As a group of professional treasure hunters in the Philippines, specifically when hunting for the Yamashita treasure, we follow a very strict set of taboos in all of our projects. Based on experiences, disregarding them often result into a failure. On some cases, accidents and unexplained illnesses were suffered by us as a form of consequence.

What is a taboo?

For those who does not know, a taboo is a rule based on beliefs by many individuals which is perceive as true. One good example is meeting a black cat that suddenly crosses your path on your way to your destination. This means that you should not continue on your errand and you must turn back right away. If you do disregard and resumed on your way, something bad may happen to you.

When it comes to treasure hunting especially the Yamashita treasure, majority of these hidden wealth are being guarded by spiritual entities. These spirits can prevent anyone from recovering the hidden deposit even if you have a detailed treasure map that tells you the exact spot to dig. Or, a live pointer (a person who witnessed where the treasure was buried) won’t do any help.

Now, the reason why I mentioned about spiritual entities is that, the set of taboos that we follow is connected to them.

These taboos that we are about to discuss is a set of beliefs that my team strictly follow in order not to offend any possible presence of spiritual entities on our projects sites.

1. Avoid Having any Negative Thoughts

The number one taboo that needs to be avoided by the whole team is having negative thoughts. Any kind of negative thoughts must be avoided and everybody on the site must only think of positive things.

One common example of negative thought that I observed based on my several years of experience as a treasure hunter is “greed”. Individuals with greed on their minds are always planning on how to cheat their fellow treasure hunters from the start. Some even goes to the extent of planning to commit murder just to take the treasure for themselves alone in case it has been recovered.

Although, there are already several stories that I came across about a treasure hunter who cheated or committed a crime against their fellow members. And as expected, they got wealthy. However, behind those wealth that they possess, they are actually suffering terribly from a curse. Majority of them ends up having serious family problems. Others went insane while some goes to the extent of taking their own lives.

The Yamashita treasure is not just some kind of treasure. Many people in the past (soldiers and innocent civilians) got involved and died just because of it. So in my own belief, this is what fuels the curse which gets triggered when it falls into the wrong hands.

2. Do not make any future plans on how you are going to spend your share of the treasure when you still haven’t recovered it yet.

Many treasure hunters do always have the habit of fantasizing themselves from being able to recover the treasure. They dream of their future plans such as buying a house, donating to the poor and etc… We consider this a taboo because according to our spiritual medium, the entities especially those that are guarding the treasure finds this kind of thought very offensive.

In my own personal opinion, the entities guarding the treasure are the ones who decides for the rightful person or individuals who can uncover and retrieve the treasure. But, if the person has a mind as describe above, it is like claiming that he is the rightful one.

You may wonder why most treasures found were uncovered by unsuspecting individuals such as farmers improving their lands or ordinary individuals making renovations of their properties. The possible reason is that, it’s because they don’t have such kind of thoughts flooding within their own minds to begin with.

3. Do not argue especially when you are at your dig site.

If your diggers have an argument with one another, it is important not to let them work for the mean time. Let them settle their issues away from your project site. They can only participate back on the excavation once it’s settled or they don’t hold hatred or grudge with one another.

4. Women are not allowed to check the excavation site.

I already answered some comments asking why women are not allowed on the excavation site. This has something to do with the old Japanese tradition where women are not allowed on such kind of places. To them, women should only stay at home and perform house hold chores.

Since the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) were the once responsible for hiding the Yamashita treasure, it is always expected that among the entities guarding these valuable items were the fallen JIA soldiers. Thus, a presence of women is like a disrespect to them.

Despite of the reason why a women is not allowed on the excavation site, it does not mean that women cannot become treasure hunters. I already knew a lot of women who are treasure hunters that some of them are even quite good at interpreting signs. However, they have to know their restrictions where they should not be allowed to dig or even check the excavation site. They should only stay at the nearby camp and wait for the diggers for their reports about what they have accomplished or uncovered.

5. Avoid excreting body wastes on the excavation site.

Do not pee right on the excavation site. If you feel peeing then you should take it out away from the site for at least 20 to 30 meters away or the further the better. Other body wastes that needs to be avoided while working on the site is spitting, farting and coughing.

