The JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) had commonly used holes as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures. And they commonly made them on surfaces of old rocks and bodies of old trees.

However, distinguishing holes as markers made by the Japanese Imperial soldiers can be a hard task because it is also very common for nature to create holes. 

Anyway, one of the best ways to identify holes as legit treasure markers is by basing it on their arrangements. So if the holes that you discovered are well arranged in a straight line or it forms a certain shape such as a triangle, then these holes are no doubt made by human hands. In short, it is considered a legit treasure sign.

Speaking about the “triangle”, we have here an actual photo taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community on his own site.

As we can see on the image below, this surface of rock has three holes and they are arranged in three different spots. And when you connect them, they form a triangle.

Now, this treasure marker has two meanings.

First, any marker that bears the shape of a triangle does often refer to a “large volume of treasure deposit” hidden on the site.

Second, the three holes arranged in a triangle means that there are other three additional markers on the site. And they can be found on three different corners. 

Based on my personal experiences as a treasure hunter, when holes are used to represent other markers, they are markers placed on large rocks. Thus, look for rocks around.

10 meters away from these three holes, another marker has been found by our fellow treasure hunter.

Below is the actual image of the marker that he found. As we can see, it is a huge engraved treasure sign. And the engraved marker is similar to the letter “H” of the English alphabet.

When it comes to treasure signs that are similar to the letter H, it actually indicates a certain hidden tunnel around the site. Since the three holes from the other rock are pretty close to this engraved H marker, this confirms that the item is hidden inside the tunnel.

So the question is, “Where can you find the entrance or opening of this hidden tunnel?”

The entrance or opening of the hidden tunnel can be found on the other three markers around the site that is being referred to by the three holes that are arranged in a triangle.

Locating the Treasure Deposit

If we are going to operate this site, what we need to do is to search for the other markers around, particularly the other three markers being referred by the three holes. So let’s say that we discovered three large rocks on the site that are arranged in a triangle formation.

Now, the possible location of the entrance could be right at the center of these three rocks. But aside from this, it could also be near or under one of the three large rocks. So in order to confirm this, we need to inspect each of the three large rocks for any possible markers.

If one of the large rocks has a marker, this definitely confirms that the entrance or opening of the tunnel is near or underneath it.

But what if we thoroughly inspected all three large rocks on the site and there are no markers on them?

In cases like this, the digging spot will be at the center portion of the three large rocks. So let’s say that the three large rocks don’t have any markers on them which made us decide to dig right at the middle portion of the three arranged rocks in a triangle.

At this point, we will be expecting buried markers that will finally guide us to the exact location of the buried treasure deposit.  

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