Perfectly Round Shape Rock Yamashita Treasure Marker

One of our fellow treasure hunter in this community has sent us photos of very interesting rocks that he discovered on his site. These rocks are quite interesting because of their strange shapes which are almost perfectly round like balls.

Do these strange ball looking rocks used by the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures? If they are then what do they mean?

If you are interested to find out my answers to both questions then you just have to continue reading.

Below is the actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter on the round shaped rocks that he found on his site.

Before we decode the meaning of these rocks, we first need to analyze if these rocks are old.

In case you do not know, examining the age of a rock where the marker has been found is one of the important criteria in determining the authenticity of a marker. It’s because if an old rock has been used by the Japanese soldiers as a marker then there is a high possibility that the marker is authentic.

My result in examining these rocks based on the photo that we have here, I can say that the are considered as old types of rocks.

I further examined their surfaces as well to see if we can find any engraved markers which can be considered legit but I could not find any. The only most noticeable part of these rocks are their strange round shape.

So the main question here is, “What do these round shaped rocks mean as a Yamashita treasure marker?”

Before we answer this question, you need to know that the Japanese soldiers commonly used ordinary types of objects around in marking their hidden treasure loot. However, these common objects that they used do differ in terms of their shapes and arrangements. So in this marker that we have here, it is very clear that their shape is what makes them different from the other common rocks around.

When it comes to my interpretation of rocks with such shape, they often have a meaning which is “Good sign”. This means that the item is buried underneath it. Thus, it is a confirmation that we are going to dig right on this spot where these round shaped rocks are found.

But before we even start our excavation, it would be much better to search the surroundings and look for other additional markers that could help and provide us more details before starting our operation.

Short Summary:

My overall analysis about the authenticity of these round shape rocks is that, I can say that these rocks are considered legit marker used by the Japanese soldiers as an important clue to their hidden Yamashita treasure on the site.

As for my overall interpretation into the meaning of these round shaped rocks, they do confirm the digging spot where the item is buried. In short, we are going to dig the spot where these rocks are found.  

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