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This post is another topic about antique objects which are a set of pocket knives and a cooking pot. Before we proceed further, I would like to inform you that these antiques are not mine. The real owner of these objects have contacted me to help him find an interested collector who would like to buy these items from him. So to any interested collectors out there, the contact details of the person who currently own these vintage items is posted at the end of this post.

Small Antique Knives

As you can see on the photo below, there are two small knives that is definitely antiques. You can tell it by the looks of their blades. But the most interesting part is that, they do have a very artistic design specifically the handle and the blade cover. I can tell that those kind … Read the rest

As promised from my previous post, I will try to help our community who are in possession of antiques and wants to sell them to any interested collectors out there. On this post, I would like to introduce an antique item which is a “metal water pitcher with a basin”.

A water pitcher is a very common object that can be found in the kitchen where it is used as a container for clean drinking water or any other drinkable form of substances. The reason is because of its design specifically the spout which is very useful when pouring out the liquid preventing it from spillage.

If you are an American, then the term pitcher is more commonly known as a “jug”.

Now, this featured antique water pitcher consist of a basin. It is like a saucer plate where you place the pitcher … Read the rest

While on my vacation, my fellow treasure hunters in the Philippines contacted me about an interesting discovery which is a unique and antique “Wooden Lucky Travelling Buddha”. Of course, they don’t know anything about the Buddha until I told them that it was a lucky Buddha used by most Feng Shui experts to attract positive chi energy. For those who knows nothing about Feng Shui, this Buddha is known to bring “good blessings”.

The wooden Buddha was discovered by a certain individual who claimed that he mysteriously dreamed about it. A spirit contacted him through his dream telling about the hidden Buddha and its location which is at a certain hidden cave. So he went into the location and dug the spot according to his dream. He was astounded when he found a concealed entrance to a cave.

Near the entrance, he discovered … Read the rest

There are now several “Philippine Archaeological Artifacts” discovered by Filipino archaeologists in the country and brought them to the Philippine National Museums for public views. These discoveries only proves that early Filipino people were already cultivating the land since the ancient period of time. And, they had left us many amazing treasures and artifacts which shows the incredible beauty of our ancient cultures.

Today, archaeologists still keep on discovering interesting artifacts or Philippine National Treasures which we are about to cover down below. But as a warning to all fellow Filipino treasure hunters, be warned that when you got caught by the authorities having possession of any of these Philippine cultural artifacts, this could put you to jail. Thus, if you find any of them then it’s best to surrender the artifact to the Philippine National Museum. The good thing to all treasure hunters is … Read the rest

Throughout history, Philippine coins had undergone a lot of changes. As a result, they have varied designs produced at different period of time or era. Old coins are also much easier to find as compared to the old paper-money because they tend to last much longer especially when properly cared.

Both old coins and paper-money can be pretty expensive which depends on various several factors.

As a treasure hunter or coin-collector, you may encounter the following old type of coins:

1. Colonial Coins
2. Spanish Philippine Coins
3. Philippine American Coins
4. Culion Coins
5. Philippine Republic Coins

History of the Philippine Coins

Utilization of coins in the Philippines weren’t first introduced by the Spaniards to the Filipinos when they came to colonize the country. According to some Filipino historians, Filipino ancestors were already trading goods with their own coins made out of pure gold.… Read the rest

Filipino treasures and antiques are ancient relics that belonged to the early Filipino people. Philippine archaeologists consider these items as “Philippine National Treasures” because they hold valuable pieces of information about the early culture of their ancestors.

Is the “Yamashita Treasure” considered PNT (Philippine National Treasures)?

The Yamashita Treasure actually consists of “war loots” plundered by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) mostly from different Asian countries back in WW2 (World War II). Since most of them do not originally belong in the Philippines, they are “not considered as PNT”. The same case goes to the “Spanish/Spaniards hidden treasures” in the country.

Treasures and Antiques

Top 5 Filipino Treasures and Antiques Recovered by Archaeologists

Filipino archaeologists in the Philippines actually keeps on finding newly discovered ancient relics and artifacts of their early ancestors. Through the study of these remnants of the past, it clearly shows … Read the rest

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