Old Spanish Sunken Ship Contains Tons of Gold Coins

Some people simply thought that old Spanish sunken ships containing valuable treasures such as gold coins are just a mere myth or legend. But recently, there was a confirmed 300 years old shipwreck that rightfully belongs to the Spaniards which was found laying in the water-bed of Florida’s Atlantic Coast.The interesting story started when a diver named, “William Bartlett” decided to explore the wrecked Spanish ship under the water of Florida’s Atlantic Coast. He was along with “Jonah Martinez” who was the Captain of his boat.

At first, Bartlett dived down under the water with a metal detector on his hand. Then, it only took him a few minutes to uncover his first Spanish gold coin. As he continued detecting, he found another gold coin and then another. So he kept on detecting until he couldn’t carry them anymore. According to some sources, he filled his diving gloves with all the gold coins that he found.

When he surfaced, Captain Martinez was also surprised by what Bartlett found. According to the Captain, when he saw Bartlett surfaced out from the water, “every fingertips of his was stacked with gold coins”.

Knowing that there were more Spanish gold coins left behind, they went back home and asked another treasure hunter for help, “Dan Beckingham”. In the next two days, the trio went back into the site. (Note: The site is more commonly known as the, “1715 Shipwreck Site”)

On their further underwater exploration, Treasure Hunter Beckingham was able to discover a total of 350 Spanish gold coins. This has an equivalent value of $4.6 million worth of today’s money. And due to this large sum of money, their findings was considered as the most “Valuable Find” in the 1715 Shipwreck Site.

Another Discovery of Spanish Gold Coins at the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck Site

Somewhere in the month of June, a family of treasure hunters decided to spent their outdoor activity by exploring the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck Site. But this time, they explored the southern portion area of the previous discovery site mentioned above.

As a result, the family also recovered plenty of Spanish gold coins amounting to a total of $1 million. According to their statement, they believed that there a certain form of “magic” involved on their astounding discovery.

History of the Spanish Sunken Ships of the 1715 Fleet

Based on history, there were a total of eleven treasure-laden Spanish ships known as the, “1715 Fleet”. And according to some rumors, these ships were carrying around $400 million worth of Spanish gold coins and many other artifacts.

The 1715 Fleet were on their route towards Spain from Havana on July 31, 1715. Unfortunately, when they were off Florida’s Central Coast, they unexpectedly encountered a powerful hurricane. The hurricane created devastating winds and waves smashing the ships on the reefs.

As a result of the tragic incident, more than 1000 lives were taken. Thus, it is now considered as one of the biggest maritime disasters of the Colonial Spain history.

Today, Brisben’s Company currently hold the Salvage Rights into those wrecked ships. It is quite intriguing why the Spanish Government never asserted their claim to salvage their own ships despite the fact that they were carrying tons of lost treasures.

Aside from the Brisben’s Company, the State of Florida also asserted a claim on those sunken ships. This gives the State the rights to receive 20 percent of the recovered artifacts which will be displayed at the Museum in Tallahasse. As for the treasure hunters or anyone who can find the remaining lost treasures will have a split share between the Brisben’s Company.

If at some point that there’s natural occurrences that caused the treasures to be washed up on the lands and you are the one who is too fortunate to find them, then the treasures are all yours to keep.

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