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Recently, there has been a growing interest about Carbonado black diamonds in the Philippines the reason why many individuals often asks the questions regarding about its price.

For those who does not know, Carbonado black diamonds is more commonly known as “black diamonds”. It is actually a type of diamond that is opaque and has black color. Black diamonds are completely different from any traditional diamonds which are formed or created from the Earth’s mantle. You may be surprised to know that these black diamonds are believed to have been formed in the outer space. Theory suggests that such precious stone could have been created due to supernova explosion or a collision between two stars. Thus, this is the main reason why such object is incredibly rare and valuable.

What are Carbonado Black Diamonds?

Again, Carbonado black diamonds is completely a unique type of … Read the rest

As treasure hunters, we all aware that the Yamashita Treasure is composed of stolen treasures that came from various counties in Southeast Asia. Such stolen treasures includes gold bars, jewelries, golden Buddhas, and many precious artifacts.

Sumatra gold bars are often associated with the hidden Yamashita treasures because there treasure signs indicating such treasure deposits. Aside from the Sumatra gold bars, there are also treasure signs referring to Burma gold bars as treasure deposits.

So what exactly is Sumatra gold bar?

For those who does not know, Sumatra gold bars are gold bars that are produced in Sumatra island which is in Indonesia. What makes them quite interesting is that they are made of 99.99 percent pure gold. This is the reason why there are so many investors and collectors that are interested in buying them.

Sumatra gold bars are available in various different sizes. … Read the rest

Allege Yamashita Treasure Maps are also in circulation around the region of Visayas. However, we cannot confirm the authenticity of these maps if they are legit or fake. You have to know that some Yamashita Treasure maps are fakes where scammers made them and sold them for profit.

In this article, let’s discuss what we need to know about Yamashita treasures hidden in the region of Visayas. Let’s take a short look about the history of the Japanese Imperial Army and their activities in this region especially relating to their hidden treasure loot. Aside from this, is their Yamashita treasure maps.

For those who are new, Yamashita treasure refers to the looted valuable items hidden in the different parts of the Philippines during the previous World War II by the Japanese Imperial Army forces under the command of General Tomoyuki Yamashita. These looted valuable items … Read the rest

Bukidnon is located at the Northern Mindanao region and its capital is the city of Malaybalay. In the previous Second World War, many events took place in this place between the battle of the Japanese Imperial Army and the combined forces of the Allied Forces.

As treasure hunters, we believed that Bukidnon is one of the places in the Philippines with many hidden Yamashita treasure deposits. There are also rumored Yamashita treasure maps indicating some treasure deposit spots in this region. So these are the topics that we are going to discuss on this article.

Bukidnon has a lot of history regarding about the invasion of the Japanese Imperial Army in this region. But as a treasure hunter, it is common knowledge that every region where the Japanese soldiers occupied in the Philippines had hidden Yamashita treasure deposits.

One of the possible reason why the … Read the rest

Holes is by far the most commonly used treasure sign left behind by the Japanese Imperial Army (JIA) soldiers as clues to their hidden Yamashita treasure deposits. However, the problem with holes as treasure markers is that there are also too many holes around that were made by nature which means that they have nothing to do anything about a certain hidden valuable item.

In order to recognize a hole as a legit Yamashita treasure sign, where are several steps that we have to consider and this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

But first, what does it mean when we discovered a legit hole as a Yamashita treasure sign?

Hole as a Yamashita treasure sign can have several and varied meanings. It’s because holes are not commonly used by the Japanese soldiers as a single marker. Hole or holes often … Read the rest

I have encountered another interesting comment which I need to answer in this blog post because I think this needs to be known by everyone.

Our fellow treasure hunter in this community had asked me about the sharing of their project where they have an interested financier to continue their operation.

Before I get to answer this concern, I would like everyone to know that my response to this particular concern is not a rule that all treasure hunter need to follow. It’s because my response is solely based on the rules that we implement in our own group.

According to our fellow treasure hunter, he and some of his companions had started their excavations some time ago. But due to their lack of funds, they were unable to continue their operation.

But recently, an interested person came and offered to finance their project. So … Read the rest

Some of you here are from the region of Zambales and one of their common questions is that they would like to know if there are buried Yamashita treasures in their place. My answer to this question is “Yes”. There are Yamashita treasure deposits in this region where there are already many treasure hunters including foreigners searching for them.

Back in 2018, a group of treasure hunters were arrested in Capones Island because they were conducting an unauthorized treasure hunting activity.

According to the website Philippine News Agency, this group of treasure hunters were conducting their operation for more than a month. And what surprises me here is that they managed to dig just a depth of only 16ft. My crew can actually dig a depth of 30ft or even much deeper in just a month. If the ground is too loose then … Read the rest

Someone had asked me if you can rely on the standard size and weight of the Yamashita gold bars as a main basis in determining the authenticity of the item. My quick answer to this concern is “No”.

There is actually a standard size and weight for all gold bars including the gold bars hidden by the Japanese Imperial Army in the previous Second World War. But this is not good enough to be used as a basis in determining the authenticity of the gold bar. It’s because there are many ways on how this can be tricked.

Still, the best method is to thoroughly examine the gold which can either be through the use of chemical or mechanical means. But today, there is a new technology known as “XRF Spectrometer”. This is a device that uses radiation to analyze the material composition … Read the rest

There are some rumors about the creature called “carabao” claiming that they can locate buried Yamashita treasure.

Do these creatures really have the ability to locate buried treasure deposits under the ground? Can they accurately pin-point the exact digging spot? These are the two major questions that we are going to discuss in this post.

Carabao is a common type of animal found in most Asian countries which includes the Philippines. And they are commonly used to help farmers in tilling their land farm. So in the Philippines, they considered the carabaos as their National Animal.


However, the introduction of new farming technologies to farmers for more efficient and increase of product pushed the poor creatures to their near extinction. Since the owners of the carabaos are now using machines for farming, they no longer have any use for these creatures. Thus, they end up … Read the rest

In the previous post, we discussed the “chambers” which are often large spacious rooms under the ground built by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) soldiers to hide their treasure loot.

But the question here by many is, “How can we correctly break the seal of the chamber?”

If you have not yet read our previous discussion about the chambers, then I suggest that you should read it first before this post. It’s because we covered in the previous post everything you need to know about chambers. But if you have already read the post then you may continue reading.

The most common problem by many treasure hunters when it comes to chambers are the “seal” or the obstacles that block the entrance. These blockages are actually very hard to break or cleared-off to gain entry inside the chamber.

The main reason why it is pretty … Read the rest

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