If you are an amateur treasure hunter or you are just starting to learn how to hunt for the hidden Yamashita treasures then there are two important things that you need to learn about the markers. First is the surface markers. And second is the buried markers.

The very first step in searching for a certain hidden Yamashita treasure on your site is to conduct an exploration. You have to explore your site carefully with the aim to find legit clues left behind the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers.

Your first exploration with the aim to find legit markers is performed on the surface of the ground. Hence, any legit markers that you are able to discover are categorized as “surface markers” or “surface treasure signs”.

Now let’s assume that you have finally discovered all surface markers on your site. Then you made a sketch map that allowed you to properly decode them where you are able to locate the correct digging spot.

So you dug the spot and at a depth of 5ft, you uncovered a marker. This time, this marker is buried or found under the ground. You won’t be able to discover this particular marker if you are unable to decode the surface markers and dig their indicated spot. As you continue to dig deeper, more markers are uncovered.

Markers that are buried or uncovered under the ground are categorized as “buried markers” or “buried treasure signs”.

Difference between Surface Markers from Buried Markers

As an amateur, you might be curious enough to ask what exactly is the difference between the surface markers from the buried markers?

old tree surface marker

Surface markers are found on the ground surface and their primary purpose is to provide clues in order for us to locate the exact digging spot. However, this exact digging spot does not always mean that the treasure deposit is directly buried underneath it. Digging spot only marks the exact spot of the start of our excavation leading us to the very first buried marker.

buried rock marker

As for buried markers, these are clues that we uncover as we dig our way down the depth of the earth. Their primary purpose is to guide us way towards the location of the treasure deposit. So as long as we are discovering buried markers in your diggings, rest assured that you are on the right track.

But if it happens that you are no longer uncovering any buried markers then this should make you realize that you went into the wrong direction. So in this kind of situation, you can go back to the previous marker that you encountered and re-evaluate its meaning.

Difference in their Meanings and Interpretation

There are actually treasure signs or markers that you may encounter as surface and buried types of markers. But what you need to know is that a certain treasure sign does have several meanings. And their determining their appropriate meanings depends on their location where you found them.

Let’s say for example that we discovered a turtle sign on the surface of our site. Turtle sign or marker do have different meanings but as a surface marker, this is commonly interpreted as a “pointer”. It is a pointer that is directly pointing to the location of the exact digging spot by using its head as the primary basis of direction.

On the other hand, if a turtle sign or marker has been uncovered under the ground as a buried marker, it can be interpreted differently. In most cases, a buried turtle sign is a warning sign that there is a presence of a water trap lying down ahead. So if we proceed carelessly, this water trap could break and can cause an unexpected accident.


Surface markers are treasure signs that we discovered on the surface of the ground. And their primary purpose is to provide clues in locating the exact digging spot. As for the buried markers, these are treasures that we uncovered under the ground. And their primary purpose is to provide us clues in guiding us the proper directions towards the location of the hidden item.      

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Beginner’s Guide to Treasure Hunting

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