In this post, we are going to discuss a Yamashita treasure marker which consists of one large old rock with three holes on its surface. This old rock treasure marker has been found by our fellow treasure hunter in this community on a site near a river.

So the questions that we are going to answer with regards to this treasure marker are,

“Are the three holes on the surface of this old rock man-made or nature made?”


“If the three holes are man-made markers then what does it mean?”

Below is the actual photo of the rock marker that has been discovered by our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

Based on my analysis about the features of these three holes, I can say that they are man-made. It seems like the Japanese Imperial soldiers used some kind of tools in creating these holes.

Aside from these three holes, you may have noticed the engraved vertical line on the right side. But based on my own analysis, I can say that it is nature-made which is just a natural crack of the rock.

So let’s just put our focus on the three holes.

In these three holes, we can notice that they are different in their sizes. The hole at the bottom portion has the largest size while the one on the top is the smallest. Thus, my interpretation of these three holes is that they indicate one important direction.

The illustration above best explain my interpretation of these three holes. If we are going to connect the sides of the three holes, an arrowhead will be formed.

Since this treasure marker does indicate a direction, what we need to do is to follow the direction being indicated.

If we are going to follow this direction, we will be expecting two succeeding markers.

The first or the largest hole is what represents the location of this rock with three hole markers. So the second hole which is in the middle is what represents the second marker in which we are going to discover when we follow the indicated direction. Then the third hole is what represents the third and final marker which often indicates the digging spot of the buried treasure deposit.

You may probably want to ask about the volume of the treasure deposit.

When it comes to these three holes as a treasure marker, they do not provide any information about the volume of the hidden Yamashita treasure on the site. But the second or third treasure marker may contain such information.

Since the location of the site is at the river, you may also want to read my previous post where I discussed the best possible portions where you should search and explore for markers. 

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