Third Eye for Searching the Hidden Yamashita Treasure

Do you believe that using the power of your third-eye can help you search the exact location of the hidden Yamashita treasure? Before we tackle my response to this question, let’s discuss first what exactly is a third-eye.

You might be surprised to know that everyone actually has their own third-eye. But unlike your two ordinary physical eyes, a third-eye does not have physical form. It can only be seen by someone who has already opened his own third-eye. And, it is located right exactly at the center of your forehead.

The reason why everyone is not aware about their third-eye is that it is naturally dormant or closed since the time that you are born into this world. Since it is closed, it means that you can open it. But if you intend to open it, I do suggest that you should do it through the assistance of a guru or spiritual teacher who can guide you through the proper way.

Third Eye Abilities that Allows you to Locate Hidden Treasures

Many individuals are actually willing to unlock their third-eye to take advantage of its hidden potentials. For treasure hunters, they would like to use it to help them locate the hidden treasures that they are searching.

Here are the following benefits of opening your third-eye which you can utilize in your search for hidden treasures:

  1. See things that cannot be seen by your ordinary eyes

When you have your third-eye opened, you will view the world much differently. You will be able to see things around that are purely invisible to your ordinary two physical eyes. So when it comes to the hidden Yamashita treasures with some spirits guarding it, you can clearly see them so as to interact with them.

  1. Accurate Intuition in Predicting the Future

Your intuition will be highly accurate where you can literally see the future events. So if you have a certain project searching for a hidden Yamashita treasure, you can already tell if you can successfully recover the item or not.

  1. It alerts you about danger

If something bad or danger is coming, then your third-eye can alert you by projecting it into your mind for you to see it. This way, you can do what’s necessary to avoid it. So when it comes to treasure hunting, you can see the traps that are waiting ahead of your digging spot.

  1. You can easily find or select your trusted crew members

With your third-eye opened, you can see through the very thoughts of a person even their deepest secrets. This ability is very handy when it comes to selecting the members of your crew to avoid being betrayed which commonly happens to most groups.

  1. Ability to heal

One of the abilities that you can acquire with your third-eye is the ability to heal yourself and others. This is because you can clearly see the cause of the illness through your third-eye. In relation to the Yamashita treasures, it is common that spirits guarding the treasure can hurt someone. With your third-eye, you can cure them.

We can cover more on this aspect but it’s going to be a long list.

Negative Side-effects of Opening your Third Eye

After reading all those benefits about opening your third-eye, don’t be too eager to decide to open your own. I suggest that you should also read these following negative side-effects before you make your final decision.

  1. Confusion between dreams and reality

When you have your third-eye opened, everything that you see around even during your dreams are so vividly clear. Thus, you will have trouble differentiating what’s real and what’s not.

  1. Your life is no longer interesting

Since you have super accurate intuition in which you can foresee the future, your life will end up boring and no longer quite interesting. Of course you can use your third-eye to help others get satisfied with their own lives but when it comes to yourself, the thrill is no more.

In order to explain it in a different way, we can compare it to a movie. Through your third-eye, you have already seen the entire outcome of the story of your life. It is like you have already watched the movie and you are watching it over and over again.

  1. Sensitivity to light

As your third-eye gets fully opened, it will become more sensitive to light. Seeing any form of light directly through your third-eye will hurt and will result in a terrible headache. The worst part is that no medicine can cure it or be diagnosed even by professional doctors.

  1. Too much information for you to accept

From the moment that you have your third-eye opened, a sudden surge of information will enter your own mind filling it with so much knowledge. For some individuals, they will suffer a tremendous shock because of so much information that they could not handle.

  1. Bad spirits can take control of your body

The danger of opening your own third-eye on your own without a spiritual guru or teacher on your side is that you are putting yourself to danger. One of these dangers is “spiritual possession”.

Our spiritual medium claimed that a person’s third-eye is actually the doorway or passage of spirits in taking control of the physical body. This is why God intended your third-eye to be closed where the only spirit inside your physical body is your own.

Now, let’s go back to the very first question above. Is it really possible that someone with a third-eye can locate a certain hidden Yamashita treasure?

I could not really answer this question with my own words because I do not have an open third-eye. So what I did was to ask our spiritual medium about this question. He is actually somewhat special because since the time that he was born, his third-eye was already opened. Thus, he considers it as a special gift from God.

As for his answer, it is a surprisingly “Yes”. With this third-eye, he can visibly see the location of the hidden treasure deposit on the site. I do believe him since he had already proven it to us several times.

With his special ability, he can actually choose to search for the Yamashita treasures all by his own. But according to him, he already tried it before but the challenge was the excavation part. He tried digging and breaking hard rocks all by himself and it was no joke. Thus, he still preferred to work with friends or trusted crew rather than being alone.

I already mentioned some details about him in my other posts. But to give you a brief information about him, he doesn’t join us unless our project has spirits that are involved. His reason is simple. He already saved enough money for his financial needs. Thus, he would rather spend his precious time doing his passion.

Do you still want to open your third-eye?

If you are going to ask my own opinion about opening your third-eye, I would suggest that it is best not to open it. It’s because I believe that God created us in a way where our third-eye must be kept closed and never to be opened. However, there is an exception to those who got their third-eye opened since the time of their birth. God had probably intended them to be that way so that they can fulfill their mission in life.

As for my final words, I would like to inform you that there are now too many fake spiritual mediums or individuals claiming that they have their third-eye open. So before you put your trust in them, it is best to test their abilities first. 

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