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You might notice that this blog about Treasure Hunt Club has connections to third parties which are companies offering different types of products and services. These advertising companies have the potential to collect information from your computer but not to the extent of acquiring your Name, Address, E-mail Address, Telephone number or any other personal info about you. The reason for them to collect data from your computer is actually to determine your interest. This will allow them to provide you much better related goods or services on their ads the next time you come to this site again. Additional information about this topic is further discussed on Goolge’s Advertising and Privacy page.

Respecting your Privacy Policy

It’s my duty to protect your privacy the moment that you gain access to my blog which is So here are the following sources and services that I use to collect information and data from your visits;

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool or GWT is a very important tool for website or blog owners like me. It’s because this tool allows us to monitor any errors with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues. This is the reason why you are able to find the content of this blog through Google and other search engines.

Aside from its main usage for troubleshooting purposes, GWT also does collect basic information from your visits. These are the number of your visits, demographic location, device used and search terms.

Auto Generated Cookies

When we are talking about Cookies, these are the files that are automatically generated by your PC’s system on your temporary folder each time you visit a certain website. They are small files which you can open them using Notepad. However, the information contained are most likely encrypted and it’s impossible to decode. Only the advertising companies responsible for generating the cookies have the capability to decode the information. Anyway, this blog does not generate cookies but my affiliate partners surely does.

Google has a detailed discussion about cookies here.

External links to another website

Under the Resource category, there are some external links pointing to another different website but they do provide related information. You might also encounter them on the body of a certain post. Take note, I do not have any connection with them where I only linked those sites for the purpose of providing more relation information. These sites actually have their Privacy Policies of their own which might be different from what is written on this blog. Thus, I suggest reading them as well.

Advertising Companies

This blog is currently partnered with Advertising Companies for monetization. It is due to them why this website needs to generate cookies in which they mainly use as a basis in evaluating your visits or behavior towards your interaction to the contents found here on my blog.

Google Adsense is currently the third-advertising program that I use on this blog that generates ads in the form of texts and images. And, these ads does utilize cookies as described above.

For more information about my partners, please visit the Disclaimer Page.

Comments has an enabled Comment Form for its community to allow readers or visitors to leave their own opinions and questions about the discussion. But before leaving a comment, there are three options to fill-up which are your Name, eMail and Website URL.

It is actually your own choice whether to enter your real or fake name. Most people does enter fake names.

I made the eMail and Website URL optional which means you can just leave it blank. Your comment will still be published after I moderated it. But for those who entered their eMail, only I can view them but the Website URL will be published for public view along with the comment.

Feedburner eMail Subscription Form

Feedburner is an eMail Subscription service that I use and implemented on this blog. By registering your email through the form, you will get an alert directly into your email about the latest post that I published.


Do you have some questions regarding about the privacy policy stated on this post?

Feel free to post your issues and concerns on the comment form below or Contact me on my FaceBook Page account


GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. For the compliance of this new rule, all information that I am able to gather through this website which I already covered above, I can delete any of them with regards to the request of the visitor who owns that particular information.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 25, 2018.

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