Both foreign and local THs (treasure hunters) have the common interest of searching hidden valuable treasures in the Philippines. Typical foreign TH nationals who often visits the country are the Japanese, Koreans, Americans, British, Canadians, Germans and Chinese.

Due to their interest with the treasures, some of them have even acquired their permanent residency. As for the locals, almost every Filipinos are already aware about the existence of valuable treasures hidden on their land due to recent multiple reports of findings by archaeologists, THs and some fortunate individuals.

Hidden treasures in the Philippines are categorized into 3 general types:

1. Japanese Treasures (Yamashita Treasure)
2. Spanish Treasures (Spaniards)
3. Philippine National Treasures (Ancient Cultural Artifacts)

Treasure in the Philippines

Japanese Treasures Hidden in the Philippines

The majority of THs in the Philippines are after the hidden Japanese treasures due to the markings and maps left behind by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as very helpful clues. By interpreting these clues correctly, it increases their chances to find and recover the precious buried deposits.

According to the Philippine History, the largest recovered Yamashita treasure found were uncovered by Ferdinand Marcos and Roger Rogelio Roxas.

Some of you might ask, “How did these Japanese treasures ended up in the Philippines?”

The event actually took place back in World War 2 when Philippines fell under the occupation of the Japanese empire. Aside from the Philippines, many other Asian countries were also occupied by the JIA such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, China and India. Due to their success in invading these foreign lands, “Field Marshall Count Terauchi” (in-charge of all JIA in the southeast Pacific area) ordered all of his high-ranking military officials to loot their respective occupied territories. So as a result, they literally looted billions worth of gold, statues and antiques.

Since all navigational routes back to Japan were heavily guarded by American patrolling vessels, it was way too risky for them to transport their war-loots into their main land so they devised a clever plan. The first part of their plan was to ship all their war-loots in the Philippines and bury them across its different regions which they had succeeded.

They carried the second part of their plan when the 2nd World War finally ended. Their main goal was to win over the trusts and hopes of all Filipino people.

In 1943, the Japanese even went to the extent of setting up a “Philippine Republic” under the presidency of Judge Jose Laurel. Later, they granted them their independence in the hope that Filipinos will consider them as their “heroes”. If this happens, the Filipinos might allow them to settle up their military bases in the country for the “protection” of both the Filipino people and the Philippine archipelago. And as a possible outcome, they could remain in the Philippines while at the same time, excavate their stolen war loots in WW2. It was an ingenious plan but unfortunately, it failed because in October 1944, the Americans unexpectedly invaded the Philippines.

The Infamous Japanese Imperial Army General

Going back from the time when the JIA occupied the Philippines in WW2, General Yamashita Tomoyuki (also known as, “The Tiger of Malaya”) was the assigned supreme commander of the JIA in the Philippines. Thus, he was responsible for the largest hidden treasure loots in the country. This explains why most THs refer to these hidden deposits as either Yamashita’s Treasure or Tiger’s Gold.

When “American General Mac Arthur” came back on his second offensive attack in the Philippines, the Allied Forces (combined Filipino and American military troops) penetrated the JIA’s tough defenses. Perhaps they were able to do so because General Yamashita and most of his men were quite busy hiding and securing all treasures in their possession.

The JIA often dug complicated tunnels which could reach down to a hundred feet deep from the ground. At the very end of the tunnel, the “storage chamber” can be found where the deposits are most likely kept. Another common method used by the JIA was they genuinely hid their treasures inside bodies of large rocks or trees by using unknown type of chemicals. Despite the different clever methods they used, majority of their treasure sites are equip with dangerous booby traps. This helps prevent their treasures from being recovered by other unsuspecting individuals especially their enemies.

In order for the JIA to recover their buried hidden treasures, they drawn maps of the burial sites complete with detailed set of instructions. However, the texts they used was a 2,000 year-old Japanese script known as “Kungi”. This ancient script was no longer used in Japan for the past 150 years that only few Japanese scholars today can interpret. Aside from the maps, the JIA also left markings that they engraved on surfaces of rocks, trees and concretes particularly near the location of the deposited sites. They often used combined symbols of animal figures and some Kungi texts as well.

At the end of WW2, General Yamashita and his staff surrendered on September 2, 1945. Due to “war-crimes” that he and his men committed, the American Military Tribunal in Manila sentenced him to his death. Until the time of his death, he never disclosed any locations of their buried treasures. On February 23, 1946, the Japanese general was hanged which ended his life.

Today, only few of the hidden Yamashita treasures are discovered out from the 172 documented burial sites. On the land, there are 138 deposit sites while there are only 34 on water areas. In addition to this numbers, there are also numerous undocumented burial sites hidden by dishonest Japanese officers and their soldiers.

The Yamashita treasure discovered by Roger Rogelio Roxas which was allegedly confiscated by the late Philippine president Ferdinand E. Marcos was just one among the major deposits. Other recoveries made by successful THs and some fortunate individuals mostly consists of small deposits only.

Overall, most of the Japanese or Yamashita treasures buried in the Philippines remains undiscovered.

Spanish Treasures Hidden in the Philippines

Spaniards ruled and colonized the Philippines for 333 years (1565 to 1898). Under this long period of the Spanish regime, they brought many of their valuable wealth particularly silver and gold coins in the country.

