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In the year 1715, around eleven-ships loaded with treasure were headed towards Spain from Havana.

During this voyage, the 1715 treasure loaded fleet consisted of 12 ships had encountered a terrible hurricane. The tragic hurricane winds smashed 11 out of the 12 ships and wrecked them completely taking approximately 1,000 lives.

The 1715 treasure fleet is also known as the 1715 plata fleet, because it was carrying silver and plata.

Silver Plata Coins

This Spanish treasure fleet disaster is known to be one of the greatest in terms of lost and sunken treasure. But, it is also considered as one of the worse tragedy in terms of the number of casualties involved.

When the news about the disaster reached Havana, several salvage ships were sent to the site location. The salvage operations went on for several years, mainly with the help of Indian slaves.

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Well, treasure being buried somewhere inside the earth’s crust is one of those things that cannot be imagined to be true and is considered to be only heard of in stories or in movies. But throughout history – coins, jewelry and other valuable objects have been buried or they were lost to the ages. So finding buried treasure isn’t something that should surprise you!

The scuba divers who were exploring the Mediterranean harbor in Israel (coast of Caesarea), discovered shiny treasure under water – there were nearly 2000 gold coins which dated back more than 1000 years.

Roman Old Coins

The treasure which had sank consisted of coins which has different denominations and also had different sizes. And it was handed over to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

This undersea treasure was found in the year 2015.

There has been no exact value at which this can actually be … Read the rest

A lot of shipwrecks have taken place in the past, and each shipwreck is known for its historical past and priceless artifacts.

Atocha shipwreck is one such shipwreck, it sunk in the water along with a fleet of other ships due to the impact of the hurricane that had hit the coast of Florida in 1622.

The Spanish treasure galleon was delayed in departure from Havana due to the loading of the treasure into it, which took 2 months. The ship had finally departed on 4th September from Havana, and it sadly sank on 6th September near Key West, Florida due to the hurricane.

Atocha Ship Sinking

Due to the Atocha being wrecked, there was a loss of 256 lives which included the crew and passengers. Along with the Atocha, the Santa Margarita also sank, causing heavy blow on the Spanish treasury.

The salvage and the

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A ship that had sunk down the coast of Antikythera, a Greek Island around the 60 B.C was discovered in 1900 by a few divers.

Antikythera shipwreck is known as the Roman shipwreck that is known to have yielded innumerable treasure troves, including coins, statues and other artifacts that go way back to the 4th century B.C.

All these artifacts are considered to be priceless, which also the make this shipwrecked site the richest most discoveries to be made till date.

What all was discovered?

As mentioned before, numerous Antikythera shipwreck artifacts that were found from the wreck dated back to the 4th century.

NAMA Machine d'Anticythère 1

Along with the help of the Royal Hellenic Navy and the Greek Education ministry, the divers who discovered the shipwreck managed to discover numerous different types of precious artifacts from the deep waters.

Among the priceless artifacts that were discovered … Read the rest

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