Places to Metal Detect Without Permission

Back in the old days, there are actually many places to metal detect without permission from the people who are in-charge or owner of the property. But today, things are now changing. Governments are implementing laws prohibiting such kind of activity. While, property owners would immediately forbid when asked for their permission.

Anyway, don’t lose hope. There are still many available places where you can go metal hunting without the need of asking for authorization from anyone.

So where are these places?

Abandoned Places

There are sure many places where you can go and metal detect but there is nothing compared to locations that are considered as “abandoned sites”. The main reason why abandoned places are the best hunting ground is that you will be uncovering a lot of better findings.

Some good examples are abandoned parks, schools, and many other places where people used to hang around in the past. The reason is that, there are huge chances that these people in the past had dropped or lost something valuable that are waiting for you to find today.

It is also less likely for you to encounter somebody assigned to these abandoned sites to put a stop to your activity. Instead, you may encounter individuals who are also doing the same thing which is metal hunting.

Construction Sites

Some construction sites are also good places to metal detect where you will most likely do not need to ask for permission. Although, some construction workers may see you getting on their way where they will have to ask you to leave. Another reason is that they might be held responsible if you got accidentally hurt while detecting on the area.

For this reason, you should avoid a construction site where workers seems to be rushing things around. Choose a site where the workers seems to be a lot more relax and even much better if there are only a few of them around.

Vacant Lots that are for Sale

Vacant lots that are for sale are private properties but most owners doesn’t really care if someone goes in the area and metal detect. In most cases, there is really no one around the property who can chase after you for trespassing.

If the owner just happen to be there and he saw you, it is very common for you to be recognized as a potential client who have interest in buying his property. It is all up to you if you want to pretend or to tell the truth.

Creeks and Streams

Places like creeks and streams are often considered as public domains which means that you can freely metal detect on these sites without the need of asking for permission. The good thing about hunting on these kinds of places is that you will also be finding some gold nuggets if you are lucky.

Beaches and River Banks

Beaches are actually one among the best places to metal detect because they are often visited by a lot of different people. With such numbers, this means that there are plenty of valuable lost items that you can find with your metal detector.

Most beaches around the world would actually allow anyone to metal detect while there are only few who does not.

As for the river banks, you definitely do not need permission to metal detect on such places. Although, you might end up empty handed or recovering worthless findings.

According to some experts, you should only metal detect on river banks where the entire place often gets flooded particularly during bad weather. Chances are, all the goodies are washed down the river for you to find.

Restrictions and Limitations

It is really hard for me to tell the places where you can freely metal detect without asking for permission because each region, state or country implement different rules.

As an example, it is allowed to metal detect in Cambodia while permission is required from the Mayor’s office in Greece.

Thus, if you are new to a certain place and you are not familiar with the rules about metal detecting then it is always best to ask people around the area.

Joining a Group or Club of Metal Detectorists

If you are having some trouble finding places in your area about where you can metal detect without the need for asking permission then you may want to consider joining a group or club.

Try searching and contacting people with the same hobby then persuade them to let you join their group. If you got in, then consider yourself lucky because they surely have a list of unrestricted places where you and the other members can freely metal detect.

Not only that, the organizer or team leaders of your group will handle all the talking or conversation about asking for permission for the land owners. You just have to wait for their signal if it’s okay or not.


Unfortunately, most places without restrictions to metal detect might not be the best idea to choose. It’s because there are probably many other hunters who already went there a couple of times and scanned the entire area. This leaves you with nothing that are worth finding but garbage.

If you want to have some good success, you should metal detect on places where no one or only few have been. Although, most of these places do have restrictions but you can still gain access by simply asking for proper permission.

In most cases, the owner of the property or the one who is in-charge will allow you to scan his lot but he may give some agreement that you need to follow. So when he says that you are not allowed to bring along others then you have to stick with it.

As for asking permission, many hunters often failed on this part because of their wrong approach. What usually happens is that, when they approached the one in-charge, they will be asked for their reason. Their common answer is often a direct answer which is to find treasure and gold.

A good approach is to express your interest in searching his land because you are quite interested in its history that surrounds it.

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