The most controversial Spanish lost treasures were those carried by the Manila Galleon trade ships that got wrecked somewhere in the pacific. At first, these large fleets embarked on their long and dangerous journey from Acapulco, Mexico to Manila, Philippines. Interestingly, these ships carried cargoes of undocumented amount of gold and silver coins.

Upon reaching the Philippine shore, they unloaded these precious currencies in exchange of valuables items from the Southeast Asia and China. These valuable items includes the Ming and Ching dynasty porcelain, gold, jade, ivory, pearls, gems and many different kinds of precious artifacts.

After several months of travelling back to Mexico, only “two of the Manila Galleon ships” made it on their final destination. This planned voyage was supposed to take only “4 months” but it turned out that it took them almost a year to complete their journey. Most of the sailors died from hunger and diseases while others got drowned along with their own ships.

Blamed for the shipwrecks of the Manila Galleon ships are the rough condition of the seas, small islands, coral reefs and bad weather surrounding the Philippine Archipelago. According to historical records, “26 of these trade ships” sunk due to these natural causes.

Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards

In August 1896, a “Philippine Revolution” began led by “Andres Bonifacio”. Other famed Filipino revolutionary leaders were “Mariano Alvarez” and “Emilio Aguinaldo”. Due to this revolt, the Spanish authorities were driven into panic. Thus, they end up hiding their treasures to avoid confiscation.

Since the Spaniards influenced most of the Filipino people with their own Catholic religion, they know for a fact that Catholic churches were the safest place for them to hide their treasures. Due to this reason, no one would surely ever attempt to excavate such sacred place. In fact, even during the time when the Americans modernized the country, they never renovated or demolished any of them.

Other than the churches, the Spaniards also buried their treasures on places like caves, tunnels, trees and rocks just like the JIA. Although, they used their own unique set of Spanish treasure codes in marking their deposited sites.

Philippine National Treasures

Some Filipino and foreign Archaeologists in the Philippines already excavated a lot of interesting artifacts left behind by their early ancestors. The majority of these treasures were found inside caves which they obviously used as their shelters, graveyards or gathering place for their rituals.

Common relics found by Archaeologists are potteries, skeletal remains, tools made out of stones and manually carved images of their deities. Through studies of these remnants of the past, Archaeologists are able to uncover interesting information about the early ways of life by the ancient Filipino people. This proves that Filipinos have their very own unique cultures that got lost due to the influence of other foreign cultures who invaded the land.

Recovering cultural ancient artifacts is actually very important to Archaeologists because it allows them to add or make necessary corrections into the country’s historical records. Due to such importance, the Philippine Government has already implemented a law that all treasures categorized as Philippine National Treasures (PNT) must be surrendered or acquired by the State for scientific study purposes.

As for the Spanish and Yamashita treasures, they are “not considered” as PNT because they do not originally belong from the country. Thus, THs going after these treasures are safe from this law.

Treasure Hunting Laws in the Philippines

According to “Philippine Realtors”, here are the following rules of the law when it comes to any recovered hidden treasures in the Philippines:

1. Any hidden treasure found belongs to the owner of the land, building or property where the item has been found.

This law clearly states that the owner of the “land, building or property” also legally owns any hidden or buried treasures within its premises. Due to this rule of the law, most THs often ask permission from the owner. If he or she agreed, a “Written Agreement” will be signed by both parties. Contained on this signed agreement are the “granted permission of the THs to excavate” and the “percentage of shares” between the owner of the property and the group of THs.

2. When a certain person had uncovered treasure from another person’s property, State or subdivisions by “chance”. One-half of the treasure can be given to the finder. But if the finder is a trespasser, no reward or share will be given.

This rule means that if you accidentally discovered any hidden treasure on someone else’s property, you are entitled to receive one-half of the valuable items. Most common incidents of this case are carpenters or construction workers who ends up uncovering treasure deposits while working on the structure’s foundation.

In addition to this rule are the “trespassers”. Some THs actually goes to the extent of intentionally trespassing someone’s property due to the common reason that either the owner forbids them to excavate his land or they simply do not want to share the treasure to others. Unfortunately, if the owner caught them, he has the right to confiscate any items that the THs have recovered without giving them any amount of share. Other than that, they could go straight to jail for “trespassing violation”.

3. Any treasures found can be acquired by the State at their just price especially when it is for the purpose of science or arts.

As already discussed above, not all valuable treasures found in the Philippines belonged to the Spaniards and JIA. There are also ancient relics which are valuable artifacts that holds priceless pieces of information about the early culture of the Filipinos. Thus, if it happens that you discovered one of them then its best advised to donate the item to the Philippine Archaeological Sciences for study purposes.

4. All hidden treasures such as money, jewelries and other precious objects do not have any lawful ownership.

Any authorities such as the government or military officials “do not have the right to claim as the owner of any discovered treasures”, but not unless he or she is the one who found it. However, some authorities abuse their power by confiscating treasures discovered by public individuals. So sad but true.

Foreign Treasure Hunters in the Philippines

Just a few years ago, foreign THs were allowed to conduct THing (treasure hunting) in the Philippines. But on December 26, 2007, “Environmental Secretary Lito Atienza” implemented a new regulation that “prohibits all foreign THs from participating to any kind of THing activities” in the country. Only Filipino citizens are now allowed but they are off-limits to all sites with “cultural values”. These sites includes old churches, natural parks, caves and all Archaeological/Heritage sites.

