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Many of us treasure hunters have already experienced unseen entities in the environment where we attempt to dig a certain buried Yamashita treasure. Their intention is to spook us in order to prevent us from recovering the buried item that they are trying to protect.

Based on my own personal experience as a treasure hunter, we commonly encountered spirits of the dead that were harmed and killed due to the Yamashita treasure. These include the Japanese Imperial soldiers, prisoners, and innocent civilians. But aside from the spirits of the dead, there are also fairies who naturally take the role of guarding the treasures.

In this post, we are going to cover an interesting question from one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

He has this question about wearing a protective pendant such as a Cross or any of the 7 Saints objects while … Read the rest

According to research, every one of us always does have a dream every time that we go to sleep. But there are a few individuals who claim that they do not have dreams. Experts’ explanation about this is that they actually do have a dream but the problem is that they just can’t remember it.

In this post, we are going to further discuss more about dreams and treasures.

When it comes to dreams, some details about it can give you important information about what might happen in your future.

So when you have a dream about digging a buried treasure, this could mean that there is a huge positive change in your life that’s coming. This positive change can be in the form of financial, relationship, or other things where money is not involved.

But what most of your guys are interested about is … Read the rest

Did you know that many of the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) had used trees as important markers in hiding their Yamashita treasures? In all of these trees, we are going to cover in this post a special kind of tree known as the “Balete Trees”.

Before we continue with the discussion, have you already seen what Balete tree exactly looks like?

If not then here is an image of this tree.

Balete trees can be found in almost every region of the Philippines. And there are actually 800 different species of them.

What really makes the Balete trees different is that they can choose to grow in other trees as hosts. But the worst part is that, as the Balete grows, it will strangle its host to its death.

Dwelling Place of the Spirits

The most interesting part that everyone wants to know about … Read the rest

Do you believe that using the power of your third-eye can help you search the exact location of the hidden Yamashita treasure? Before we tackle my response to this question, let’s discuss first what exactly is a third-eye.

You might be surprised to know that everyone actually has their own third-eye. But unlike your two ordinary physical eyes, a third-eye does not have physical form. It can only be seen by someone who has already opened his own third-eye. And, it is located right exactly at the center of your forehead.

The reason why everyone is not aware about their third-eye is that it is naturally dormant or closed since the time that you are born into this world. Since it is closed, it means that you can open it. But if you intend to open it, I do suggest that you should do it … Read the rest

I noticed that many of you guys have many questions about the previous last topic which is all about the spirits or entities guarding the hidden Yamashita treasures. So on this post, I have compiled a list of comments with the most common questions about them. So let’s start right away with the first question.

“As a treasure hunter, do we really need help from a spiritual medium who can communicate and negotiate or perform ceremonies for the spirits that are guarding the hidden Yamashita treasures that we are digging?”

You have to know that a spiritual medium on your team is indeed a great help in recovering treasure deposits that are guarded by spirits or unseen entities. The main reason why you need their help is that, if you do not know exactly what you are doing then this could only insult the spirit … Read the rest

Digging hidden treasures in the Philippines may sound so easy especially when you own some of those high-end equipment such as metal detectors and scanners. But, this isn’t really often the case where locating the item and dealing with dangerous traps aren’t the only obstacles but also some violent spiritual entities.

On this post, let’s cover the most commonly encountered mythical creatures in the Philippines by treasure hunters while working on their projects. They really do intervene with your excavation and it will be too critical to just ignore them. Ignoring them often result into failure and unexpected accidents.


The Giant Kapre

One of the most common places where the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) buried their Yamashita treasures were under a large tree. Now, these creatures called, “Kapre” dwells on top of such large old trees. Their physical feature is similar to human but they … Read the rest

As a group of professional treasure hunters in the Philippines, specifically when hunting for the Yamashita treasure, we follow a very strict set of taboos in all of our projects. Based on experiences, disregarding them often result into a failure. On some cases, accidents and unexplained illnesses were suffered by us as a form of consequence.

What is a taboo?

For those who does not know, a taboo is a rule based on beliefs by many individuals which is perceive as true. One good example is meeting a black cat that suddenly crosses your path on your way to your destination. This means that you should not continue on your errand and you must turn back right away. If you do disregard and resumed on your way, something bad may happen to you.

When it comes to treasure hunting especially the Yamashita treasure, majority … Read the rest

Assuming that on your diggings, you finally reached the chamber or discovered the container of the hidden “Yamashita gold treasure”, there are actually some important things that you need know before taking them out. Many THs (treasure hunters) have already dealt the consequence of being careless or ignorant when they found the object in search “not knowing” that there are still some safety or spiritual procedures that needs to be done.

You might be surprised to know that the majority of individuals who found and recovered a Yamashita treasure were short-lived. Surprisingly, this include the former Philippine president, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Some sources claims that he died from cardiac arrest but what actually contributed to this type of deadly disease are a variety of ailments that caused complications leading to his heart failure. In my own opinion, he got those ailments when he … Read the rest

Did you know that most remaining hidden “Yamashita treasures” today are being “guarded by spirits”?

The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) were actually the one responsible for the strong commitment of these troubled spirit. Due to them, these ethereal beings have their reasons to protect the treasures from any individuals attempting to recover them.

What are their reasons about why they cannot just leave the treasures and go to their rightful resting place?

During the previous WW2 (World War II), a lot of blood were spilled (including the innocents) just to hid those Yamashita treasures. Thus, their spirits will not just allow anyone especially a certain individual who is “not worthy” of recovering the precious items and “without offering” something they need in return. Although, most spirits simply want “proper burials of their remains”.

Troubled Spirit

Spirit of the Innocents/Slaves

The slaves who carried the heavy … Read the rest

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