Troubled Spirits Guarding the Hidden JIA Yamashita Treasures

Did you know that most remaining hidden “Yamashita treasures” today are being “guarded by spirits”?

The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) were actually the one responsible for the strong commitment of these troubled spirit. Due to them, these ethereal beings have their reasons to protect the treasures from any individuals attempting to recover them.

What are their reasons about why they cannot just leave the treasures and go to their rightful resting place?

During the previous WW2 (World War II), a lot of blood were spilled (including the innocents) just to hid those Yamashita treasures. Thus, their spirits will not just allow anyone especially a certain individual who is “not worthy” of recovering the precious items and “without offering” something they need in return. Although, most spirits simply want “proper burials of their remains”.

Spirit of the Innocents/Slaves

The slaves who carried the heavy loads around the entire regions of the regions of the Philippines consists of Filipinos and different foreign captives taken from other countries. A WW2 survivor Pelimon Andrada (not his real name) who was one among the slaves who carried some cargoes of treasures on their way to the top of the mountains could not forget his tragic experience. He witnessed a lot of his fellow slaves losing consciousness due to extreme exhaustion, thirst and hunger. Unfortunately, anyone who shows such kind of weaknesses were taken alongside and killed on the spot. It is a very shocking revelation of what really happened in the past which should serve as a lesson for the new generation that “war brings nothing but tremendous sufferings and deaths”.

Aside from carrying heavy cargoes, the JIA also utilized their slaves to do the diggings for them. But the most atrocious war crime they ever committed was that, they murdered the slaves especially those who witnessed the locations of their hidden treasures. Some THs (treasure hunters) believes that they were offered as human sacrifices.

According to “Kuitchi Takazagi” (not his real name) who was a former JIA war veteran and survivor claim that some of his fellow soldiers practiced a certain “ancient tradition of human sacrifice”. This enabled them to trap the spirits of the dead to do their bidding until certain conditions are met.

In one of our THing (treasure hunting) projects, the treasure deposit was guarded by a certain spirit causing eerie feeling of its presence especially to the diggers. We later found out through our “spiritual medium” that the spirit was a mother craving for her lost child. So in return of giving up the treasure to us, she asked for a human child sacrifice!

Fortunately, we have a very reliable spiritual medium who managed to negotiate to the demand of the troubled spirit. So instead of offering a human child, we offered (an animal livestock) a “pig” and some various items particularly “women’s clothing”.

Later that day, our spiritual medium was exclaiming with great joy explaining that the “spirit revealed the exact location” of the hidden treasure to him before she finally left the place in peace. So without any hesitation, we dug the spot and recovered the buried deposit.

Spirit of the WW2 Soldiers

Aside from sufferings, the previous WW2 brought countless number of deaths especially to the soldiers of either side. But when it comes to the hidden Yamashita treasure, there was actually a “conspiracy involved”. Kuitchi claimed that there was an order received by their high-ranking military officers to eliminate most of their men involved in hiding their treasures. This was to prevent the possibility of keeping the secret locations of those valuable items from being leaked out.

So aside from sacrificing the lives of the innocents or slaves as discussed above, the JIA also murdered most their own men on similar manner. Thus, majority of troubled spirits guarding a certain Yamashita treasure are also composed of betrayed JIA soldiers.

Moreover, the most important aspect to remember when dealing a project that is being guarded by spirits is to “respect” their decision. If they are not yet ready or unwilling to give the treasure then it would be best to leave them. Attempting to recover the item despite the warning given by the spirit could result to tragic accidents or some unfortunate outcomes.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir Elmo. I dreamed a lot about treasure hidden in our place. In one of my dreams, there was an old man who suddenly appeared and told me that I need to find a certain sign. When I checked the sign on my Japanese treasure codes, it means “danger”.

      I am not really sure if there is a hidden JIA treasure here in our place but according to our ancestors, there were trucks full of gold that was buried by the JIA in WW2.

      Going back to my dream, I found the sign near the small river and huge Balite tree. Can you confirm if there is really a hidden treasure here?


      I am sorry to say that I cannot confirm it because I really need to see the actual sign. If you can only take a photo of it then send it to my FaceBook page or email it then I may be able to offer a better assessment. Anyway, I got a good feeling that there is a hidden treasure on that spot.

      Since it also involve you dreaming about the hidden deposit, you have to follow the instruction given by the entity.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Sir and Good Day! I am so thankful that I have found your blog. Ever since I visited, I enjoyed reading all histories and comments.

      My family actually experienced treasure hunting but they did not succeed on their operation because their spiritual medium told them to stop. The reason was that, one of our family member committed a sin which was against our “panata”. Anyway, that was 10 years ago.

