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We have a fellow treasure hunter in this community who has sent me a video of a person conducting a dowsing operation inside the room of his own house. What he would like to know is my own opinion about the person performing the dowsing operation if it is reliable or not.

Unfortunately, I cannot post the video here on my blog but you can watch it on my YouTube Channel (Treasure Hunt Club).

Based on my own observation, I can say that the person operating his L-Rod dowsing tool seems to know how to use it.

He has stable or steady hands when handling the tool.

However, the main issue that I noticed here is the location which is inside the house.

You have to know that it is not easy to conduct dowsing operations inside the house.

This is due … Read the rest

One of the popular detectors used by most treasure hunters here in the Philippines in searching for the hidden Yamashita treasure is the “AKS Locator”. Based on my own personal opinion, it claimed its popularity due to its affordable price. But the huge question is, “Is it really worth it?”

Before we answer that question, let’s first go over the product description of the AKS Locator according to its manufacturer.

Battery Operated

AKS Locator may look similar to the traditional “L-Rod Dowsing” tool but one of their main differences is that this one is battery operated. So before you go out on the field to detect, make sure that your battery is new or fully charged. It’s because low battery power could affect the efficiency of your AKS Locator.

Long Range Detection

According to the AKS Locator manufacturer, this tool is designed by them … Read the rest

Back in the old days, there are actually many places to metal detect without permission from the people who are in-charge or owner of the property. But today, things are now changing. Governments are implementing laws prohibiting such kind of activity. While, property owners would immediately forbid when asked for their permission.

Anyway, don’t lose hope. There are still many available places where you can go metal hunting without the need of asking for authorization from anyone.

So where are these places?

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places

There are sure many places where you can go and metal detect but there is nothing compared to locations that are considered as “abandoned sites”. The main reason why abandoned places are the best hunting ground is that you will be uncovering a lot of better findings.

Some good examples are abandoned parks, schools, and many other places where people … Read the rest

As a treasure hunter, metal detector is an essential equipment that plays an important role in locating a certain hidden item particularly under the ground. I actually own several of them because each model and brand have their own unique features or have better performance than the others on certain ground conditions.

There is actually no MD (metal detector) that is yet to be invented where it dominates all other equipment on the market. If this would be the case then it will be the end-game for all the competition of MDs in the market today.

So how much budget do you really need for a MD that is designed for treasure hunters?

THs (treasure hunters) are categorized into two general groups. The first and most common THs around are those that are very reliant on their MDs. It’s because they target valuable items … Read the rest

Do you metal detect underwater or during the rainy season? If yes then you definitely need a waterproof MD (metal detector). There are plenty of them that are available on the market today but there is a huge issue about them when it comes to their headphones.

Headphones are usually sold separately from the main unit. If it is included then you will most likely get just an ordinary or standard headphone which is not waterproof.

As a treasure hunter who currently lives in the tropical region of the world where rain do often occurs, a waterproof designed headphone is very important to me. In fact, I even prefer to metal detect when it’s raining (but as long as there is no presence of thunder and lightning).

Treasure hunters who also goes to the extreme of metal detecting under the water can only best receive … Read the rest

In the metal hunting industry, one of the most popular and reputable brand known by many hobbyists is the “Garrett Metal Detectors”. But for those who are new, one of the most common question that is often asked is that, “Are Garrett Metal Detectors any good for hunting or locating valuable finds?” Well, let’s find out.

Garrett brand have actually established their reputation in manufacturing MDs (metal detectors) for several years now. Of course, they won’t be able to continue producing such products if they are not able to create MDs that provides satisfying result to the users.

My research lead me to some experienced hunters who claimed that Garrett is the best brand of MD which is according to their own personal opinions.


High Quality Design

Through all those years of manufacturing MDs, the company already made a lot of adjustments and … Read the rest

If you do not have a pin pointer then you will come across some trouble trying to locate the exact spot of your target especially for small sized objects. But with the help of a reliable pin pointer, you will be able to save your precious time allowing you to move to the next area. This means, the faster you are able cover more grounds often results into more findings.

On this post, I would like to introduce two of the most popular pin pointer accessory in metal detecting industry which are the “Garrett Pro Pointer 2” and the “Garrett Pro Pointer AT”. The AT Pro Pointer is actually the first model released by the manufacturer while the Pro Pointer 2 came next. So does this mean that the Pro Pointer 2 is the new and improved model of the AT model? Let’s find … Read the rest

Majority of our Treasure Hunt Club community are asking me about the best electronic equipment that I use in all of my treasure hunting projects. So on this post, I will cover one of my favorite tool which is the “Jeohunter 3D Metal Detector System”. Like any other metal detector, it is designed by the manufacturer to detect different types of metals underground. But, what makes it more reliable among others is that, it can actually detect targets even at extreme depths.

This equipment comes with three different search coils for different purposes and it is the key that allows you to discover gold or any various forms of precious metals underground. In my own personal opinion, it is the search coil and not the component’s box is what allows this device to penetrate deeper as compared to any other metal detectors.

As a … Read the rest

If you are new in the field of metal detecting hobby trying to explore if it gains you the interest, it’s actually best to start by choosing the “best metal detector for beginners” that suits your needs. Some people who attempts to engage on this kind of activity tends to lose their interest due to their wrong chosen equipment. But with the right tool on your hand, there’s good chances that you will enjoy this interesting outdoor activity.

As beginners, it is highly suggested that you should first settle down on a reliable cheap metal detector.

Don’t go buy your metal detector from a Toy Store or Children’s Department Stores because they are basically designed as toys for small kids. They are not really worth using in finding good valuable items buried underground.

The best place to find a professional quality and best metal … Read the rest

Metal detector (MD) is a very important tool for most of us THs (treasure hunters). Treasure hunting without a MD is actually a huge lost on your part unless you are working on a site where you already know the exact location of your buried target. Or, there are signs that clearly tells you what exactly you need to do.

Coin hunters tends to use standard or even cheap metal detectors in locating their targets underground. MDs on this category can only detect shallow depth and they are quite good at detecting small pieces of metallic objects. This makes the tool perfect in locating lost coins or jewelries that were accidentally dropped by people in the past. It’s because they are likely buried at shallow depths.

Yamashita THs use a different level of MDs that are far more sophisticated and powerful (in terms of depth Read the rest

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