Despite of this new regulation against foreign THs, many of them are still doing it but in “full secrecy”. Most of them are “financiers” who hires and employ Filipino workers as their diggers and cover-up. Thus, it won’t be easy for the authorities to catch them on their prohibited operations. But if they got caught, their punishment is either an “immediate deportation” or “banned from entering the Philippines” ever again.

Moreover, treasure hunting in the Philippines is a “serious type of activity”. Some amount of money are involved which are mostly spent on foods, tools and transportation. And to achieve success, THs must have the right “knowledge and experience” to the treasures they seek.

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    • Happy Sunday to you Sir. I am just an ordinary citizen in Cebu, Philippines. One day, I went to the island of Camotes, Cebu where I heard a lot of stories about the JIA occupancy on that area. My friend told me that they built their house, they dug some human skeletons and artifacts like bracelets. However, they cannot distinguish if they are gold or not. Their house was built more than 20 years ago and they said that their place used to be a graveyard for the Japanese soldiers back in WW2. Is there a possibility that there is a hidden treasure in that place?


      Yes it is possible. Anyway, you should try to ask those items that they found and confirm if they are gold or not.

      • Hi there, Is there a way how to reach you Sir Elmo? I have a photo of a rock and I’d like you to see it and see if we can do something on it.

        • Contact me on my FaceBook Page. The link to my FB page is access via the FB icon at the top just under the Search Form.

    • Hi Good day, just want to ask about the “clamshell” that my neighbor in Mindanao dug at about 2 feet. They stopped digging because all the rocks that they uncovering were from the river. I need advice about the clamshell consisting a size of about 3 feet in length. They will attempt to open it when they have the time.

      In Samar. My sister found an entrance cave where she discovered a big rock bearing the shape of a turtle. What is the meaning of it? They already dug under the turtle and they found nothing.

      Thank you Sir.


      The best thing to do is to break the clamshell to check what is stored inside it. Apart from breaking it, I suggest they should continue digging a few feet more. As for the turtle, I already have a discussion about it. There are several meanings of it and “under” is just one among them. Other than that, there could be other signs around which can help provide a more specific interpretation about the digging spot.

    • Hello Elmo. The JAICA Company is planning to recover the four thousand gold bars hidden here in Davao City. They aim to do it by developing the subway rail station.


      That is already an old trick or method used by companies, government and rich individuals to recover hidden treasures that are deposited on public or residential areas. Their development project will act as a cover-up. However, most of them will just suddenly stop completing their construction project when they secretly recovered the treasure.

    • Good day again Sir Elmo. Sorry if I am kind of desperate to know the truth about the existence of treasures. Kindly contact me on FaceBook (I already message you, my name is Josiah). Thanks


      Feel free to contact me on my FaceBook page. We can have private conversation via PMs (Private Messages).

      • Concrete block size of 3′ x 4′ x 6′ feet is found in the creek. Water level about 5-6 feet. Where now contacting a backhoe and dump truck. Is this safe to remove directly from the water? No markings.

        • Since there are no any markers that you found then I think it is safe to lift it out from the water.

    • I think General Furukawa is already 95 years old more or less living among the natives of Mindanao guarding his hidden treasure. We can post some of those hidden Japanese treasures left in the so called “JAKARTA TUNNEL 7”.


      It would be interesting to see photos of those treasures that you have discovered. I suggest sending it to me into my FaceBook page via PM (Private Message).

    • Hello Sir Elmo. Do you have a project right now? I got 10 sites but I do not have a crew. These sites are near our Barangay and my house. Sir, can I ask you to help me operate any of these sites? I can guarantee your safety Sir. My place is xxxxx, Ilocos Sur and here is my number 0995xxxxxx. I can show you pictures of those sites in my FaceBook. Sir, please help me.


      Send me a PM into my Facebook page.

    • Hi Good AM. I found a strange rock somewhere in Cebu City. Its shape is like a turtle shell and it has a double X markings. However, this turtle rock has no head, tail and legs.


      The digging spot will be underneath that turtle shape rock. As for the double X sign, it refers to a double deposit.

    • Good day Sir Elmo. My friend has a site which used to be an airplane runway. It extends about 300 meters and it is situated at the side of the Pulangi River in Bukidnon. Is this a positive site? We already found a vaginal sign engraved on a rock which we are planning to dig.


      It is a very large site but yes, there is a possibility of a buried treasure hidden around. Anyway, I suggest that you should conduct further exploration trying to discover more signs before you decide to dig a certain spot.

    • Hello Sir Elmo. I am a complete beginner of treasure hunting activity. I had a grandfather (deceased) who was a POW (Prisoners Of War) in WW2. Before he died, my grandfather told his son who is my uncle about a hidden buried treasure.

      One of their old house (no longer exist) was used by the JIA as their headquarters. This is the area that was pinpointed by my lolo before he died. So my uncle decided to dig where the old house used to stand. Right now, they are at 45 feet deep where they extracted mostly colored fine sands. Now my main question is, what is usually the normal depth of a Japanese treasure buried under the ground?


      There is no standard depth followed by the JIA in burying their treasures. This was due to several factors particularly the number of manpower they had. But in most cases, large deposits are buried at a depth of 80 to 120 feet. Small to medium deposits ranges between 5 to 60 feet.

    • Hello Sir Elmo. Thank you very much for the information that I learned from you. I am a pastor of the one of the Evangelical Church.

