Round Shape Rock with Hole and Engraved Lines

In this post, we are going to discuss a round shape treasure marker that consists of a hole and engraved lines on its surface. This has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community on his own site.

So the question are,

“Is this rock considered a man-made marker or legit treasure marker left behind the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers?”


“If so then what does it mean?”

Below is the actual photo of the rock marker that has been taken by our fellow treasure hunter. As we can see, the shape of the rock is round with a flat surface. But as a treasure hunter, what really catches our attention is the hole at its center and the two engraved lines on its both sides.

Analyzing this rock if it is considered legit or not, it really took me some time trying to figure it out. This is due to the fact that this rock is now so old that it is starting to degrade which makes the engraving on its surface hard to analyze.

Now based on my own personal analysis on how the hole and two engraved lines were made, I can say that they are man-made meaning the Japanese Imperial soldiers left them behind as a treasure marker on the site.

When it comes to my interpretation of this treasure marker, it has two different meanings. But its specific meaning can be clarified by further searching and exploring the site location.

Let’s first start with its first meaning.

This engraved treasure sign indicates an old trail where the item is hidden or buried. The two engraved lines that are in parallel are what represent the old trail. And the hole at the center is what represents the location of the item or the treasure deposit spot. Meaning, the item is buried somewhere in the middle portion of the old trail.

As for the second meaning,

This engraved treasure marker indicates an old creek, river, or waterfalls where the treasure deposit is hidden or buried. The two engraved lines represent the flowing body of water. As for the hole, it represents the location of the treasure deposit which in this case is at the middle portion of the flowing body of water – meaning, it is an underwater treasure deposit.

So how are we going to know which of the two meanings does this rock marker here trying to indicate?

As I already stated above, we can confirm which of the two meanings by exploring the site.

So let’s say for example that we searched and explored the site then we discovered that there is a nearby old creek. But, you could not find any old trails around. Thus, this will give us the conclusion that the rock marker refers to the second meaning where the treasure deposit is hidden on this old creek.  

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