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One of the popular detectors used by most treasure hunters here in the Philippines in searching for the hidden Yamashita treasure is the “AKS Locator”. Based on my own personal opinion, it claimed its popularity due to its affordable price. But the huge question is, “Is it really worth it?”

Before we answer that question, let’s first go over the product description of the AKS Locator according to its manufacturer.

Battery Operated

AKS Locator may look similar to the traditional “L-Rod Dowsing” tool but one of their main differences is that this one is battery operated. So before you go out on the field to detect, make sure that your battery is new or fully charged. It’s because low battery power could affect the efficiency of your AKS Locator.

Long Range Detection

According to the AKS Locator manufacturer, this tool is designed by them … Read the rest

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