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Many have been asking if I am buying Philippine old coins. Since I am a coin collector (which is aside from being a treasure hunter), the answer is “yes”. However, this does not mean that I am collecting hoards of old coins. I only carefully select those that I would like to buy which is to be added to my set of collections.

I actually find it surprising that a lot of interested individuals have contacted me where they sent the details and photos of their old coins. Unfortunately, I already have most of them in my possession.

There are only few that I gained interests and we are still in the process of negotiation.

I really do appreciate all those who gave their time to showcase their old coins where I enjoyed checking them out.

Anyway, feel free to post the details of … Read the rest

Majority are asking if I am buying Philippine old coins. The answer is “yes”, but as a collector only, I do not really want to buy hoards of similar old coins.

I just need one piece of coin that I still do not have in my possession then that would be already good enough for me.

Thus, to all those who sent photos of their old coins that I already have, thank you for the offer and time of showing them to me.

Anyway, you may also want to post details of your old coins on the comment below in case other interested coin collectors might stumble to this post and gain the interest of buying them.


Read the rest

If you are an old Philippine coin collector or simply an individual who just happen to be keeping some old coins then you may want to check them. It’s because you might have one or few of those Philippine old coins with high value.

There is actually a long of list of Philippine old coins that are now worth a lot of money today which is mainly due to their “rarity”. So if you happen to have even just one of them, old coin collectors will surely be interested to buy it at an unbelievable amount of price.

On this post, we will be covering only the top ten Philippine old coins with high value and demand from many collectors:

1. 1903 50 Centavos Coin

This 1903 50 centavos coin were issued by the USPI, a time when the Philippine coinage were under … Read the rest

In the past few years, Filipinos have already experienced numerous changes on the physical features of their currencies. Back in November 29, 2017, a new design of the 5 peso Philippine coin was released by the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas).

On one side of the coin, it features the face of “Andres Bonifacio” who was a great Filipino revolutionary leader. And the reason why the BSP had chosen him, it was to commemorate his 154th birthday. The obverse of the coin bears the usual marking “Republika ng Pilipinas” which is also found in many other coins. Also, it includes is his name which is probably to help Filipinos easily distinguish who’s the image on the 5 peso coin.


At the opposite side of the coin, it features an image of a plant. This is a Philippine type of plant called, “Tayabak”. … Read the rest

One of the most popular coin used in circulation during the time of the late Philippine president, Ferdinand E. Marcos was the “5 peso coin” dated either from 1975 to 1978 or 1979 to 1982. These coins were labeled as “Ang Bagong Lipunan”. The English translation is “The New Society”.

There are actually one major difference of the 5 peso coins dated with 1975 to 1978 from the 1979 to 1982 counterpart. These difference is perhaps used by most sellers in pricing their coins to interested buyers.

I do own a few of these 5 peso coins but I do not have any intentions of selling it to anyone. It’s because they are very nice for display purposes and it holds some valuable information about the Philippine history.

But if you have a hoard of these 5 peso coins and you are … Read the rest

The “evolution of money in the Philippines” actually portrays the culture and civilization of the country in the past and up to the present. It symbolizes all events holding some vital information about the Philippine history.

“Bartering” or “direct barter exchange” was the very first trading method used in the ancient period of the Philippines. There was no money involved but they used an actual item to exchange it to another different product.

Let’s say for example that you have a rice field where you produce and harvest plenty of rice. However, you do not have poultry which means you crave for meats. What you have to do is to visit villages or a market trading place where you can look for other people who are willing to trade their meat products with your rice.

The main drawdown of barter exchange was the hassle of … Read the rest

Are you looking for “old coins buyer of the Philippine 1972 one peso coin” or are you a seller? Discussed and covered on this post are some important information that you may need to know about.

Old coin collectors of the Philippines can offer the best buying price of your 1972 one peso coin. They are even willing to pay more if they still don’t have it on their set of collections. But if you are on a rush, then perhaps you can sell it to your local jewelry makers to turn them into various forms of marvelous jewelries.

The coin consist of Dr. Jose Rizal’s head with his left side-view which is similar to the previous 1971 version. On the opposite side, it bears the marker of “Republika ng Pilipinas” and “Banko Sentral” along with the year when it was minted which … Read the rest

You might have already heard the 1971 one peso old coin. If not then according to rumors, there were 100 pieces special edition of 1 peso old coins that was released by the BSP (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas) to the public. And aside from their rarity, these 1 peso old coins can be the most expensive coin in the Philippines due to their claimed value reaching up to 1 million pesos.What is so special about them?The ordinary 1971 one peso coin and its rare counterpart do have similar face on one side which is the face of Dr. Jose Rizal. But on the other side, they have completely different faces. The ordinary once have the symbol representing the Republic of the Philippines. While, the rare once do have the symbol of an opened book which is the Noli Me Read the rest

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