Questions about the Spirits Guarding the Yamashita Treasures

I noticed that many of you guys have many questions about the previous last topic which is all about the spirits or entities guarding the hidden Yamashita treasures. So on this post, I have compiled a list of comments with the most common questions about them. So let’s start right away with the first question.

“As a treasure hunter, do we really need help from a spiritual medium who can communicate and negotiate or perform ceremonies for the spirits that are guarding the hidden Yamashita treasures that we are digging?”

You have to know that a spiritual medium on your team is indeed a great help in recovering treasure deposits that are guarded by spirits or unseen entities. The main reason why you need their help is that, if you do not know exactly what you are doing then this could only insult the spirit where they may end up hurting you instead.

Let me share with you a story of someone whom I know who suffered such an incident because of this kind of mistake. It was actually his very first attempt to give an offering to the spirits. So when he placed his offer, he stated that only the spirits of the Japanese Imperial soldiers were allowed to take or accept his offerings. His mistake was that he wasn’t aware of the presence of other much higher and superior entities around. They were the “fairies”. In local term, Filipinos refer to them as “Engkantos”. So as a result, the Engkantos got mad and suddenly, he felt some terrible pain all over his body for no reason at all.

Days went by and hid body pain wasn’t getting any better. Thinking that it could only be just a regular body pain, he paid a visit to his doctor. But the doctor simply confirmed that it was just regular body pain so he often gave him pain relievers.

As days goes on, the pain becomes worse and he can no longer tolerate it, even taking pain reliever medicines. Until he consulted a spiritual healer who found out that his spiritual body was missing. So he explained everything about what he did and so they went back to the site where he made his offering to the spirits. There they found his spiritual body still knocked unconscious.

The spiritual healer performed what he needed to do and at that time, the pain was lifted until it subsided in just a few hours. According to the spiritual healer, he was already at the verge of his death if he didn’t come to ask for his help.

“Sir, are we allowed to offer a chicken or goat to the unseen entities that are guarding our site?”

Another question which seems to be that they do not know how to give offerings to the spirits. My advice is not to do it if you do not know how to properly do it. Anyway, there are some rare cases where the spirits can make contact through your dreams and give instructions on how to perform the offerings for them.

“Sir Elmo, what are the common things that you offer to the spirits that are guarding the Yamashita treasures?”

Not all spirits ask the same type of offerings. So it’s going to be different from one another. But if we are going to base it on my personal experience, the spirit of the dead people commonly asks for food, clothes, and livestocks. But there are also come rare cases where they may ask for something like a horse.

In one of our previous projects, we encountered a Japanese Imperial soldier who asked as a horse. According to our spiritual medium, the Japanese soldier needed it to ride on his way back home. If you are concerned about the horse, we did not slaughter it because it was not needed.

However, when it comes to the spirits that are not of human nature or simply the fairies or Engkanto then they can be quite hard to negotiate. In most cases, they will attempt to ask for a sacrifice who is someone that is too dear to you. You have to know that you should never comply on this one since it is a form of trickery that comes from evil entities.

“What should I do when there is a presence of a spirit that guards the hidden Yamashita treasure? What are the things that we can offer for them?

Just like the other previous questions, the offerings vary from one spirit to another. Anyway, it is best to ask help from a spiritual medium to clear things out.

“Hi Sir Elmo. I have this dream and I would like to ask about it. Back in the past, there was a group of treasure hunters who excavated here at our house. Then one of them got ill. As they continued to dig, many snakes came out from the hole. As a result, they got scared so they stopped and never came back anymore.

At that time, I dreamed of a woman. She told me that we shouldn’t let others dig the treasure but only us.

Several years had passed and then I dreamed of the woman again. This time, she finally pointed out the exact location on where to dig the treasure.

When I dug the spot, I uncovered a very large rock. Since I am the only one digging, I could not even remove it.

What does the spirit really want to tell me? I hope that you can help me. Thank you Sir Elmo and God Bless.”

The main reason why the spirit did not give the treasure to the previous treasure hunters was that they have chosen you as the one who can claim it. And based on how I can see it, the spirits seem to be willing to give the treasure to you without any form of payment in return.

