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When we speak about the largest diamond in the world, the gemstone that currently holds this title is no other than the “Culliman Diamond”. When it was first discovered, it weighs a staggering amount of 3,106.75 carats or 621.35 grams. The person who discovered this record breaking size of diamond was “Thomas Cullinan”.

In South Africa (Cullinan, Gauteng) specifically at the “Premier No.2 Mine”, Mr. Thomas Cullinan was the mining chairman of the site. In January 26th of 1905, the Cullinan diamond was found by “Frederick Wells” who was the manager of the mine. He was able to uncover the largest precious gem stone in the world just below the surface of the mining site at a depth of 18 feet or 5.5 meters.

The approximate dimension of the discovered raw diamond consist of 10.1 centimeters or 4 inches long, 6.35 centimeters … Read the rest

The “Crown Jewels of England” is now considered today as an old term so it was revised to “Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom”. I cannot see anything wrong with the original name or any point of changing it. Besides, these precious treasures and antiques belonged to the past so in my own personal opinion, the original name is a lot more suitable.

According to Wikipedia, these precious crown jewels consists of “140 Royal Ceremonial Objects” that are currently being kept in the “Tower of London”. These are wearable objects purposely designed for the royal family to wear on special occasions such as coronation, parades, religious rites and etc… Some of the most valuable items includes the “regalia and vestments” that were often worn by the highest rulers which were the British kings and queens.

Regalia is more commonly known as “emblems or Read the rest

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