Three Aligned Holes Treasure Sign

When it comes to holes as Yamashita treasure sign, they are often associated with the treasure deposit spot or the spot where the item is buried. However, this is not always the case, especially when there are more than just one hole.

Holes are actually a very common treasure marker used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in marking their hidden Yamashita treasures. Depending on their arrangement, numbers, depth, and etc, they do have varied meanings.

Now, what we have here is an actual photo of an old large rock with three aligned holes discovered by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community. We can notice that the hole on the top has the biggest size followed by the second hole in the middle while the third one has the smallest size. So is this good enough to say that these holes are authentic Yamashita treasure signs?

When it comes to identifying holes if they are legit Yamashita treasure markers, it is really quite challenging to confirm their authenticity. Multiple holes that are arranged in circle, square, rectangle, and other shapes can be easily identified as man-made. But when it comes to only a few holes, they are harder to identify such as these three holes discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

One of the best ways to identify the authenticity of a certain hole as a Yamashita marker is by searching other signs around the site. And if these other signs have connections to the spot where the holes are discovered, then this fully confirms the holes as legit treasure markers.

Interpretation of Three Aligned Holes

Assuming that these three aligned holes discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community are legit markers, let’s interpret its meaning.

Given the size of the three holes which start from the biggest to the smallest, it is a clear indication that this is a “pointer” similar to the arrow signs. The smallest hole which is at the bottom is the tip of the pointer that points to the direction that should be followed.

We can have a much better view by connecting these three holes and then putting an arrowhead to the tip of the smallest hole among the three. As we can see, the outcome of the arrow sign is slightly bent.

Now aside from pointing in a direction, these three holes also indicate that there are three consecutive spots which are the succeeding markers. In most cases, these three consecutive markers are commonly placed on old rocks or trees. And they are also aligned but only vary on their distances.

So if you are going to follow the direction indicated by these three holes, you should expect to encounter three succeeding treasure markers that are aligned. The best part is when you reach the third marker, this is the treasure deposit spot in which you are going to dig.

Heart Sign at the Tip of the Third Hole

As we can further see on the image above, the most bottom part or at the tip of the third smallest hole is a heart shaped hole. Since it is filled with water, it’s hard to analyze and confirm if this is man-made or not.

If this heart-shaped hole is an authentic marker which is an addition to the three aligned holes above it, then its meaning provides a stronger confirmation that the item is buried under the third marker as already described above.

Another additional meaning of heart treasure signs is that they indicate that a large volume of treasure deposit is what’s hidden on the site. This meaning is music to the ears but when it comes to the excavation part, it can be a pretty challenging task to dig and uncover the item.

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