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As treasure hunters, we often uncover white metallic objects from our excavation sites. And if you are an amateur, you will most likely come up into a conclusion that it is probably just another piece of ordinary metal scrap that you found. What most amateurs do not know is that, there is actually a so called “White Gold” which has very close similarities to silver and platinum in terms of their physical looks or appearance.

When it comes to the market price value of gold, white is comparable to yellow but provided that, the two objects being compared are equal in “purity”.

So in order not to throw any of your precious findings by mistake, it is very important that you must know how to identify and differentiate white gold objects from ordinary silver metals that you found.

White Gold do not tarnishRead the rest

Before you can sell your diamonds, it actually has to undergo a series of tests to confirm their authenticity. Expert appraiser actually have special tools that aids them on their inspection. They use heat probe, microscope, UV, X-Ray and etc…

As treasure hunters, we normally find strange and precious looking stones or jewelries and wonder if they are diamonds or not. It would really be a hassle for us running to an expert appraiser just for us to know.

In order to avoid such hassle, there are actually some basic methods that you can perform to test a diamond without the need of consulting the professionals.

Real Diamond

Method 1: The Fog Method

This method is called “The Fog Method” because you will be fogging the suspected diamond object with your own mouth. The process is similar by blowing a warm breath of air coming from … Read the rest

Selling diamonds at their appropriate price can be a trouble for all sellers because there are only few qualified professionals who can really assess the “true value” of these kind of precious stones. Most buyers would even attempt to trick sellers to sell their diamonds at a very low price.

Below are some basic guidelines and tips on how to sell diamonds that you recovered from your THing (treasure hunting) activities:

1. Raw and Finished Form of Diamonds

Diamonds can either be in their “raw” (uncut) or “finish” forms. However, this aspect has nothing to do with the price of the stone as opposed to what most people think that finished version always have a higher value than the raw. You may be surprised to know that “each diamond is unique” from one another. Thus, there are several important factors to consider before one can … Read the rest

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