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March 15, 2017 – Several years later since Roger Rogelio Roxas excavated a large pile of treasure deposit somewhere around the area of the Baguio General Hospital (BGH), the City Council just recently gave permission to another treasure hunter Eliseo Cabusao Jr. Although, his mission is not to recover those treasures left behind by Roxas but to uncover another treasure deposit from a different site which is at the Baguio Convention Center (BCC).

Cabusao is strongly confident that buried somewhere around the premises of the BCC is a hidden Yamashita treasure.

The meeting between Cabusao and the City Council was a closed door which means, there were parts of their discussion that is not intended to be disclosed to the public.

Both parties came to an agreement but with some conditions involve. It is actually a set of conditions made more on the side … Read the rest

Some people simply thought that old Spanish sunken ships containing valuable treasures such as gold coins are just a mere myth or legend. But recently, there was a confirmed 300 years old shipwreck that rightfully belongs to the Spaniards which was found laying in the water-bed of Florida’s Atlantic Coast.The interesting story started when a diver named, “William Bartlett” decided to explore the wrecked Spanish ship under the water of Florida’s Atlantic Coast. He was along with “Jonah Martinez” who was the Captain of his boat.

At first, Bartlett dived down under the water with a metal detector on his hand. Then, it only took him a few minutes to uncover his first Spanish gold coin. As he continued detecting, he found another gold coin and then another. So he kept on detecting until he couldn’t carry them anymore. According to some sources, he filled … Read the rest

“Yoshio Yamakawa” (87 years old) and “Tsuzuki Nakauchi” (85 years old) are both Japanese Imperial Army war veterans who hid themselves in the dense forest of southern Philippines, Mindanao. And surprisingly, after 60 years of hiding, they were finally discovered by a Filipina Businesswomen.

With a good intention to help the WW2 Japanese soldier veterans, the Filipina Businesswomen contacted her friend in Japan. And through her friend, an old former Japanese military doctor (93 years old) was consulted for help (based from the Kyodo News report).

When the doctor went into the Philippines to confront his two fellow soldiers, he came to know that both Yamakawa and Nakauchi refused to surrender because they were afraid of facing the court martial even though, they really wanted to go back home to Japan.

60 Years in Hiding

According to the Japan’s historical report, they belonged to the 30th Division of Infantry. … Read the rest

There is an on-going viral video circulating around various social medias regarding about “giant human skeletons” excavated in Davao Oriental, Philippines. It was a very shocking discovery that proves the existence of giant humans in the ancient period of time.

As a treasure hunter, most human skeletons that we encountered belong to an ordinary human race just like us. They were either the remains of civilians or soldiers in past. And in terms of Japanese or Yamashita hidden treasures, we consider them as an important sign.

Japanese Treasures Discovered in Davao City

The City of Davao, Philippines is indeed filled with several hidden Japanese treasure deposits. This is the main reason why there are numerous treasure hunters visiting the place.

Based on my research and investigation, I found out that back in 1960, somebody was able to recover a large volume of … Read the rest

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