Aside from the popular dowsing L-rods comes the “Pendulums”. This is a tool consisting of a tipped object with a string of wire, chain or cord attached to the other end. The person performing the dowsing procedure will be holding the wire hanging the tipped object or the pendulum freely on the air.

As the dowser operates, the pendulum will either stay “still” or “swing” around. If it stays still or not moving, it means that no item can be detected from the area that is being dowsed. But if the pendulum swings or moves, it is a confirmation that the item is being detected.

Pendulum dowsers actually tends to communicate to their tool. Deep within their own mind, they will ask their pendulum questions like “Is the item hidden on this spot?, Is it here? Are there dangers involve? and etc…”. Although, it is important that the question must be answered with a “Yes” or “No” only.

To answer a certain question, the dowser will have to keep the pendulum at perfectly still position. Assuming that the question is that, “Is the treasure hidden on this spot?” then this question must be followed by a condition on how the pendulum will respond. This condition is to ask the pendulum to rotate on a “Clockwise” direction if the answer is Yes. On the other hand, the pendulum will rotate on a “Counter-Clockwise” direction if its response is a No.

Hanging Pendulum

A complete beginner performing pendulum dowsing may find it quite a difficult process where they often end up moving the pendulum themselves. It is actually very important that the pendulum must not be moved by the dowser where the object has to move itself like it has a mind of its own.

Dowsing Hidden Treasures on the Map

Pendulum dowsing works best when performed on a map. So if you have a certain site that you would like to dowse, you can hand-draw a map of that area. If you know how to use Google Earth, zoom-in that area and then print a copy.

Once you have your map, you can now start pendulum dowsing by following the same instruction explained above.

Who Is Moving the Pendulum?

It is indeed very creepy when the pendulum moves on its own particularly when answering your questions back and you do not know how. You may think that there is probably a spirit or unseen entity moving it around. Gladly, it is not. What causes the movement is actually your own “intuition” yourself. It is the same mental aspect applied when using the dowsing L-rods.

What actually happens is that the pendulum simply acts as an amplifier of your own intuition.

Important Rituals Before You Start Pendulum Dowsing

It is basically important that you have to perform cleansing and energy charging of your pendulum before you can start using it or before keeping it to its storage. If you don’t then, you will end up getting inaccurate responses to your questions. The best method to cleanse your pendulum is to offer it under direct sunlight for one whole day. As for energy charging, you have to hold it on your hands for about 5 to 15 minutes as you meditate or concentrate your energy on your pendulum.

After cleansing and charging your pendulum, you have to keep it somewhere else so that nobody can touch it but yourself. Most people do keep their pendulums on small velvet bags.


Moreover, pendulum dowsing may take plenty of your time before you can get good results. The key is to enhance your concentration and keep on practicing regularly. And surely, this will improve your pendulum dowsing skills.


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15 Comments to “Pendulum Dowsing for Hidden Treasures”

    • Hi, I am digging an old well and I found concrete stones. We actually sought the help of a man who knows how to use a dowsing tool and he said that the site is likely to have buried treasure. However, we stopped digging when we reached 8 to 10 feet because water suddenly flooded the hole.


      As a treasure hunter, I rely more on signs rather than the tools. Thus, I suggest that you should explore the area for any strange markings, rocks or objects piled around.

    • Good PM, Sir I have a treasure site here in Davao del Sur, an old tree planted in a triangular position. One of the tree has a big hole down deep, by the uses of EMD and PENDULUM swing as our detector gadget. Sir I saw in my dream the exact location, do I start to dig base on my dream location, I'm so confused. Please help me Sir. Thanks and God bless.

      • I am a long range remote dowser send a photo from google earth of the area you think its in and I will tell you where its at.

    • Hello, Sir Elmo. My mom has been following this blog and wanted to find out more about treasure hunting. My late father has a 165sqm lot in Davao City where his mother and siblings made some digging (well up to this time) and found nothing. They caused the death of my father using "voodoo" which I know for the fact is forbidden when you are hunting for treasure. The spirits will not give the "treasure" to people who are greedy and full of negativity. The reason why I am writing a comment here is because I am hoping that you could help us like do you have some connections who are interested in purchasing my dad's property. We have the original certificate of title but we already left our home due to threats from my father's siblings and mother. We are searching for someone who are more evil than them.. someone who is brave enough to drive my uncles, aunts and grandmother away from a property that is not theirs to begin with.

      We have nowhere to go to and we really do not know who and where to ask help. We just can't take renting a home anymore when we already have our own. Our own that we can actually sell and start a new life. It will be my dad's 2nd death anniversary this December 20th.


    • I think, what you need is a legal adviser or attorney. Since you possess the original certificate of ownership of the property then you have the edge of winning from the court. Once you have won, just let the authorities deal with the opposing side in driving them out away.

    • Hi Sir. My father used this tool pendulum dowsing in their treasure hunt. They are now 30 ft down as they discovered this sign a hole in the center of the stone, they continue digging, they found this hard stone that covers the hole. As it takes days to break the cover.

      And now, they are 33 ft deep. As they continue digging its a mixture of different color of a mud a brown, gray, and black. This deep is the level of a well as our sign and a big tree.

      Sir, are we still on the right track? By using this tool? As it pointed out deeper and shaking very fast as we go deeper. Hope you can reply this asap. And thank you.

      – Ms.C

    • Since majority of your basis for direction is with the use of a pendulum, the answer to your question depends on the skill of your father in using it. And, it is only he can tell the correct direction.

  • Could you dowse a map for me for a buried Indian treasure? Thanks.

    • I am sorry, I don’t know how to do map dowsing but I am in the process of trying to learn it as well.

  • Dear Sir,

    Good Day!

    I would like to ask for more information regarding signs. If you believed then contact me #09161051878. here somewhere in Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental for security reason and for settlement. It is in my own place where the sign had been located yet hidden till now. If ever you are interested I fell being confident that trust lies between this negotiation as an honest and confident, educated woman.

    • Feel free to describe here the signs that you discovered and I will try my best to help you out with the interpretation.

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