      We live here along the Kennon Road going up to Baguio City. I know that every treasure hunting operation requires a certain sacred rules that needs to be followed.

      Anyway, I would like to ask you to come and visit our place if you have the time. We would be happy to hear your advises on how to recover the deposit. Our spiritual medium has already determined the exact location of the item.

      There are a lot of hidden treasure here in our place. Some of them were already taken. Please respond into my Gmail account. Thank you so much.


      Yes, treasure hunting for the hidden Yamashita or Japanese treasures most likely involve spiritual encounters with the unknown. If they see that the diggers does not have the qualities that they like then they will intervene. Anyway, I will respond into your email.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good evening Sir. We got amazed by your blog. I have been reading it for a week now and we got excited with all the topics that you discussed.

      We also have an experience that we would like to share. About 3 years ago, my sister dreamed of an old lady wearing a veil who was waking her up to follow her at the back of their house while saying that she wanted to give my sister something. The old lady on my sister’s dream was like a nightmare. She was so afraid because the old lady was not alone. She was with a kid which seem to be her daughter or relative. They were both standing at the end of my sis’s feet. This caused her to wake up and was too terrified.

      Another dream of my sister was several days after it. This time, she dreamed of two dwarves paying a visit into their house. It was a father and son who were hungry so they asked for lemon grass.

      During the days that my sister had these dreams, she and her live-in partner were suffering from financial difficulties.

      When my sister gave what the dwarf needs, one of the dwarf told my sis to follow them back where they have something in return. So my sister and his bother-in-law followed them at the back of their house but she suddenly woke up due to the kids who were living with them shouted.

      Days past and they decided to move in the city where they stayed there for about a year. She also decided to ignore all of her dreams. While in the city, a friend who stays with them also had a dream. Her first dream was hearing a voice saying to call his boss.

      A month later. My sister, her live-in partner and their friend moved back into their original house. Then a few weeks later, their friend had another dream about a Centaur digging a spot near their house. The Centaur was digging by stomping his hoof and told to continue where he will be back later. So my sis’s friend continued digging for about 7 feet and at this depth, he uncovered a treasure chest containing jewelries, diamonds and gold bars.

      While having conversation with the Centaur, my sis’s friend also saw the dwarves and the old lady with a kid companion. Due to this, he woke up. Their conversation with the Centaur was that, the creature was saying not to wait for the boss and start digging. The Centaur is probably referring to my sister and his live-in partner as the boss.

      From this point onwards, we were curious about those dreams. Someone told them to consult a spiritual medium and they did. As a result, it was confirmed that there are deposits but being guarded by spirit guardians. Each entities are guarding their own respective spots.

      The house is located along the hill side of the road. According to the old people living around here, there were Japanese troops in WW2 that lived on this area… (I will continue my story on my next comment)

    • Anonymous says:

      So we all decided to dig. The night before we started digging, we heard a Centaur’s hoof stomped on the ground. Even the concrete got cracked and there was a dead black bird when we checked it in the morning. When we consulted our spiritual medium, he immediately established communication to the spirits and claimed that they wanted us to start as soon as possible.

      When we started digging, we did not felt any of their presence. We are now digging for 5 weeks and we reached about 10 to 12 feet deep. At first, when we dug about 2 feet the soil became so hard. On it, we saw some kind of ink or stain. Due to our curiosity, we tried to erase it but it does come off. According to our research, it takes the form of a coiled snake which mean “treasure under or nearby”.

      There were two makings on a separate hardened soil that we encountered. These hardened soil were almost like rocks. We also noticed that it is covered with rusts. When we broke them into pieces, we found white stains, some of it were color bluish, faded green while some were just mud. There were also times that we experienced bad smell as we go deeper.

      Yesterday, we found a gap between the hardened soils. We tried to chisel it but nothing happens. When we used a metal detector, it was picking up something at different sides.

      I hope that you did not get bored while reading our long story. Please share your thoughts. We really appreciate your response. Overall, we are basing our actions through dreams, spiritual medium and the signs we found.

      Have a good day and thank you for your time.


      That was a very long but interesting story. I actually heard similar situation like yours but on their case, they do not have trouble recovering the treasure because they were being guided by the spiritual entities at all times. Sometimes, these entities whispers through their ears about what to do next.

      You said that when you started digging, you no longer felt the presence of the entities. I think something is wrong here. Are you sure you followed all the instruction given by them? Or, is there something that your friend or sister are not tell you about? It is because entities usually ask for offerings. Other than that are the number of workers allowed to dig and etc…

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hello Sir, how are you? I have two questions for you:

      1. Do you believe in spirits guarding the treasures?
      2. Among your hundred followers, is there anyone replying to you that they have successfully recovered treasures in their projects?