As for the job of excavating the treasure, you can actually ask someone whom you really trust to help you out. What the spirit exactly meant about it was that you should take the lead of excavating the treasure and not somebody else.

“Sir Elmo, if there is a curse behind the Yamashita treasures as well as spirits that are guarding them then what are the things that we should do? If it happens that you are able to recover the item, what are you going to do with the curse? What would be the next step?”

You really have to give the things they asked as a form of exchange to the treasure that they are protecting. If you accomplish this task then you can recover the treasure without them interfering with it. As for the curse, you have to know that they, the spirits, the one behind the curse. So this means that if you managed to get rid of the spirits then so as the curse.

“What are the offerings that must be given to the fairies?”

Each spirit has their own personal taste and needs. So I really could not tell any specific offering for the spirits or fairies. But based on my personal experiences, they often ask for livestock that must be offered to them by slaughtering it at the site.

“We dug a hole and because of it, I had a dream. The spirit of my dream told me that they won’t give the treasure unless we pay for it. The problem is that I do not have any idea about what sort of payment the spirit wants. What does it mean? There were also many strange occurrences in our site. So what should we do Sir?”

This means that the spirit guarding the Yamashita treasure is willing to give the treasure but first, the offering they need must be provided. In order to know what they want as an exchange, you may have to wait for your next dream contact with the spirit. But if you want to hasten the process then you may need help from a spiritual medium.

“I have dreamed this twice already. It was near the land of my uncle where there was this woman on her back who was talking to me. She told me that she wanted me to dig the treasure that she’s guarding because she’s already tired of protecting it. However, she stated that I am the only one allowed to dig and nobody else. She even added that the item is currently buried at a depth of only 5 feet. The location is at the letter Y portion of an old creek with an old stump of tree.”

As the spirit had instructed, only you alone should dig the treasure. Anyway, a 5 feet depth is such a shallow depth which you can dig in just one to two days. The letter Y portion of the old creek is the portion where the flowing water meets in one direction. At this portion, search for the old stump of a tree and then dig underneath it.

“I have an experience where I brought some of the signs that we recovered inside my house. Then during the night, me and my cousin could not sleep. The other day, my mother again took three rocks and brought it inside the house. This time, I dreamed about one huge terrible snake which made me unable to sleep the whole night. But thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ that I was saved. This is the reason why we prayed.”

I already mentioned in my other post that any objects that have connection to the Yamashita treasure, especially the treasure itself must never be placed inside the house. In my own personal experience, I also took a samurai that belonged to a high ranking Japanese Imperial Army General. One night, I also could not sleep and I suddenly felt his presence. Then I saw him standing near my bed but with a glimpse of an eye, he disappeared.

“Here in our excavation site, there is a presence of a dark type of entity guarding the hidden Yamashita treasure.”

Dark spirits are pure evil entities where they are quite very deceptive in nature so you really have to be careful when dealing with them. Most of them can also move things or objects around which is more commonly known as “poltergeists”. So in a situation like this, you definitely need help from a good spiritual medium. Aside from a spiritual medium, you can also ask him from a priest, pastos, or someone who has a good understanding about exorcism through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“We noticed a dark spirit here in our site even during the daylight, the reason why we stopped digging. It often walks around then it suddenly disappears. I even asked a friend to come along with me to help me dig. Then we saw the dark spirit together passing by.

So I decided to consult a spiritual medium who claimed that the dark spirit is a Japanese Imperial Soldier officer. But he stated that it is asking for a human life as an exchange for the treasure.

Based on my observation, this dark spirit was trying to lead us in the wrong direction. This is why I decided to stop our excavation temporarily.”

Again, I would like everyone to know that any spirits asking for a human life are dark entities. This is actually a form of clever trickery that must be avoided because such kinds of spirits go beyond their demand. So in cases like this, it is best to ask help from a spiritual medium because this can be settled in a way where human life is not involved.

“My father dreamed of a woman who pointed out the exact location of the hidden treasure. But in exchange for the treasure, the spirit wants my sister who is the most favorite child of my father. So my father responded to the spirit, “What is the worth of the treasure if I won’t be seeing my daughter anymore?” After his response, the woman disappeared. According to my father, the items are composed of diamonds and gold items. Other than that, they are covered with some kind of dark material.”

