As treasure hunters, we all aware that the Yamashita Treasure is composed of stolen treasures that came from various counties in Southeast Asia. Such stolen treasures includes gold bars, jewelries, golden Buddhas, and many precious artifacts.

Sumatra gold bars are often associated with the hidden Yamashita treasures because there treasure signs indicating such treasure deposits. Aside from the Sumatra gold bars, there are also treasure signs referring to Burma gold bars as treasure deposits.

So what exactly is Sumatra gold bar?

For those who does not know, Sumatra gold bars are gold bars that are produced in Sumatra island which is in Indonesia. What makes them quite interesting is that they are made of 99.99 percent pure gold. This is the reason why there are so many investors and collectors that are interested in buying them.

Sumatra gold bars are available in various different sizes. The smallest size weighs just a few grams while the large gold bars could weigh up to several ounces.

These gold bars also have stamps or markers on their surfaces which often bear the manufacturer’s logo. Aside from the logo are the details about the gold bar itself such as the exact weight and its purity.

Sumatra Gold Bars in the Philippines

Some treasure hunters claims that they had uncovered Yamashita treasure deposits consisting of gold bars that have Sumatra markings.

As a treasure hunter myself, I do agree that the Yamashita treasures are also composed of Sumatra gold bars. According to history, the Japanese Imperial Army had occupied Sumatra Island which is a part of Indonesia. Thus, when the high ranking officials of the Japanese Imperial Army released their order to plunder all their occupied territories, all gold bars of the island has been confiscated.

The plan was to bring all the looted treasures way back to their own land or Japan. However, the Allied Forces had block all of the navigational routes towards Japan which was the reason why the Japanese Imperial Army had no other choice but to bring them to the Philippines.

Some claims that many of the looted gold bars were re-melted by the Japanese soldiers and re-molded them which explains why some gold bars does not have markings on them. Although, some also claims that all gold bars with no markers came out freshly cooked from the mining industries that they took over in the Philippines.

Fake Sumatra Gold Bars

In the Philippines, there is an anonymous group travelling around the country claiming that they possess Sumatra gold bars in which they recovered as Yamashita treasures. And they are looking for any interested buyers. However, the big question is the authenticity of their Sumatra gold bars that they are trying to sell.

When it comes to gold, they are actually the easiest to dispose or sell them to legit buyers. There is no need to go roaming around in various places just to search for an interested buyer.

There are already plenty of news about individuals who got tricked or scammed by purchasing fake Sumatra gold bars. You have to know that the scammers are quite good at cooking their own stories that you will most likely fall and believe them. This is the most common reason why some individuals keep on being tricked and victimized by the scammers.

What usually happens is that, the stories of the scammers are quite good enough to convince their victim to buy their fake Sumatra gold bar without performing any tests.

Thus, no matter how good the story behind certain Sumatra gold bars recovered as Yamashita treasure deposits, it should always undergo physical examination from an expert gold assayer.


Since we have several Yamashita treasure signs that are referring to Sumatra gold bars as treasure deposits, this means that they Japanese Imperial Army had indeed confiscation some Sumatra gold bars when they occupied Indonesia. However, we need to aware that there are some group of scammers travelling around claiming that they uncovered Sumatra gold bars as Yamashita treasure. But the truth is that, they are selling fake Sumatra gold bars.

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