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If you usually encounter snakes, it’s best to wear a “Snake Proof Hunting boots” for your best protection against snake bites. As a treasure hunter, you will be traveling on places such as in the mountains, forests or land areas covered with thick bushes or grass. At some point, you may accidentally encounter aggressive and venomous snakes.

In the United States, common deadly snakes encountered are the copperheads, coral snakes, cottonmouths and rattle snakes. While in the Philippines, we have the deadly Philippine cobra, pit vipers and also the coral snakes. If you got bitten by any of these kinds of snakes particularly at some remote location then you have very little chances of surviving unless you have the necessary anti-venom.

If it happens that you survived the snake bite by making it to the hospital, your medical treatment will cost you a lot of money. This amount of money should have been saved if you are wearing your snake proof hunting boots.

When Are Snakes Active?

Snakes are most likely active during the night because at this period of time, they go out to hunt for their food. They also become active during the rainy season especially right after a rainfall. Thus, be extra careful when going out for a treasure hunting activity at these period of times.

There have been several times when me and my crew traveled in large forests where we end up walking around during the night. Some reasons was that, we lost our way because there wasn’t any clear paths around that can lead us to the right directions.

As we moved, we had to do it with extra careful because in most cases, we often encounter pit vipers hanging on the branches. They were actually ready to strike once you get close to their striking distance.

Anyway, pit vipers can be easily noticed because they are clearly visible hanging on the branches. What we really worry about are the Philippine cobras. These reptiles are aggressive that they won’t hesitate to chase anyone who threatens them. Gladly, we only encountered a few and we have safely managed to avoid them.

During the rainy season, snakes in the forests tends to come out particularly after a rain fall. Perhaps it is due to the cold and wet temperature of the ground that makes their bodies feel comfortable to move around. One of my most unforgettable experience with snakes related to rain fall was that, there was a time when the rain mysteriously dropped a lot of baby black colored snakes right on our camp. According to my fellow treasure hunter, they were baby cobra snakes.

Why Treasure Hunt During the Night?

If you are a relic or coin hunter, there is no reason for you to treasure hunt during the night. However, if you are a treasure hunter seeking for the hidden Japanese treasures then there are some instances that you need to recover the treasure during the dark period of the night.

You have to know that when it comes to Japanese hidden treasures in the Philippines, some of these treasures are being guarded by spirits. And as a condition, these spirits will only allow diggers to dig the treasure at a certain specific period of time. In most cases, the spirits often choose night-time period.

So yes, me and my crew had been digging during the nights that sometimes, some snakes came to visit us. They are probably trying to check us out due to the noises that we were causing around. One time, a very large gray colored cobra came near to our dig site. The large cobra snake was about 15 feet away from us and it wasn’t even afraid of our lights. After checking us out for about 5 minutes, the cobra turned its back and goes back where it came from. My fellow THs claims it was probably a “Spirit of the Forest”.

Cowboy or Normal Boots may not Work

If you are thinking of using your cowboy or normal boots crafted out from a tough leather or some sort, there’s still some chance that the deadly fangs of the snake can penetrate through it. This is because those boots are “untested” for snake bites.

Our professional snake handler is actually a cowboy, a Filipino cowboy who takes pride of himself that he’s from the Cordillera region. For that, we call him “Indiana Jones”. So as a cowboy, he often wear his cowboy boots.

One time, he pulled a black colored snake out from a rotten trunk of a tree but unfortunately, the reptile suddenly curled backwards and managed to bit his left boot. Inspecting his foot and boot from the bite, the fang pierced through his boot but gladly, it didn’t reached the skin layer of his foot.

Recommended Snake Proof Hunting Boot

Due to the danger of encountering snakes, we purchased each of us a Snake Proof Hunting Boot. This is important for us treasure hunters especially when exploring signs around a bushy area. You actually never know what you might step on.

We purchased the “LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent Snake Boot” from the Amazon Store where we find it very comfortable to wear. However, it’s pretty warm to wear especially during a hot sunny day but it’s perfect for the cold evening.

Having a doubt about the quality of the boots, our snake handler actually made an actual test. This time, I really don’t know where Indiana Jones got his large green colored snake. It was quite aggressive that none of us want to get close to the reptile.

Indiana Jones did taunted the green snake with his boot several times and was bitten by the reptile. As a result, we were impressed that his boots wasn’t pierced at all. Not yet satisfied with his actual test, Jones is planning to hunt a bigger snake that bites and that’s no other than the reticulated python. We really don’t know if he was serious or just joking about it but I do hope that it was just a joke.

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      The water moccasin is a semi-aquatic version of snake similar in family to the copperhead.

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