Three Holes in Triangle on the Surface of an Old Rock

In this post, we are going to discuss three holes arranged in triangle which have been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

Let’s find out if these three holes he found on the surface of a rock is considered legit or made by the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures. And if it’s legit then we are going to decode what it means.

Below is the actual photo taken by our fellow treasure hunter that he sent to us to analyze and interpret. He captured a clear photo of the marker which makes it easier for us to examine.

But before we decode the meaning of these three holes in a triangle, let’s first find out if it’s really an authentic treasure marker.

One among the important criterias in examining a treasure marker if its legit or not is to analyze this rock where these three holes are found. We need to know if this rock is an old type of rock.

In case that you do not know, any treasure marker found on old rocks does have the highest possibility that they are real or authentic markers.

Based on my own results, I can say that the rock that we have here is an old rock which is good.

When it comes to the holes, we can see that the way they were made is that they have perfectly round shapes. In my opinion, it seems like some kind of tool has been used to create these holes.

Aside from the perfectly round shape of the holes are their arrangement which is in a triangle. With such an arrangement, this increases the possibility that it was man-made.

So what does these three holes mean?

This marker actually does have two different meanings and we can only find its appropriate meaning through the other markers around it.

The first meaning of a three holes arranged in triangle is it refers to three objects in the surrounding which are in triangulation

For those who do not know, triangulation is a very common method used by the Japanese soldiers as markers in marking a wide area of the site where they buried their treasure loot. They commonly used objects which are large rocks and trees where they arranged them in a triangle formation. This is why it’s referred to as “triangulation”.

So what we need to do here is to continue our search on our site and look for common large objects that are arranged in triangle.

The second meaning of our treasure marker here is it refers to the “object” or “treasure deposit” itself. This means that the item is buried by the Japanese soldiers right on this particular spot where our marker has been found. However, this needs confirmation from other markers around.

If there are other markers nearby where they are giving directions or details about the location of our three holes marker here, then this serves as a confirmation. In short, the item is buried under this rock with the three holes marker on it.

Short Summary:

Overall, I can say that these three holes discovered by our fellow treasure hunter on his site is a legit treasure marker left behind by the Japanese soldiers as an important clue to their hidden Yamashita treasure.

As for my overall interpretation into its meaning, it is either referring to another marker which is in triangulation or the item which is buried underneath.

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