I have encountered another interesting comment which I need to answer in this blog post because I think this needs to be known by everyone.

Our fellow treasure hunter in this community had asked me about the sharing of their project where they have an interested financier to continue their operation.

Before I get to answer this concern, I would like everyone to know that my response to this particular concern is not a rule that all treasure hunter need to follow. It’s because my response is solely based on the rules that we implement in our own group.

According to our fellow treasure hunter, he and some of his companions had started their excavations some time ago. But due to their lack of funds, they were unable to continue their operation.

But recently, an interested person came and offered to finance their project. So his question is, “What is going to be the outcome of their sharing agreement?”

Role of the Financier

For those who still do not know, the financier is an important member of the group where his purpose is to provide financial assistance to all the needs of their operation.


Some of these needs include food, transportation, and tools needed for excavation. Without a financier, operating a certain project especially when it will take time can be difficult leading to a halt.

When it comes to sharing agreements, like what I stated above, the financier is considered as a member of the group. So when it comes to sharing, they receive a similar amount of share just like the rest of the other members.

Some of you may say that the role of the financier is very important as compared to the role of the other members or diggers. Thus, they deserve to have a higher amount of share. If we are going to come and think about it, the operation of a certain project will not continue without financial support.

But what about when the diggers will also claim that they are putting their lives on the line. Digging at a very deep hole can actually be very dangerous especially when the Japanese Imperial soldiers placed some traps. Everytime they go down the hole, their lives are at stake.

Both the Financier and Digger

What if the financier also helps in excavating the buried treasure?

Financier and Digger Role

If the financier also helps in the excavation process of the buried Yamashita treasure, he ends up having two roles. So besides being a financier, he is also a digger. Since he has two roles, his share is going to be equivalent to the share of two members of the group. In short, the main basis for sharing is based on the role that you contribute to the group.

The Locator of the Group

Another member of the group with an important role is the “Locator”.

Dowsing Tool Locator

For those who still do not know, the locator of the group is a member who is responsible for determining the exact location of the hidden treasure deposit. In most cases, the locator has his own equipment which can be a metal detector, scanner, or a dowsing tool.

The Locator is also expected to have knowledge in interpreting Japanese treasure signs.

Thus, all members of the group will depend on their locator about where they are going to dig or the directions of their excavations.

As a locator, his share is equal to the share of one member of the group. But if he also helps in the excavation process, then this gives him two roles which is the locator and one of the diggers. So in this case, his share is going to be equivalent to the share of two members of the group.

The Cook

Another important member of the group is the “Cook”.

However, it would be impossible to be a cook while at the same time, one of the diggers. Anyway, this is the role where female members can perform.

We all know as treasure hunters that we have this kind of belief where females are not allowed to help in the excavation process. Even taking a look inside the hole is not allowed or even getting close to the excavation area.

Fifty-fifty Share Agreement

According to our fellow treasure hunter, they were the one who first started their operation. So in the first place, they already contributed a lot of work before other members joined them. Does this mean that they have a much higher amount of share?

When it comes to our rule of my own group, if the container or any possible object containing the treasure deposit is yet to be encountered, the sharing agreement will remain to be fifty-fifty or equal.

However, if the first members or group encountered the container or treasure seal before the new members joined them, then this is the only time where there can be some changes to their sharing agreement.

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