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As stated on the title of this post, the “Boot of Cortez” is the largest gold nugget found in the Western territory. But unlike any other large gold nugget discoveries, this one has an interesting feature and story of the finder on how he was able to uncover it.

Let us first start about the discovery of the Boot of Cortez.

The Location

The story about the discovery of the Boot of Cortez started way back in the year 1989. In the Mexican state of Sonora, there is a place called “Caborca” which is situated close to the “Gran Desierto de Altar”. About 60 miles from the west is the “Sea of Cortez” which is more popularly known as the “Gulf of California”. 70 miles towards the North is the Arizona border.

The Livelihood

Ranching is the main livelihood of Caborca’s community … Read the rest

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