      Thank you and God bless. My name is also Elmo but I am a Filipino.


      I am fine and thank you. About your two questions, here are my answers:

      1. Yes. I already have a post about it.
      2. Yes, there are a lot of them. However, they do not want me to share even minor details about their recoveries to the public. They want it to be strictly confidential.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Danilo Agregado says:

      Just call me Bobot, were actually on digging operations since December 2015 and we had found marker such as Hole on the wall after 1 meter deep and later another hole exactly at 5.5 meters deep. I'd broken the greenish colored flooring surrounded by epoxied wall.

      Last Thursday one of my companion died on his sleep. This is after our medium told us that one of us will be sacrificed because allegedly after I killed two (2) small snake under after 3- meters deep and 8- meters deep which according to our medium the guard of the treasure whom wanted to rest in peace already. We are now awaiting the final burying of our companion. I would like to ask if we can get the item after the death of my companion.

      Please reply on my Gmail account. Thanks and more power.

    • That is very unfortunate, you shouldn't killed those snakes. Anyway, the answer is "yes" you can recover the treasure provided that you have to do it right now. You don't have to wait for the burial of your companion because another spirit might come different from the one who took the sacrifice (your companion) and becomes a new replacement. If this happens, another offering or sacrifice is needed. Besides, you can still give your companion's share to his family and still able pay respect after his burial.

    • Danilo Agregado says:

      Good day Sir Elmo, we continued our digging last Saturday June 26, 2016 but his time we followed the foot step mark on the wall pointing to the East. I noted there are lot of Cockroaches when I step down to our hole but I avoided killing anyone (this is my promise when we pray on the spot before we start our digging again).

      Then after five steps from the foot mark (which picture I sent to you thru FB- pm) we encountered another hole on the wall with roots of unknown plant or tree is extracting, and when I use "Discrimination" mode of my detector, the sound gave point to the four corner of the spot (5 steps from the foot mark) and I decided to stop for the meantime. My question is, is it possible that there is item hidden on the four corner of the spot where we stop?, pointing East ward, or the volume of the item emits signal on the four corner of our spot that caused the sounding of the Detector wherever I point same?

      Thanks and more power.

    • Those cockroaches is a good indicator signifying that there is a large chamber down the ground. I may have to warn you that you may encounter more different types of insects such as centipedes and even snakes.

      As for your question, the answer is "Yes". You should read my post entitled, "Foot or Feet Yamashita Treasure Sign". I mentioned on this discussion that one of the meanings of a foot mark is 5 steps forward to a certain direction. And since you are getting a good signal from your metal detector, it seems to be a good decision to dig those spots.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Good day to you Sir Elmo. I was doing treasure hunting since early 2000, I lost all of my savings including my real properties, I am living now in the house of my daughter together with my wife and my youngest son.

      Last april my first cousin asked me to help her analyze the markers engraved on the rocks found along the creek near the farm of her husband's relative at Arakan Valley..

      The markers are compose of a Triangle, Heart shape, Eye facing to the east, a Wave marks underneath the eye and a cutted stone shape Tree. All marks are properly embosed on each big rocks. My analysis are: the heart means there is a treasure around the area, the triangle means a volume of deposit, the eye is pointing to the entrance of a cave where you can find near a cutted Tree. I asked one of the guy to check where the eye starred, he found hole beside an old cutted tree. Since its almost dark and we don't have any tools to use for digging purposes, we decided to leave the place and planning to go back early in the morning for the operations.

      At around 9pm, my cousin approached me and telling why did you leave the area? My grandpa ask me to talk to you (a tiny child voice). I asked, Are you my Cousin? No, I am the grandaughter of the person guarding the Japanese treasures in this mountain, I used your cousin's body in order to comnunicate with you, we my lolo and my family are there observing at you and your companions at the creek, the child says.

      They are friendly people from the other dimension. The child says, we must pray heartily to God the father to retreive the treasure succesfully, the diggers must have clean heart.

      A quite long story Sir Elmo. I have a lots of story to tell you and a lots of questions to ask you sir thru PM.. How can I reach you in your fb please.

      Thanks. Rico

    • The warning given to you by the spirit is true. They won't give the treasure even if there is only one of you who doesn't have a clean heart or doesn't have good intention. Thus, when digging or working on the site, it is important not to think of any negative thoughts.