      I have an uncle in Bukidnon somewhere in the mountain of San Fernando that have a lot of signs. In their own place, there used to be a flag pole of the Japanese Imperial Army because the site was a Japanese Military Camp. My uncle once said to me that there was a JIA soldier back in 1970s who refused to surrender because he was guarding one of the large treasure deposit. My uncle told me that he knew the place but sadly, the typhoon Pablo blocked the entrance with sands and mud.

      I have plenty of signs to show you if you are willing to see them so as a lot of secrets to tell you that I am afraid to tell you on this blog. If you are willing to retrieve the treasure then contact me on this number 0949xxxxxx. I also have a lot of things to tell about you regarding the name Homma and the Filipino Japanese named Ozki Tanaka.


      You place is indeed interesting. Is it possible if you can take photos of the signs and send them in to my FaceBook page via PM (Private Message)? This way, I can help you interpret them. Anyway, I got your number and either me or one of my crew will contact you.

    • Sir, I am not a treasure hunter but I saw a strange marker on a surface of a large rock. I took a photo but the sign is not clearly visible, you have to use a magnifying glass. There are many written symbols.

      On top of this rock, I found a solid concrete like a coffin. I tried breaking it with a sledge hammer but it is very hard. Sir, how come that there is a huge cement here on the mountain?

      There are so many other markers around like X, turtle rocks, heart shape rocks and even an engraved skull.


      Those signs scattered around the mountain only means that there are multiple deposits around. However, since you mentioned about skull as sign, you have to be careful of dangerous traps.

    • Thank you Sir Elmo for your respond. I just wanted to send you some pictures of so many signs we encountered such as concrete shape in heart, diamonds, male organ, triangle, corrals in V-shapes concrete stones with three holes clamps, shells…

    • You can send them into my FaceBook page, you can access the page through the FaceBook icon located on the right side navigation bar.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I'm from compostella Valley, a 3 hours travel from Davao city. My dig site is in front of my house.

      As we dig first 2ft from the surface we notice several stone put together in circle, all are regular size stone. After that, around 4ft deep, smaller stone layer appear. 5ft, a layer of sand gray most likely river sand again. Another layer of sand brown color at 6ft. A layer of gravel we encounter 1ft. Thick layer after that sand layer color then red and we stopped digging.

      My question is, does my dig site is positive. I also recovered diamond shape red stone, a heart stone form, a perfect triangle stone with marking on it. I'm hoping someone can help me scan using detector.

    • I suggest that you read the topic about the different types of soil used by the JIA in burying their treasures.

    • Sir I owned a couple of properties somewhere in Northern Cebu. Main property has the sign drawn to an old rock "open gate design" facing the ocean. Please tell me what is the meaning of it?

    • I think that is a sign pertaining to a waterfalls.

    • Good morning Sir,

      I am from Negros Occidental and I just want to know if you find a human skeletons and an antique pot, a pair of war boots and some broken antique plates. Is there any possibility that there`s still more treasures hidden there? My father`s friend was the one who hit these things almost three feet below the ground. Are there any possibilities that there`s buried treasures on that area?

    • Yes, those are positive signs. Thus, I suggest that your father's friend should continue digging it a little bit deeper.

    • Hi sir Elmo,

      My friends dig some holes for treasures and they found a sealed barrel full of white like sands and some like salts. May we ask your help on what is these objects. May I ask your email add so that I could send to you the pictures.

      My email: [email protected]

      Looking forward on your positive response.

      Thank you very much.


    • I think it could be raw or uncooked powder of white gold or platinum. Anyway, I would really love to check the photo. I suggest that you should send them to me via PM through my FaceBook page. The link is accessible via the small FaceBook icon located at the right side bar.

    • Sir I'm from Surigao del Norte and please interpret this symbol writing in a small rectangle stone, it was given by our grandfather he was worked with Japanese army. What is your FaceBook account, I want to send this.

    • Send the photo into my FaceBook page which is accessible via the FaceBook icon located at the right side bar.

    • Good day, would like to ask, do you have any info regarding any buried treasure in kabankalan, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL? A group of TH ask me if I can help them with some financial issues. This would be a big gam ble, but is there a possibility that this would end up positive?

    • Yes, there are some good interesting deposits on that region.

      Before you decide on financing a certain project, it is basically important that you have to check the signs. It is because these signs are what really dictates if the site is positive or not. But even if it is a positive, you also have to consider if the deposit can be easily recovered. It's because there are some instances where the item seems impossible to retrieve unless you have a large budget and enough time to work on it.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. I am from Negros Occidental. I have some picture to send. A lot of treasure signs in some of the areas here. Please send me your FB account so that I can send you privately the images.

    • I have a FB page where you can contact me privately and send photos of your signs as well. It is accessible via the small FaceBook icon located at the right side navigation bar.

    • Sir good evening. We already dig 27 feet and we found soil from the sea corals mixed with cement. Now found like small cave.

      Thank you for reply me.

    • I suggest that your next step is to explore that small cave that you discovered.

    • Hi sir good day. I'm from Bohol Province. I'm not actually a TH but because of what my in-laws have told me about their homeland which was used before by JIA as a headquarter during WWII, I became interested of this TH thing.

      Now I want to explore the site but I don't have equipment for exploration. If you could help us Sir, we are very willing for TH operation. Anyway this could be negotiable.

