Through reading your comments, I noticed that many treasure hunters often end up failing to find the hidden Yamashita treasure in their excavation sites. What exactly is the main reason why? This is the topic that we are going to cover on this post.

There are actually five main reasons why you will most likely fail in your search for the hidden Yamashita treasures. You need to pay close attention to any of these four common mistakes because they are crucial to your success.

  1. Failure to Identify Legit Signs or Markers

Even if you studied all meanings and interpretations of all signs or markers, it would be pointless if you are not able to properly identify legit signs or markers. This is the most common mistake that I often observe to all treasure hunters who are failures.

It is important for you to know that engraved or strange shapes of natural objects around your site must not be immediately considered as signs. In my own personal experience as a treasure hunter, it is actually very common to encounter naturally engraved symbols such as X, Y, and C. When it comes to shapes, common shapes include square, triangle, and heart.

So if you are one among the treasure hunters who failed in most of their operations, you may want to go back to one of your failed projects and assess the markers you found from the surface. You may realize that the markers you used as a basis aren’t authentic treasure signs.

Now, how are you exactly able to distinguish authentic treasure markers?

Being able to tell that a certain engraved marker is carved deeply is not good enough. We have already covered this topic in the other previous post that authentic markers do not need to be carved deep. Thus, what I can say about this question is to “train”. This means that being able to distinguish a certain sign is a skill that can only be developed through practice.

  1. Being too Reliant to your Equipment

The second common reason why most treasure hunters often fail in their search for the hidden Yamashita treasure is that they are too reliant on their equipment particularly to their detectors or scanners. I have already seen so many of them who solely rely on their hi-tech equipment. So if their equipment gave them negative reading then that’s it. Even if there are authentic markers lying around.

You have to know that even up to this date, highly advanced detectors and scanners still have many flaws. There are so many obstacles, noises, or interferences under the ground that hinders the equipment’s penetration. Other than this, common treasure deposits are buried quite deeply under the ground.

  1. Crew Members who Easily Gives Up

At some point, your crew member could be the reason why your operation ends up a failure. Excavation or the digging procedure is indeed a tiresome job that anyone can easily lose their motivation in just a matter of a few days.

Their common misconception is that they are expecting to uncover the hidden treasure deposit without exerting much effort. So I am sorry to say that this won’t be the case. Although, there are indeed some treasure deposits that are buried at shallow depths, however, they are commonly buried right under huge rocks. While some are covered with thick and insanely hard concrete.

Aside from easily getting demotivated are how your crew members get along with one another which includes you. There could actually be cases of misunderstanding that could lead to quarrels. As a result, this could put your operation to stop.

  1. Insufficient Financial Budget

Financial budget to operate your site can never be avoided. You really need to spend some certain amount of money. There are actually so many groups of treasure hunters who end up leaving their unfinished excavations due to the lack of budget.

We actually do have some projects in the past where we continued excavating a site that was left behind by the previous group of treasure hunters. And to our surprise, we ended up just digging a few feet and then we uncovered the item.

Anyway, if the land is your own property then this might not be an issue where you can make postponement and then continue working on it at a later time.

  1. Unfair Sharing

Many veteran treasure hunters claim that it isn’t really a good idea to talk about the distribution of the shares while the item is yet to be found. According to them, this could bring bad luck simply because the agreed distribution of shares might not be favorable to everyone. Thus, those with smaller amounts of share surely don’t feel good about it where they end up being demotivated.

Moreover, some treasure hunters claim that most of the treasure deposits hidden by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) were now recovered. But in my own personal opinion, there are still plenty of them out there. The main reason why most treasure hunters could not recover any Yamashita treasures is simply because of those five main reasons that I mentioned above.

You have to know that there is an official document which confirmed that there are a total of 172 treasure deposit sites in the Philippines. And not to mention those other undocumented treasure deposits which could be way more higher in number.

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