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The San Jose shipwreck is known by many as the “holy grail of shipwrecks” due to the reason that these sunken Spanish galleon do contain precious cargo. According to most sources, the ships were carrying valuable items which is estimated to be about “billions of dollars” in today’s equivalent currency.

On November 27th, 2015, an expedition group managed to discover the exact location of the shipwreck. This has drawn a lot of curious individuals to ask, “How deep is the San Jose shipwreck?”

With the help of today’s advance technology, the team of explorers had discovered the shipwreck “at a depth of more than 600 meters”.

Remnants of the San Jose Shipwreck

When the San Jose shipwreck was finally discovered at a depth of more than 600 meters below the surface, an underwater photo was taken. Basing from the photo, there are clear images … Read the rest

We all know that human body wastes are worth nothing and just too disgusting to talk about, but not for the “Lloyds Bank Coprolite” which is currently the largest fossilized human poop ever found and being displayed in a museum exhibit. As treasure hunters, the first question that often come into our minds is, “How much or worth is it?”

According to Dr. Andrew Jones who was the leading paleo-scatologist who studied the fossilized turd has a jaw-dropping statement of, “It’s as irreplaceable as the Crown jewels. For those who does not, Dr. Jones is referring to the Crown jewels of the United Kingdom or England which composed of several precious objects made out of gold, silver and gemstones. Total estimates of all these items could be at least around 3 Billion pounds. It’s really that hard to imagine that such kind of … Read the rest

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