      Some years ago, two Japanese men went here convincing us to buy the land. On the next year, a German came and still want to buy the land. But my in-laws refused. Until then she told me that I have to look for Authentic TH. I believe that you can help me Sir. Very interesting deposits as she told me about the black diamonds because her husband my lolo was a witnessed though he is dead now but some info had relay to her. Thanks.

      • I’m from Cebu, it would be nice to explore 🙂

        • I agree, Cebu is such a nice place to explore for treasure hunters.

    • A pleasant evening to you sir, we have here an exploration by digging this site that might possibly have a buried treasure.

      Upon our operation we found a rock from southwest position an arrow carved on it pointing east. Then we look forward to east and found this piled rocks in form of a circle down to 3 ft. and nothing follows. Then we continue digging it reaching to 8 ft. but at this point we found no more signs or treasure marks and it seems that the soil is on its natural texture and form so we stop.

      Now my question is, could it be possible that we are digging the wrong site or we are not at deep still? Another, question does soil return to its original form after digging and putting back again after many years?

      We have not yet detected it we only used mapping technicalities and procedure if you could help us sir that would be a great pleasure.

      Thank you.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I'm Bong of South Cotabato. I just want to ask about the form like an old church window type. And it was filed by bricks made by cement in the side of hills. We dig it until we reach 32 feet but nothing was discovered. Is it possible that there was a deposit there? Please help me Sir Elmo. And can I have your Facebook account?

    • Hi Sir good day! What is the meaning if there is a frog sign and soil that has a chalk?

    • Sir good afternoon. We found a big stone that looks like a frog. Does it mean that there are treasures buried there? If there is a treasure, how many feet will it be?

    • Hi Sir I am just asking if our site is positive? In seashore it have a cable pointing down.

      • I’m practically new in TH. I am dependent on what I have read in you face book and comment of other TH. In our first project we encountered hard cement before we came across a dome like that of mosque and gathered soft asphalt about six drums. We also found several shell and corals and as well as clam shell. Surprisingly we found a chapa of a US Fire Marshall. We saw also big foot print and a wide area that was cemented. And uniform small stone like a shape of egg. We were ordered to stop the operation when one of the brother became envious as well when one of men was electrocuted. Our gadget is a two rod that points to the area but when we our down on the dome it does not function. Just lately one of the owner encountered a wire cable going down when and some thin layer of asphalt and they wanted to resume the operation.

        In our second project thru the assistance from somebody from the balikatan with the use of their drone we found several handmade stone cement with different kind of stone inside and one resembling like a rabbit. The area according to the resident use to be storehouse of the JIA for their electric generators. According to our contact with the Balikatan there are three adjoining deposit in the area with a big volume. His assistance is without the knowledge of the Americans as he wanted to operate personally. According to him they have retrieved several gold bars but they were not given share but promised an account in the US New York when he retire. We have heard several stories about retrieval of gold bars by the balikatan here in Zamboanga with their helicopter. Sir Elmo , are drone capable to determine a buried treasure and what is your comment to our first project.

        Thanks in advance of your advise and comment.

        • I highly suggest that you should continue working on your project because it sounds promising. When it comes to your question about the drones, it sounds like they are using some sort of a top secret or highly confidential gadget not known to the public.

    • Good day to you Sir! I am John from Cebu philippines and here in our land, we spotted many treasure signs such as turtles, big heart, and the Big Giant Lizard. But, the problem is the financial support. Me and my team lack of financing such as metal detectors. We need help or a THs active team. For more information Please PM me.

    • I get an item in my land agriculture in Nueva Ecija. I need detector to confirm if there is treasure in my land.

    • Hi Sir Elmo how to break the Japanese Bunker Grade II Cement? Thanks in Advance.

    • Sir, we have a treasure that will makes our nations pride. A most expensive gemstone in the world. One of the top 5 expensive gemstone, rank no. 3.

      We plan to surrender this into our government. These gems are extremely rarest. Size: 2 inch by 1.5 inch Color: violet-blue. This will hit a new record in the Guinness.

    • Sir good day! After 3 meters or more of digging and we found unfinished tunnel which inside, we saw a small altar with 3 stick of candle and 3 stone form of triangle and a well. Next, we dig at the center of the 3 stone form of triangle and we found out that in every 2 feet of digging we come across a sign. The first is a cement shape like a boots and the second is a ball shape and the third is a turtle sign pointing to the northeast looking forward with a seven dot at the back of the turtle shell.

      Sir we highly appreciate your help to interpret this signs. Thank you very much.

    • Good day Sir! My grandmother had a treasure hunting in their lot somewhere in Cebu. While digging, they found a white coral on it. What would be the sign of it?

    • Hi Sir Elmo, I got a site on our land. Buried treasure of Capt. Tamasao Wato. I have a map of Hanil. Fortunately its located on out land. There are Koreans went in our place rent our land and they want to plant a swimming pool but my father disagreed. Because we know they are interested on a gold. Kindly reach me, I am sure you be interested on it.

      • Where is this?

    • Sir Elmo, I have a site in Camarines Sur which is composed of dead falls surround by seven turtles. I already contacted Ma'am Arlene thru FB about this.

      May I know your FB account or contact number so I can query directly to you?

    • Sir Elmo, I would like to ask what is the best remedy to eliminate the bad odor of water in the deep hole which we dig?

