed and killed due to the Yamashita treasure. These include the Japanese Imperial soldiers, prisoners, and innocent civilians. But aside from the spirits of the dead, there are also fairies who naturally take the role of guarding the treasures.

In this post, we are going to cover an interesting question from one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

He has this question about wearing a protective pendant such as a Cross or any of the 7 Saints objects while digging for the buried Yamashita treasure. 

So the question here is, “Can these pendants protect you against the spirits guarding the treasure that you intend to recover?”

My answer to this question is a huge “No”

Pendants are mere objects and they can do nothing when the spirits that intend to harm you. If you are a curious one then you might say, “Then why wouldn’t they harm us all as they please?”

You have to know that one common nature of all spirits is that they simply want to stay in a peaceful quiet place. They do not want to live in loud and noisy places where the living lives. This is why they prefer to live in remote places where the living does not normally go. 

But if you happen to invade their territory and you have disturbed them such as by trying to steal the treasures that they intend to keep, then they will surely bring harm to you.

Actually, I have several crew members who often wear their Cross pendants and necklaces. Although, they do not wear them for protection against spirits but they do wear them for strengthening their belief. And yet, just like everyone, they also suffered attacks from violent spirits that we encountered in many of our operations.

Pendants as Protection against Spirits are Influenced by Movies

You may have already watched movies with violent spirits that can seriously harm the living. Yes they are indeed frightening but those things are way beyond what they can really do to us in reality.

Pendants or some kind of magical amulets as shown in the movies to ward off violent spirits is a huge misconception. In short, these objects do only work in the movies.

According to our spiritual medium, spirits will attack through your minds and thoughts. So if they want to hurt you such as by making your body feel itchy, they will make you believe that your body is terribly itchy but the fact is, “it is not”. It is more like “hypnosis”.

But first, violent spirits will demonstrate their presence by spooking their victims. This will strike fear to their victims allowing them to effortlessly enter their mind and thoughts.

So what can you really do against violent spirits?

As I mentioned above, violent spirits tend to attack your mind and thoughts. So in order to protect yourself, you need to have a strong mind and thoughts that cannot be easily invaded by any violent spirits. Now, having a strong mind and thought has a connection to your spiritual belief. You need to have this strong belief that there is someOne Who is the most powerful One that can protect you. Anyway, beyond this part is no longer a topic that is related to treasure hunting.

Overall, pendants or any sorts of objects do not really help in protecting you against attacks from violent spirits.          

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