Sleeping Turtle Rock Yamashita Treasure Sign

Rock that bears the shape of a turtle is a very common type of sign used by the Japanese Imperial soldiers in the previous WW2 as Yamashita treasure signs to their hidden war loot. It is a type of animal marker where it can be interpreted with different or varied meanings.

However, a turtle sign is often interpreted as “treasure deposit under the water”. This means that the hidden item is buried or hidden under the water nearby.

It is actually pretty unclear to interpret the exact location of the hidden treasure deposit if we are only going to rely on a one marker alone. Thus, it is very important that we have to search for any additional markers around.

The Turtle Sign

We actually have here an actual photo of a strange rock discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community on his site. He has sent this photo for us to analyze and interpret its meaning.

As we can see, on top of this large flat rock is another rock. According to our fellow treasure hunter, this rock on top bears the shape of a turtle’s shell. However, they attempted to break it into pieces but they failed because they claim that it’s too hard. Thus, the good looking turtle shell now end’s up like what we are seeing in this photo.

This is a close-up photo of the particular rock.

Aside from the rock that looks like a turtle shell, we can also notice that it is placed on top of a large flat rock. This seems like intentional.

There are also other rocks around and where they bear pyramid or triangle shapes. And according to our fellow treasure hunter, their pointy tips are pointing to the large flat rock with a turtle’s shell on top.

My Analysis

Can we consider the large flat rock with a turtle shell on top as a legit Yamashita treasure sign?

Based on my own analysis, I can say that it is a legit Yamashita treasure sign. The rock on top of the flat rock that bears the shape of a turtle’s shell is not ordinary. As I previously stated, it seems like intentional or man-made.

Looking closely at the shape of this rock that looks like a turtle’s shell, we can see it seems to have a mixture of concrete. It is actually not pure rock which is probably the reason why it is too hard to break it apart into pieces.

What we have to do here is that we really have to break the large rock because the item could be inside it or underneath it.

If the item is buried underneath the large flat rock, my estimated depth for the buried item ranges from 5 to 10 ft only. This is due to the presence of water.

According to our fellow treasure hunter, there are times when the site or creek will get dry. The time where he took the photo just happens to be a season where the presence of water flowing down on the creek is strong. 

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