    • Sir Elmo,

      At 60 ft vertical hole, the smell of water is suffocating. What is the best way to sustain in order to continue the digging? What equipment are we going to use as protection? We believed that according to you, treasures have a poisons mixed specially when it is already near the target.

    • Hello everyone, I am not into THing but when my instructor in History Class mentioned about the existence of treasure gold in the Philippines, it really caught my attention so I made a research about it. However, most articles that I encountered claimed that experts denies the existence of such wealth because there is no sufficient proof or evidence. But not until I came across your blog, it actually explains everything and answers the questions "Why?".

    • Are there any organization or group of treasure hunters Philippines in here that I can possibly join? I am an amateur but I am willing to learn from my superiors. I am also young and physically strong so you can really rely on me when it comes to digging works.

    • Good evening Sir. We encounter scattered dead rocks. It is deep under. What does it mean? (They all have the same shape and sizes)

    • If the dead rocks are unique which means that it cannot be found at nearby places then it is considered a sign. Since it is scattered, try to study it carefully if it was done by hand. If it was, then it is a much better confirmation sign that something is buried under the ground.

    • Good day, Sir. As defined in the Philippine Constitution, hidden treasures consists of money, jewelry, or other precious gems. And, by 'precious gems', it refers to those of the same class with money or jewelry and does not include minerals or those that are embedded in the soil. My question is, are gold bars/processed gold nuggets considered mineral? If and when the gold bars/nuggets are to be surrendered to the government and the owner, as well as finder, did not turn it over to the authorities; would they be charged with a criminal offense?

    • Processed gold bars or gold nuggets especially those that came from mining are an exception to the law. This is the reason why never tell to the bank that the gold bar that you are selling came from the Yamashita treasure. I already know some fellow treasure hunters who got charged by an offense and their findings got confiscated as well. All due to them admitting that its a Yamashita treasure.

  • Good day SIR ELMO. I would like to ask your opinion if wild pearls are part of Yamashita treasure hidden in the Philippines? Did the JIA bring tons of Babbitt metals in the Philippines during WWII? Thank you and God bless.

    • The JIA actually actually brought different sorts of metals which they deem valuable when they plundered other countries. So, the answer to your question is “yes”.

  • Hi Elmo,

    There is a foundation who wanted to buy our land in an amount of billions of pesos. The foundation claimed that there is a big deposits of platinum and gold bars located on our area. They say that they found it using their satellite. Up until this moment, this foundation still not setting up a schedule for the release of money. I just wanna know if this kind of transaction is true?

    • It can be possibly true but it can also be just a hoax. So the best thing for you to do is to confirm and ask them for proofs that they are a legit foundation. However, since you mentioned that the release of money is taking so long then I think that this is a negative sign that you are dealing with the wrong type of people. If they are really that too interested then they should have already paid your land without delay to let you avoid changing your mind or decision.

  • Good day sir Elmo,

    Can I ask the name of your Facebook page? I can’t locate it here in your site. I have photos to send to you, I need your help. Thank you.

    • You can find it under the Contact page on the top.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    My friend found a kind of stone with (2 inches x 4 inches x 1/2 inch) dimension with map direction and Japanese letters and characters. They found this at 12 ft. underneath the old acacia tree near the old railway.

    The site is suspected to have a buried Yamashita treasure because there are Japanese old folks during 90’s who visited the place and seems to be finding something.

    I will send to you the picture of the stone. May I know your Facebook page? Sorry I am not so good in this.

    • That would be an interesting map. The link to my FaceBook page is found at the top navigation bar under the Contact page.

  • Sir good PM, my name is Henry Lasat. I was with treasure hunter long time before. I was with Mr. Leopoldo “pol” Giga’s group before he died last 2006. He told me some real site which are emperor site which is very deep and dangerous. Long time, I stop looking for investor, can you help me find somebody that is interested to invest in recovering at least one site that I know? He/they should have at least 10 million US dollar at hand. They should consider to have legal permit. Salamat, this is my number 09499625427.

  • Sir can I have your FB account? I have some treasure sign picture to send you.

    • Scroll to the top until you reach the Search Form, just under it, there is a small FaceBook icon which will take you into my FaceBook page. There you can PM me those photos.

  • Sir Elmo,

    Hi, I’m asking you if you could me find a person who is willing to help us recover those hidden treasure in our digging spot mostly closed sealed tunnel. I have gather data markers on some of our site. We deeply in need of a financier to help in our project. Thank you.

    • I will soon published a discussion dedicated to all treasure hunters who are looking for any interested financiers to fund your project.

  • Sir, do you have an idea about the powder dust colored white put inside the bottle? What do you think is it? Thanks.

    • Yes, that is a deadly poison. Those bottles are always in pairs. Some of the bottles do contain that white powder that you describe while the other bottles contains a liquid like water. However, when you are digging and you accidentally broke these bottles mixing the white power from the liquid, it will turn into a deadly gas that when you inhaled it, you will surely end up dead in just a matter of seconds.

  • What are the possibilities or signs that the tunnel we have dug has treasure beneath it?

    • The signs and markers that you encountered as you dug your way in will tell you the answer to your question.

  • Hi Sir Elmo, we had been digging a sink hole since last month and it was around 17 ft down and we have found clam shells. We drifted at the east part from where we discovered the clam shells. It was about 9 ft then we again digging 4 ft sinking down. The first layer we discovered was somewhat black in color or asphalt- like texture in about 4-5 inches thick, the second layer was a blue sticky texture. The third layer was limestone. We only used shovel and moil to dig. But it was harder to continue thus as further we go, the harder the soil it becomes. What can you advice us to do?

