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In one of our previous projects, we have uncovered some antiques wherein we believed that they were markers used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as clues to their hidden treasure deposit.

As you can see in the image below, we found three different types of antique objects. We uncovered them at different depths in our dig site.


Based on my research, I came to know that these two similar objects with lumps on their top portion are pieces of an old musical instrument known as “Kulintang”. Kulintang usually has a total of 5 to 9 pieces but we currently uncovered only two pieces of them.

To tell you more about Kulintang, it is actually an ancient musical instrument and no historical record can disclose where it originally came from. The only record we have is that this ancient musical instrument became a … Read the rest

According to research, every one of us always does have a dream every time that we go to sleep. But there are a few individuals who claim that they do not have dreams. Experts’ explanation about this is that they actually do have a dream but the problem is that they just can’t remember it.

In this post, we are going to further discuss more about dreams and treasures.

When it comes to dreams, some details about it can give you important information about what might happen in your future.

So when you have a dream about digging a buried treasure, this could mean that there is a huge positive change in your life that’s coming. This positive change can be in the form of financial, relationship, or other things where money is not involved.

But what most of your guys are interested about is … Read the rest

Let’s discuss more about the elusive egg shape rock that has been gaining some attention. So in this post I am going to share to you the interesting story of a Japanese General who had hidden the undocumented largest diamond in the world.

Back in the 1970s, I came to know a Japanese General who served the Japanese Imperial Army. Although, I will not mention his name to protect the privacy of his own family. This is due to the reason that they are residents here in the Philippines since he married a Filipina as his second wife. And also, one of his sons became one of my crew members.

According to this Japanese General, they had already buried many treasure deposits across different parts of the entire country. There were so many of them that he could no longer remember how many cargo ships … Read the rest

“Yoshio Yamakawa” (87 years old) and “Tsuzuki Nakauchi” (85 years old) are both Japanese Imperial Army war veterans who hid themselves in the dense forest of southern Philippines, Mindanao. And surprisingly, after 60 years of hiding, they were finally discovered by a Filipina Businesswomen.

With a good intention to help the WW2 Japanese soldier veterans, the Filipina Businesswomen contacted her friend in Japan. And through her friend, an old former Japanese military doctor (93 years old) was consulted for help (based from the Kyodo News report).

When the doctor went into the Philippines to confront his two fellow soldiers, he came to know that both Yamakawa and Nakauchi refused to surrender because they were afraid of facing the court martial even though, they really wanted to go back home to Japan.

60 Years in Hiding

According to the Japan’s historical report, they belonged to the 30th Division of Infantry. … Read the rest

There are now several “Philippine Archaeological Artifacts” discovered by Filipino archaeologists in the country and brought them to the Philippine National Museums for public views. These discoveries only proves that early Filipino people were already cultivating the land since the ancient period of time. And, they had left us many amazing treasures and artifacts which shows the incredible beauty of our ancient cultures.

Today, archaeologists still keep on discovering interesting artifacts or Philippine National Treasures which we are about to cover down below. But as a warning to all fellow Filipino treasure hunters, be warned that when you got caught by the authorities having possession of any of these Philippine cultural artifacts, this could put you to jail. Thus, if you find any of them then it’s best to surrender the artifact to the Philippine National Museum. The good thing to all treasure hunters is … Read the rest

When speaking about “Gold Treasures” found in the Philippines, the first things that comes into people’s mind is the hidden Yamashita Treasure. A war-loot taken by the Japanese Imperial Army from different countries that they had invaded in the Second World War.

There’s also interesting rumors that the Japanese Imperial Army were the once who took the mysterious missing “Nazi” or “Adolf Hitler” gold and brought it to the Philippines. I think that there is a good possibility because there are some recovered Japanese hidden treasures in the Philippines that do belong to the Germans.

Top Gold Treasures Recovered in the Philippines

Gold Treasures

1. Ancient Gold Treasures Found in Butuan Mindanao

Other than the Yamashita Treasures, one of the most popular archaeological sites in the Philippines where a large pile of ancient gold treasures were found is at Butuan, Mindanao. This place is filled … Read the rest

Upon hearing the word “Black Coffin Treasure”, you might already have an idea regarding about it. Although, most people actually have the wrong impression that it is a black coffin filled with valuable treasures such as gold, diamonds and etc…

Unfortunately, this black coffin treasure does not contain valuable items but a highly dangerous “transuranic radioactive chemical element”. It is a type of material used in creating powerful nuclear weapons. As for human benefits, it is used as nuclear reactors which provide a good source of energy.

According to some sources, the black coffin were carried by the U.S. Navy and for some unknown reason, they dropped them in the Philippine seas.

So is this Black Coffin treasure real or fake?

Again, according to some sources, there is no historical records from the US Military about the exact locations where these black coffins … Read the rest

Both Luzon and Mindanao has the highest number of Japanese treasure deposits in their regions. In Luzon, most hidden treasures consists of “small to medium-size” volume of deposits. Although, there are only about 9 large deposits and some of them has already been recovered. In Mindanao, there are actually more hidden deposits which consists of “small to large-size” volume of deposits. And unlike in Luzon, most of them are yet to be recovered.

Luzon has already undergone a lot of renovations and development made either by the government or commercial establishments. Large structures such as malls, parks, hotels and government offices are now constructed all over the place. As a result, it’s quite impossible to recover any Yamashita treasure deposit within or nearby such places. Anyway, there are still a lot of good places that remains untouched with possible treasure deposits on them.

In Mindanao, … Read the rest

Most of you are already familiar about the case of a TH (treasure hunter), Rogelio Roger Domingo Roxas. He was actually an ordinary Filipino soldier and locksmith who uncovered several Yamashita treasure deposits in the Philippines.

Roxas’ first successful recovery were composed of gold bars and some precious antiques. He and his men discovered them inside a cave at the northern region of Manila. Roxas had many other undocumented recoveries but his second greatest discovery was the deposit hidden at the BGH (Baguio General Hospital) in Baguio City. According to him, they found a statue of unique golden Buddha with removable head.

Buddha Head

Golden Buddha Recovered in Baguio City

It was on 1970 when Roxas and his crew started working on a certain area near the BGH hospital. They were working on it for several months until they happen to uncover an underground … Read the rest

Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was known all over the world not because of his incredible amount of wealth but his exceptional intelligence. Unlike all previous Philippine presidents and even those who succeeded him, Marcos displayed his brilliant mind to the public by delivering his speeches without reading any notes.

If you want to learn more about Marcos’ amazing intellect and accomplishments, Wikipedia is a good source of such information. So let us more focus on this post about his accumulated wealth.

Believe it or not, Marcos had uncovered several large Yamashita treasures particularly during his reign of presidency. As the president and supreme chief commander of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines), he utilized the army for the excavation of the hidden Yamashita treasures for his own gain. Unfortunately, he also utilized his power to confiscate other treasure … Read the rest

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