It is no doubt that the spirit whom your father spoke was an evil entity trying to clever trick your father. It is a good thing that you father isn’t that too materialistic otherwise, he would have given what the spirit was asking.

Anyway, you can still recover the treasure by asking help from a spiritual medium. As for the dark material that covers the items, I think it is an asphalt.

“I have this dream that I keep on thinking about. It was a dream about our excavation site which happened at around 6 PM. We were having a conversation with the spirit along with my father. The spirits stated that they were willing to give the treasure to us without asking anything in return. Is it really possible that some spirits are good and generous enough to give their treasures without any form of payment?”

Yes, it is true. There are some rare cases where spirits can give the treasures that they are protecting without asking anything in return. It is not really because they are “good spirits”. It is more about them getting tired and they want to go to some other places.

“Here on our excavation site, an old man with a very long beard suddenly appeared right in front of me. Then with one glimpse of an eye, he was gone.”

One of the main reasons why spirits guarding the Yamashita treasure is that they are giving you an early warning. They want you to stop and leave the place. If you insist to continue then you will experience more strange occurrences that may even cause harm to you and your crew. Again, you need help from a spiritual medium to sort this out.

“If you can see the entity that guards the treasure then can you also see the treasure deposit?”

No, it still depends on the spirit if it would allow you to see the item or not. So if you do not deserve to recover the treasure then most likely, you won’t be able to see it even if it is already right in front of you.

“Sir Elmo, in my own dream, the spirit had shown itself and told me that something is hidden at the mountain.

So we decided to climb up onto the mountain and there we found many signs around.

However, the entity had warned us about danger. This is the reason why I truly believe everything that you discussed about the spirits.

Unfortunately, we stopped our excavation because one of my crew suffered an accident. He almost cut his hand with the hammer while breaking rocks. This incident really scared us a lot so we decided to pray to God.

While eating, we often give offerings to the unseen entities.”

It is very possible that one of the spirits around probably got hurt by one of your crew who was breaking rocks. In my personal opinion, one of the chunks probably flew from a certain distance and hit the unseen entity. So in return, it took revenge. This is exactly the main reason why you should always ask permission from the unseen entities especially when you are about to work or move things around your site.

“My mother had a dream that a spirit pointed her to the location of the hidden treasure being guarded by it. So my mother went to the place and dug it where she discovered one large wide rock with some sort of engraved map on it.

Now the question is, will the spirit really be going to give the treasure to my mom?”

The answer is “Yes”. That’s the main reason why the spirit made contact to your mother which is to help her out recover the treasure deposit. So tell you mom to continue digging that particular spot.

“Is it not allowed to take charms that can fend off the spirits while we are excavating?”

As far as I am aware, these charms do not really work against the spirits that guard the hidden Yamashita treasures. So it might even be possible that it will just cause more problems than bring good because it might just irritate them.

“Are we allowed to get rid of any strange insects or animals in our site when they appear?”

No, you should never do that. If you do so then you are declaring a challenge to the spirit which can make them more angry. So if this is what you did then expect some unexplained consequence that may happen to you or any of your crew.

“Here in our place, an on-going excavation was stopped because the entire crew argued with one another. Someone said that there are two present types of entities that are protecting the treasure. First is a red spirit who doesn’t want to give the treasure. The second one is the black spirit which I forgot its role. However, this dark spirit is the one possessing the caretaker’s body.”

I think this is a comment not meant to ask a question. It is a comment that agrees about the presence of spirits that guards the hidden Yamashita treasures. 

“I have experienced in my own dreams where a spirit of a Japanese soldier had shown himself to me. He stated that we should continue our search for the treasure that they had hidden. He was wearing his complete military uniform when I saw him in my own dream. And based on his physical features, I am sure that he was a Japanese.”

This is one good interesting dream since the spirit is willing to give the treasure in your own hands. But what I suggest is that you should continue to pay attention to your next succeeding dreams. It’s because the spirit may give more additional details regarding what you need to do.

This ends the long post but we are going to continue with my responses regarding this topic on the comments below.  

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