    • You should continue going down and if you suddenly hit a layer that is quite hard to penetrate by your tools, you should assess it carefully that you did not hit an original layer of the ground. But if this is the case then there could be a change in direction where you should inspect the corners.

  • Dear Sir,
    Good Day to you !

    I am trying to lower down my interest to have people to check and dig apart of our parcel where we live and transferred which was bought by my parents. I come across complaints from my brothers who dug a septic tank for our new house. They said there is something that sounds like a tunnel, a big rock that cannot be opened that’s why they dug the back part of our house.

    Ignore the fact of what was under the digging part. It reaches years when nobody left at our ancestral home all dilapidated 2011 from typhoon Pablo. Yet before it collapsed it was already surrounded by hollow block walls, no flooring, and roof intentionally.

    It came to my mind 2016 before receiving a Japanese Code treasure map, that I need to sell a parcel of that land. But fortunately, my neighbor an old woman who had a TH’s husband shared me a map and luckily I found the animal sign like a swan at the back of our house pointing to the unfinished structure of our house.

    Some men told me they are afraid of the unseen creatures since our house was not meant to be abandoned 2013. We already ask permission from the unseen creature which according to them is very strong.

    All those (Faith healers) people involved said that I have a good heart and I have no problem. I told them this message: The property is owned by our parents, and since there something in our house should fairly distribute if there is to my parents share and my sisters and brothers.

    The last TH’s I had known to dig said: I have to write an MOA for them to finalized digging inside our house such treasures under water as stated on the map, tree on a branch (Narra/Tugas branch ), a well and buri planted 1975 -2018 is still standing inside or the place is a bit elevated with white sand outside the area of the house.

    With these information. I wish this could be dig as soon as possible to make sure of what is hidden under if it is true with that animal sign, not a stone but a cement made the stone with the chemical.

    Thank you so much! Glad to hear from you Sir!

    Solzaballero /09161051878

    • You got a very interesting site to work on. Basing from your description, the markers and signs are indeed quite complicated to understand. There are even spiritual entities involve which makes it more risky. Anyway, I can see that you are the type of person who never gives up. You are actually getting closer of figuring out. Since you left your contact number here, someone interested might give you a call or reply to your comment.

  • Sir Elmo,

    What are your thoughts about illegal treasure hunting Philippines? Why do the government consider this type of activity illegal particularly when excavating on a public or government own land?

    There are also many reports about treasure hunters who got arrested because they were doing illegal treasure hunting which I do not really understand why. Can you help enlighten me about it?

    • Treasure hunting is considered illegal here in the Philippines simply due to the reason that most hunters does not know how to properly fix the holes they dug or excavated. Some would just even left the hole there uncovered which is the most dangerous and very unprofessional thing for treasure hunters to do. Leaving a hole just like that especially a deep one can cause someone especially animals to accidentally fall in there. It is actually a very common issue where some cows were reported by their owners missing only to find out a month later that they had fallen into the hole dead and decomposing.

      Treasure hunting are also blamed by the DENR as one of the major reason of land erosion. Since the ground has been dug, it no longer has the firmness to hold the foundation of the ground. So when it heavily rains, the water can easily penetrate deep down the earth which may result into a tragic land slide.

      Digging on a private property without any proper permission or consent from the owner is considered illegal because it is basically the same thing as trespassing. This goes the same with government owned land. When caught, you will definitely get charged with trespassing, thief or damages.

  • Hi there,

    I am interested in this forum and reading through the posts open my mind to what the Japanese government has been doing in Solomon Islands, especially on Guadalcanal province. They built our New wharf in the Capital and currently building our roads and already signed an agreement with our government to extend our only international airfield.

    All these projects are carried on areas where heavy fighting is carried out by Japanese and the allied forces during the WW2. Is this a decoy to recover their hidden treasures?

    • It is possible but it could also be not.

      According to some sources, when Japan was hit by a tsunami, they never expected that Philippines was one of the top country who donated financial support. They never expected it despite the country being considered as a third world country with a bad economy.

      Japan was indebted by what Philippines did to them so this was the start of a very good relationship. Since then, Japan started offering many good things in return.

      However, we still do not know if they have hidden intentions of recovering their Yamashita treasure.

  • Good day Sir Elmo,

    May I ask something about Japanese lettering engraved to a large rock located to a small creek? At first it was hard to identify if the rock is dry until sometime we discored that there are some symbols if it is wet. Is any possibilities that it is relate to some treasure?

    • It is possible that it has something to do with a hidden treasure. However, I would advise that you have to double check those symbols again and make sure that they were really man-made and not natural.

  • I’m Rey Sombilon from Doncarlos Bukidnon.

    I just wanna share something which is related in treasure hunting activity happened at talisay cebu city. The granfather of my friend was one captured by the Japanese soldier during world war 2. One time the Japanese soldier command them to dig a hole near at river beside the coconut tree. After finished digging, the soldier command them to carry things from there camp down to the hole, but they were wondering the object why very small in figured but heavy to carry.

    Last 1967, they tried to retrieved together with their family for the scenes that it might be an important ones, but one of there companion think that it might be a bomb that is why they failed. These family history has remain silence until now.

    I was there at the area, the coconut was not there already but it is very obvious that it never been touch by any treasure hunter. Right now, I really need an accurate detector.

