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We have here some interesting photos taken by our fellow treasure hunter in this community about an old tomb that he discovered on his site.

So in this post, we are going to study and analyze this object if it is a legit treasure sign used by the Japanese Imperial soldiers as clues to their hidden treasure loot.


The Old Buried Tomb

Cross Markers are Pointers

Engraved Head of a Bird

The Old Buried Tomb

In this photo, we can see a rectangular shaped object with a cross symbol on its surface. This gives us the perception that this particular object is an old forgotten tomb.

Old Tombstone

But as a treasure hunter, you have to know that there are some cases where the Japanese soldiers intentionally made tomb-like containers where they stored their treasure loot. They knew that ordinary individuals commonly respect tombs making it … Read the rest

As treasure hunters, it is common for us to uncover antique objects on our excavation sites. And if we are lucky, these antique objects can be worth a lot of money.

In relation to the hidden Yamashita treasures, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers had also looted not just obvious valuable objects such as gold and jewelries. They actually looted any objects that seem to possess monetary value in their own eyes. So antiques were also confiscated by them.

Here in the Philippines, there are three different categories of antiques that can be discovered.

First category is our very own antiques which is also referred to as our “Philippine National Treasures”. These are the ancient relics that belonged to the early Pilipinos.

Second category are the antiques brought here by the Spaniards when they colonized the Philippines for 333 years.

And third, are the … Read the rest

Ganesha is one among the popular deity god who has many different titles. He is known as the “lord of obstacles, remover of obstacles, lord of beginnings, and deity of good fortune”. On some sources, he is also referred as “Ganesh” and “Ganapati”.

As you can see on the image below, Ganesha has an elephant head with a human body. He does look strange and at some point creepy. But interestingly, there is a story behind as to why he possessed an animal head.

Ganesha wasn’t actually born with an elephant head. His parents were Shiva and Parvati, two of the most powerful and highly respected deities among all other gods and goddesses of their time.

The Story behind Ganesha’s Elephant Head

It all started a very long time ago when Shiva and Parvati decided to live together at Mt. KailashRead the rest

Before the Japanese Imperial Army brought their war loots in the Philippines or even before the Spaniards came to colonize the country, you might be surprised to know that Philippines in the ancient times had plenty of gold resources. One among the evidences that got discovered are the death masks artifacts which we are going to discuss on this post.

So what exactly is the use of a death mask?

No one can really provide the answer to this question because there is no documentation that can prove the real purpose of a death mask in the ancient Philippine culture. Take note, it is quite strange that the earliest historical records of the Philippines available only started during the arrival of the Spaniards.

Worst, the Spaniards colonized the country where a lot of the ancient Philippine cultures were lost.

Anyway, researchers have made an effort … Read the rest

A ship that had sunk down the coast of Antikythera, a Greek Island around the 60 B.C was discovered in 1900 by a few divers.

Antikythera shipwreck is known as the Roman shipwreck that is known to have yielded innumerable treasure troves, including coins, statues and other artifacts that go way back to the 4th century B.C.

All these artifacts are considered to be priceless, which also the make this shipwrecked site the richest most discoveries to be made till date.

What all was discovered?

As mentioned before, numerous Antikythera shipwreck artifacts that were found from the wreck dated back to the 4th century.

NAMA Machine d'Anticythère 1

Along with the help of the Royal Hellenic Navy and the Greek Education ministry, the divers who discovered the shipwreck managed to discover numerous different types of precious artifacts from the deep waters.

Among the priceless artifacts that were discovered … Read the rest

To all amateur sellers or treasure hunters who happens to discover antique statues or images, there are some basic aspects that every interested buyers or collectors that will often be inspected before deciding to buy your item. These aspects are also often used as the main basis for deriving its approximate price.


If the statue has been well preserved which has a very good condition then expect the best price offered by an interested buyer. In most cases, images that are made out of bronze, gold and stone can withstand the test of time. While, materials made out of lacquer, stucco and terracotta are the once that are likely to deteriorate.

Symbols or Inscriptions

Most ancient statues have some symbols or inscriptions engraved on certain parts of their bodies. Although, these markings don’t usually refer to the artists or who made the object … Read the rest

One of the most common antique collections by relic collectors includes potteries. These are breakable objects made out of clay that had undergone several processing procedures that involves some crafting skills.

Nobody really knows about who first invented pottery the reason why it is simply considered as the “oldest human inventions”. Thus, antique pots are being found by archaeologists and treasure hunters all over the world. To name a few of the oldest findings, we have the numerous pottery vessels that were uncovered in Jiangxi, China and study shows that these relics were from the 18,000 BC. A much older “Neolithic pottery” were also discovered in Japan, Russia, Africa and South America.


The oldest civilization in our recorded history were the ancient Egypt and the Middle East who already knew how to utilize clay materials in creating various usable objects which … Read the rest

When we speak about the largest diamond in the world, the gemstone that currently holds this title is no other than the “Culliman Diamond”. When it was first discovered, it weighs a staggering amount of 3,106.75 carats or 621.35 grams. The person who discovered this record breaking size of diamond was “Thomas Cullinan”.

In South Africa (Cullinan, Gauteng) specifically at the “Premier No.2 Mine”, Mr. Thomas Cullinan was the mining chairman of the site. In January 26th of 1905, the Cullinan diamond was found by “Frederick Wells” who was the manager of the mine. He was able to uncover the largest precious gem stone in the world just below the surface of the mining site at a depth of 18 feet or 5.5 meters.

The approximate dimension of the discovered raw diamond consist of 10.1 centimeters or 4 inches long, 6.35 centimeters … Read the rest

The “Crown Jewels of England” is now considered today as an old term so it was revised to “Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom”. I cannot see anything wrong with the original name or any point of changing it. Besides, these precious treasures and antiques belonged to the past so in my own personal opinion, the original name is a lot more suitable.

According to Wikipedia, these precious crown jewels consists of “140 Royal Ceremonial Objects” that are currently being kept in the “Tower of London”. These are wearable objects purposely designed for the royal family to wear on special occasions such as coronation, parades, religious rites and etc… Some of the most valuable items includes the “regalia and vestments” that were often worn by the highest rulers which were the British kings and queens.

Regalia is more commonly known as “emblems or Read the rest

We all know that human body wastes are worth nothing and just too disgusting to talk about, but not for the “Lloyds Bank Coprolite” which is currently the largest fossilized human poop ever found and being displayed in a museum exhibit. As treasure hunters, the first question that often come into our minds is, “How much or worth is it?”

According to Dr. Andrew Jones who was the leading paleo-scatologist who studied the fossilized turd has a jaw-dropping statement of, “It’s as irreplaceable as the Crown jewels. For those who does not, Dr. Jones is referring to the Crown jewels of the United Kingdom or England which composed of several precious objects made out of gold, silver and gemstones. Total estimates of all these items could be at least around 3 Billion pounds. It’s really that hard to imagine that such kind of … Read the rest

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