Signs of Buried Treasures

As a common practice, people who buried their treasures will always put clever markings or signs around their hiding spot. This is to ensure that they will be able to recover their precious treasures back at the time they needed them.

When it comes to the Yamashita Treasures, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) made sure that every deposit they had hidden; they placed their own unique codes of treasure signs. They even made treasure maps which can make it a lot easier for them to find it in the later future.

We will cover each of these Yamashita buried treasure signs on separate posts.

Intentionally buried treasures as stated above often comes with clues on how you can successfully discover them. However, you may be surprised to know that there are also treasures that were buried but they were “not intentional”.

Most of these kinds of treasures were from the old and lost civilizations.

One good example was the tribes who practiced human sacrifices to their deities. On such practice like this, they also often offer gold ornaments to please more of their gods and goddesses.

Today, if you happen to discover this kind of spot and excavate it, you will be able to uncover all buried treasures on it that belonged to the ancient past.

So how do you exactly hunt them?


Since there are no signs involve, your best bet is to search for possible remnants which can serve as very important clues. These remnants from the ancient past can be small pieces of trash objects such as broken potteries.


Researching about the history of a certain particular place can be of great help before you attempt to conduct your exploration.

Human and Animal Bones

Scattered pieces of human and animal bones are good signs that your excavation has been inhabited by ancient people. Although, this does not often mean that the spot where you uncovered them is the site where you can discover certain treasures.

Ancient Man-Made Objects

Any ancient man-made objects can be a sign of buried treasure. Assuming that you discovered a certain figure of hand-crafted statue, you have to know that most places in the past where ancient people displayed their statues were sacred to them. This means, it was also a place where they put most of their valuable objects around for decoration.

Burial Sites

If you managed to uncover an ancient burial site, there are good chances that you may be able to recover some buried treasures along with the remains of the dead people from the past.

You have to know that most people back in the ancient world loved to take their treasures down to their own graves.


Hunting for ancient buried treasures is really quite challenging where it involves a lot of excavations. It’s because there are no markings that can guide you into the correct directions. Thus, instinct plays a huge role on this kind of situation.

Ancient Markings – What are they?

In most cases, you might have already encountered strange symbols as markings on certain ancient sites. What exactly are they? Are they signs of buried treasures?

Those ancient markings or symbols really don’t have anything to do about treasures. They pertain more about their cultures, beliefs, great leaders, and the place especially when it was sacred.

As a treasure hunter, the key term here is the word “sacred”. If you can confirm that the site you discovered is a sacred place then there is a huge chance that you might uncover some buried treasures around.


Intentionally buried treasures are a lot easier to find since there are signs which can guide you around. However, ancient buried treasures were not intentionally hidden. They were just completely forgotten where they ended up buried and hidden through time. Thus, they are a lot harder and very challenging to find.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Good day Sir,

    In our site, we found an engraved two square and stairs in a big stone. Under it, we dug two feet and we found a slab with leaves in the middle. What's your thoughts about it Sir, are we close?

    • Based on my interpretation about the signs that you have describe here on your comment, there are two sets of deposits that are placed inside containers. Most likely, engrave squares often denotes gold bar deposits. Digging for just about 2 feet under the big stone, it is very interesting that you discovered a slab especially that it has leaves in the middle. This slab confirms that right on that spot, you have to continue digging it. But what really bothers me is the leaves that you mentioned in the middle of the slab. Is this an engrave marker or a fossilized leaves? Anyway, if this is a fossilized leaves then you have nothing to worry about. However, if it is an engraved leaves then it is a warning sign that there will be dangerous traps ahead.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great day sir,

    We have a big dwarfs house in our backyard, we discovered around the dwarfs house like marbles with birds engrave, smooth stones, stones like egg shape and etc...

    I am asking if this signs has a hidden treasures around the dwarfs house?

    • With those descriptions that you discovered around your small house, it seems like they are legit markers. So my answer to your question is, yes there is a huge possibility of hidden treasure deposit.

  • Dan leonero says:

    Good day Sir Elmo, I found a hole 4ft in diameter and about 3ft deep in the middle big rock in a shallow river, what does it mean?

    • Make sure that this hole is man-made and not natural. If it is a man-made hole then it is a confirmation that the area is positive with hidden treasure deposit.

  • ricmark bagares says:

    Sir good evening. We need your help. we discovered a huge rock and on the side of it facing south is a big #7 encrypted and on the top of it there is a huge hole around 2 feet deep and 5 inches in diameter. Is it positive Sir?

    Please! we need your help.

    • Basing from the description of those signs, you need to check on the upper right corner portion on the spot where you found the engraved number 7 like symbol.

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