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Many of you my fellow Filipino (Pinoy) treasure hunters have been asking for my assistance on how to purchase Dexpan product from the Amazon store. Some of you are even asking for an alternative product that is available at the local stores here in the Philippines. But based on my research, sad to say that there is “currently none”.

When buying products from the online Amazon Store, there are actually some specific products with this kind of statement:

This item does not ship to ***, Philippines. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally.

The statement is saying the same thing as, “this product is not available for sale in your country”. And unfortunately, Dexpan is one among these products.

How to Buy Dexpan or Other Amazon Products and Ship it in the Philippines?

Thanks to the services offered by Johnny Air Read the rest

Recently, the majority of comments that I replied were all issues regarding about breaking hard rocks and concretes. So to all fellow treasure hunters in the Philippines, I would like to introduce a commercial product known as Dexpan Concrete Demolition Agent.Before we proceed on discussing more about Dexpan, let us have a brief discussion about how the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) built those incredibly tough concretes.

The JIA actually used some kind of secret chemical formula that they often mixed into the cement. Based on my experiences as a TH (treasure hunter), I noticed that their concrete are composed of pure cement. They do not use sands as an added mixture. Although, they sometimes mix pebbles or broken pieces of clam shells on some of their concretes.

Using manual tools such as chisel and large hammer will not work against the … Read the rest

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