If you feel like spitting then there is really no other way but to leave the excavation site just like what you need to do when you pee. As for farting, coughing, sneezing and other uncontrollable body functions, it would be just fine if it happens just once or twice. However, if the digger constantly does them then they need to leave the excavation site.

6. Do not chat or have a long conversation

The excavation site must be treated with silence and not a place for having long conversation. So if you want to tell a story, you need to get out from the excavation and perhaps go to your camp site and do your story telling there.

Although, it does not mean that all individuals working on the excavation site is not allowed to talk. Anyone is still allowed to talk but it needs to be short and related to what is being currently done. Example, asking your fellow digger to give you a hand to lift a big rock. And if possible, you can communicate through hand signs.

7. Avoid laughing especially very loud.

A treasure hunting excavation site is a place for serious individuals which means, it is not a place for making jokes which results to laughing. The spirits might actually think that you are laughing at them.

8. Always ask for permission from the unseen entities.

One good example is when you are moving rocks or soil taken out from the hole that you are digging. It is important that you should ask for permission from the unseen entities that you will be piling rocks or soil on that particular spot.

You might ask, “How can I ask permission from them? I can’t even see them?”

Even if you can’t see them, you have to utter your words asking them for their consent.

Another good example is when you got tired and you want to take a short rest. Then, you saw this one flat rock nearby which is so perfect to sit on. Before you sit on it, it is always best to ask for permission. However, I suggest not sitting on it where it is best to find a spot that is not likely taken. It’s because according to our spiritual medium, most entities won’t just give their sit just because you asked them.

9. Smoking is not allowed.

If you are a smoker then you have to take a smoke outside or away from the excavation site.

10. No intruders or guests are allowed checking your site.

The reason why I don’t like working on a project situated on a public place are due to intruders or guests visiting our excavation site. These individuals does not know any of these taboo rules that we strictly follow. Thus, they often end up violating two or more of the rules which can be very annoying.

Moreover, there are more of these taboo rules that I have not listed on this post. But, listed here are the most important ones that needs to be properly observed at all times when working on your excavation sites.

4 Comments to “Taboos of Treasure Hunting the Yamashita Treasure”

  • Sir is this page still active at this current time?

    • Yes but I have been so busy lately the reason why most of my responses are quite delayed.

  • I have a piece of land. A special person who did an Arial survey and also is my neighbor told me that I have gold on my land. So he brought out a medium who is renowned in the area, not one but 4 times and he indicated the spot the same spot several times without any info from the Arial recon.

    My wife on the other hand think this is BS, but anyway it took us 3 weeks to dig 8.5 meters. The ground was like cement, being a structural engineer in the states, I notice the soil was turned upside down, still the lime cement smell. Still digging then we find a cross tip jewelry hing screw at 8.5M. still the cement and hallow hitting sound.

    We had to stop due to lack of funds. We found lime, where lime should not be, tested to make sure it was lime with vinegar and it reacted. We found white chalk, river stones, but still nothing.

    What should I do? go deeper or call it off? The medium tells me it’s there, I feel like something is there. Please advise.

    • As long as you are digging a type of soil that has been turned upside down as you describe (treasure hunters refers to this as “Disturb type of soil), you should continue digging and follow it to its end. On some cases, different layers of soil are used while on some cases, charcoals are used or man-made objects such as that piece of jewelry that you found.

      But what’s really strange here is that, your medium claims that it is there but you can’t seem to find it. Even yourself feel like that it is there. I think that I know that reason behind this, it could be the spirit guardian covering the item from being seen by you. I already have a post where I covered this topic and I suggest that you read it.

      To deal with the spirit guarding the treasure, you need a medium who specializes with the spirits and not just a locator. A medium who locates will only repeatedly claim that the item is there not knowing that there are entities protecting it from an unauthorized individuals. But don’t worry, everything can be settled down with proper negotiation which depends on the medium that can communicate with them. It’s all about giving their demands which are most likely in the form of foods, clothes, and other common materials around.

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