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Before you read this post, I highly suggest that you should read my other post about “Do Dowsing Rods Really Work?” It’s because on this post, I have covered all the important and necessary preparations before you can properly operate your dowsing tool to produce accurate result.

Now, what I am about to introduce to you on this post is a simple dowsing L rod technique which is commonly known as the “Triangulation Method”. By applying this method, you will be able to locate the accurate digging spot of your hidden target particularly the buried treasure deposit on your site.

This strategy is called Triangulation Method because you will be dowsing on three different spots on your suspected area. And on these three spots, you need to form a triangle which will be shown on the succeeding illustrations below.

Choose a Random Spot

The … Read the rest

One of you guys have brought out a question about natural objects which can be used as dowsing tools for detecting buried or hidden treasures. And the question is, “Do they really work or are they really effective?”

These natural objects being referred here comes in several different forms. But the most common dowsing tool that is widely used is the “Y shape” twigs made out from branches of trees. Other objects are crystals (particularly used as pendulum), bones and even just water (some call the process as “water witching” or “water divination”).

I actually do have a close friend (not Dave whom I mentioned on the other post) who is also a fellow Treasure Hunter and his expertise is using natural dowsing tools particularly branches from different kinds of trees. Of course, he had some great and amazing success of … Read the rest

Aside from the popular dowsing L-rods comes the “Pendulums”. This is a tool consisting of a tipped object with a string of wire, chain or cord attached to the other end. The person performing the dowsing procedure will be holding the wire hanging the tipped object or the pendulum freely on the air.

As the dowser operates, the pendulum will either stay “still” or “swing” around. If it stays still or not moving, it means that no item can be detected from the area that is being dowsed. But if the pendulum swings or moves, it is a confirmation that the item is being detected.

Pendulum dowsers actually tends to communicate to their tool. Deep within their own mind, they will ask their pendulum questions like “Is the item hidden on this spot?, Is it here? Are there dangers involve? and etc…”. Although, … Read the rest

Out from the traditional dowsing rods comes a technology known as, “Electronic Dowsing Rods”. The main difference between the two is that, the classic type of dowsing rods doesn’t require batteries to be operated unlike the electronic dowsing rods. But, electronic dowsing rods are a lot more easier to control and can be operated by almost anyone due to their advance user-friendly technological features.

In the previous posts, Do Dowsing Really Work? We discussed that we humans have a very low frequency vibration of 11 Hz. Since gold items have high frequency vibrations, you need to tune into that frequency level of gold (which can be done by holding a piece of gold into your hand) in order to detect it with your traditional dowsing rods.

Electronic Dowsing Rods

Now, when it comes to electronic dowsing rods, these tools are equipped with advance circuitry that … Read the rest

Many treasures hunters often ask the question, “Do dowsing rods really work?”. As my own personal opinion, it all depends to the individual or user of the tool. In other words, “it works” for some while “it does not work” for others.

Dowsing rod is not actually just a tool to detect hidden treasures buried underground. It is more popularly used to locate water and mineral deposits. And surprisingly, this tool is also used to find missing people, missing objects, ghosts and buried land mines during the previous wars. In general, it can actually detect “anything!”.

It is indeed a very quite intriguing tool used for locating missing or hidden items. However, there are only few individuals who can dowse with good accuracy. The reason is that, gaining a good dowsing skill really takes a lot of patience and plenty of time for … Read the rest

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