    To those who are willing to help me I am here ready to cooperate. If you are interested just text or call my number 09755493792.

    • If possible, I would advise that you should work on your site along with a few trusted friends only.

      Anyway, before you are going to start this project, there is just one thing that I would like you to investigate and confirm. On the part of your story, you said that your grandfather had a companion who warned of booby trap which was the reason why they failed to continue. What I’m thinking is that, your grandfather might had been tricked where his companion secret came back for those items. If you know who these companions of your grandfather, you may want to check them about how their live their life today. If they got rich such as they own large houses, businesses or living out of the country then it is pretty obvious that they already recovered the deposit.

      Anyway, it is an interesting project for you to work because it is guaranteed that there is a hidden treasure buried somewhere on that place.

  • Hi Sir,

    We had scanned an area at the beach. Actually a coastal area here in davao oriental.

    Davao oriental coast line would rather say…

    I saw this rock with a triangle dots. Looks like an eye and a mouth. The mouth is a clam. And there’s a letter C beside it. And beside that rock with a triangle sign, it has a heart form cement and the size is 3ft by 3ft.

    We used an OKM detector to that area. Just yesterday august 3,2018. The line with a triangle really showed a positive signs.

    Any idea guys?

    • I think that the item is enclosed at some certain corner of the rock.

  • Where can I found legal treasure hunting in the philippines?

    • You mean, where you can find locations where you can treasure hunt legally? If this is what you mean then it is actually more about asking for permission if you are going to treasure hunt on privately owned lands.

  • Around the 1960s while building our home. My family have discovered a well. Around the well were wall of rocks, in which they were not sure if it was naturally built or man made. Never really thought of it as something but a well.

    Long story short, the well never really overflows, when it rains it goes back to its same normal level and when we try to drain the water it is impossible and it kept us wondering. As I become more curious I have taken a closer look of the well- feeling the wall of it and sticking long sticks to the side in where I felt like there was like a passage and it is just not a straight deep well.

    Anyways, I brought the attention to my parents at the time in which they brought that there were people from manila that offered my grand father to dig the well for possible treasure but my grandpa declined and said that if there was any treasure that it would just stay there forever.

    Years after back in 2013, my auntie went home to the philippines and curious about the well. In an attempt to find out she and some family members had asked someone to go in the well in which the man has said that there we a few passage openings underneath that he could not access. While doing so, they have found symbols on the wall. Which was some type of wavy lines, a circle and a cross and a date. With this info, they decided to contact a treasure contractor from manila to dig out the well but has asked to have 80% of they will find.

    My auntie declined and did not pushed through. Without proper tools, they used a drainer and some close friends to investigate the well and dig in where they found some old coins, long old nails, a sword or machete and a big wood that looked like a part of a door. But since they didn’t have the tools they decided to just stop and said that it will just stay what ever is in there. But here’s me reading about the history of the philippines and treasure hunting stories.

    I grew interested in finding out what is in the well. However, I do not know how to go about it. Please if you have any info, knowledge or even more question about the well please reach me at [email protected]

    • You have an interesting project here where I can say that it is a positive treasure site. Anyway, I would like to suggest that you have to keep this project of yours to your trusted family or friends and not just to some random treasure hunters around.

      Just have some patience and trust to yourself that you will soon be able to find that hidden treasure somewhere inside that well. In my own personal opinion, it is all just a matter of exploring those passage.

  • Hello Sir. I’m not really knowledgeable about treasure hunting. I’m actually an OFW but my mom told me there are THs who went to our place Dec. 2018. They said it has a possibility that treasure is buried in our lot.

    On March 5 2019, they came back with some apparatus and said 80-90% positive. They left again and said to come back after a month to check the possible amount of treasure hidden using a satellite scanner. They said if the amount will not reach the said weight they will leave it to us( it’s on us to excavate or not).

    We didn’t pay anything to them Sir. What is your opinion about this? Because I have read that some are scammers but we can only be scammed if we payed right?

    • If they keep on coming back then it means that what they are saying is true. It’s because they have such kind of interest. In my own personal opinion, they are probably in possession of a treasure map. Electronic equipment or even Satellite scanner is not enough to confirm a treasure site.

      When it comes to being scammed, it is not really about paying money to them. Assuming that they really have bad intentions then the way they often do it is to steal all the treasures they recovered from your properly and run away without giving you any amount of share.

  • I found a rock with not just one, but several symbols on it. Unlike most research videos I’ve seen, the symbols aren’t etched into the rock, rather in a form of some sort of black ink.

    I spent hours decoding them, and they match that of those found in Yamashita’s treasure code list that I obtained.

    Have you ever heard of such symbols being “painted” or drawn on a rock? The symbols are much warn by what appears to be time. I was told that there were other rocks in the area that had markings too, but they were recently stolen.

    Thank you for your helpful website.

    • Yes, I do came across painted signs too but they are too rare. Anyway, you should try to work on it because those are legit Yamashita treasure signs.

  • Hello Sir, we are from Sultan Kudarat. Can I have your FB account? We have some signs of a treasure in our place. Can I send some info to you through private message. Thank you.

    • My FaceBook Page account is “Treasures and Antiques”. You can send me a private message there.

  • There were 175 maps, not 172. Ben kept 3 of them. Bob Curtis was my partner.

    • It’s nice to have you here.

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