Piled Rocks Treasure Markers

As a treasure hunter, have you already encountered on your excavation rocks that are piled together?

If we are going to consider that there are legit markers on your site that led you into these piled rocks, then there is a huge chance that the item being searched could be behind these piled rocks.

Piled rocks as a Yamashita treasure marker has only one direct meaning. It is a blockage that is blocking something behind it.

If found on the surface, it could be blocking an entrance to a hidden tunnel. Or, it could be blocking an opening of a hole where the treasure deposit is buried.

So whenever you encounter a pile of rocks on your site, it would be quite interesting to uncover what is behind them.

But before you do, make sure that the pile of rocks that you discovered were man-made and not made by nature. You can easily distinguish them by how the rocks are properly piled. If the rocks are properly fitted to one another then there is no doubt that it’s man-made.

Piled Rocks Under the Ground

Piled rocks found on the surface as treasure marker do often indicate an entrance or opening to a hole where the item is hidden. But as for the piled rocks under the ground or deep inside the tunnel, they have much better meaning.

Piled rocks under the ground or deep inside the tunnel were used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as final blockages to their hidden treasures. It was actually an alternative blockage to their hard concrete especially when they already ran out of concrete materials to use.

We have here an actual image of piled rocks taken by our fellow treasure hunter in this community. As we can see, they discovered a pile of rocks in their excavation site. According to him, they encountered this pile of rocks at a depth of 50 feet. This kind of depth is insanely deep which is usually a kind of depth for a large volume of treasure deposit.

In my study about how the rocks are piled on this photo, I can say that this is man-made. If we are going to take a closer look, you should notice that the rocks are closely fitted to one another. A sign that it can only be possibly done by man.

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