      Anyway, you can contact me on my FB page via the FB icon found on the right side nagivation bar.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Elmo sir,

      Recently I have been told by a friend of mine in New Delhi, India that he was bitten by snake thrice in last two years at the place where he lives, when discussed further he claimed that there is a spirit which is guiding him to a treasure that is near his home and could possibly be of Mughal emperors but the snake (may be some form of spirit in not intending him to get hold of treasure) is trying to kill him.

      We the talked about scientific instruments and every other mean to detect the treasure which he was not sure about but said that deities guarding that treasure would not let us take it without sacrifice or some portion of that treasure spent on constructing temple or doing holy things.

      Now the place is not very isolated and digging will be very visible to people. How can we proceed to know the exact location.

      How do we communicate to spirits guarding the treasure? If there are any.

      Can I send you the image of location which is maximum 100 diameters... if that may help?

      Thanks in advance

    • Yes, if the spirit guarding the treasure doesn't want you to recover it. Many strange creatures such as large snakes, centipedes and etc... will suddenly appear to cause panic. But worse, it will hurt you just like what it did to your friend.

      Anyway, just give into the demands of the spirit but make sure that you hire a professional spiritual medium. You have to know that most spirits will try to ask too much.

      Feel free to send the image into my FaceBook page. You can access it via the FB icon located at the right side navigation bar.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Mike Madrigal says:

      Hello Sir Elmo,

      on the post dated march 09 and may 30 2016 that my brother told you about. I was his sister that he was talking on her story. Its been 3 mos that we stop working Sir. We stop digging on the first hole due to some circumstances we cannot explain. According to the medium that we are talking to, the treasure is just right there but the diggers can't nearly see it. She herself don't even know why we try to dig it again and keep going to her asking what's our status and we disappointed when she told us to fill up the hole and stop the project.

      Until CH Time our friend came to check the place he is a French treasure hunter. To make the story short Sir, he didn't detect something on the hole that we dug up he even asked us why we started on that side coz according to his detection it was outside of the 2nd room of our house. So we decided to dug inside the room.

      We can't just dig outside coz there's a house beside our bamboo fence, we were getting rid of the people. Its 21" straight down and 3" turning right that's according to him. He came twice to check the coordinates of the trees etc...

      He gave us a figure like how many kilo and how many gold bars. Now Sir we are working on it. We work and stop and work again.

      On the first hole because I am a girl I am not allowed to enter and work there that's according to our medium. But, on the 2nd hole its because it was the white-man that we are talking to and don't believe in ghost etc... I decided to work at 7" I found a 2" 2 pcs charcoal with "apog" powdered lime.

      My question Sir is, do the JIA uses this kind of things in hiding the treasure? And since working on the hole, I dreamed again about this dwarfs like they want to tell me something..but unfortunately my girlfriend woke me up telling me that I was talking on my sleep. Now that I am working Sir I can feel their presence especially in the room where the hole was coz we haven't remove our clothes. We still using the room for changing clothes.

      ONE MORE THING SIR, since the time we started this we already spent a lot. Now on this 2nd hole we are looking for someone who can help us finance the project there were 3-4 people I think at first they are all in and later on they change their mind. On my beliefs I think the entities don't like somebody to work here. I was asking myself why. Do you think they just like me to work on it?

      Its because in my dreams they were just asking to follow them coz they will give me something. In your own opinion Sir, do you think I can do it alone? I was thinking about it every night. If they want me I can do it but now I already reach 13" to be exact I was going down deeper and deeper. I need to dig 8" more straight then another 3" Turing right.

      Sir please help me interpret the charcoal I found and the "apog" on it. But those things I found left side, now I'm confused coz the foreign man I'm talking to said I have to turn right when I reach the dept so I am expecting the signs should be at right side. I am hoping for your words Sir. Have a good day.


    • If the influence of the spirit trying to make contact to you is strong then you should follow their instruction. Forget about the signs that you encountered or what other THs tells you to do basing on their equipment. Take note, the item is guarded by an entity. If you do not follow its instruction then there is no way you can uncover the treasure.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Mike Madrigal says:

      Hello Sir, I have a question. Do the JIA uses "powdered agricultural lime" or "apog" in Philippine term? I found it with a charcoal in my project. Please I need your answer Sir, found it at 7" deep. I am also waiting for your comment about what I wrote yesterday.

    • Yes, majority of them had the knowledge how to utilize it. You have to know that the JIA had a group of chemical engineers or scientist with a goal of developing powerful weapons. On some sources, the JIA army built several chemical factories in the country for such purpose.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi i believe i have contact with spirit guarding a treasure, is that dangerous?

    • You have to know that some spirit are dangerous or bad while some are not. For example, some of them will ask for human sacrifice before they will give you the treasure. While, the good once will give it for free especially for those righteous people or a person with a good heart.

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