Rock Concrete Boxes

When it comes to concrete boxes especially when they are discovered on strange places such as on top of the mountain where people don’t usually go around, there is a huge chance that stored inside them are valuable treasures.

It was actually a very common practice for the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers to enclose their Yamashita treasure with concrete.

For those who still do not know, the Japanese Imperial soldiers had their own special type of concrete in which they used in enclosing their treasures. These types of concrete are a lot much tougher and harder as compared to the concrete that we have today.

Now, what we have here is an actual photo taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

As we can see, this is one of the four corners of the rock concrete box that he discovered on his site. According to him, he is confused if this is a rock or concrete. This is the reason why he referred to it as a “rock concrete box”.

There are actually three of these rock concrete boxes and they are piled on top of one another.

Studying the Surface of this Rock Concrete Box

Based on this photo, the shape of this object seems to be a perfect box. This kind of shape is very rare if we assume that it is made by nature. Thus, the possibility of being man-made is much higher.

As I get to examine the surface, it’s hard for me to identify if it is a rock or concrete. Thus, an actual test needs to be performed in order for us to identify if it is a rock or concrete.

Since there are no other photos sent to us by our fellow treasure hunter, this is the only photo that we have as a basis. And unfortunately, I could not find any other markers or legit engraved markers on the surfaces of these rocks.

In short,  I could not confirm if his site is positive or if something valuable is stored inside this rock concrete box.

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